Solight Canada – Open for Business

Solight Canada SolarPuff - Special Edition :: Canada 150

Solight Canada SolarPuff – Special Edition :: Canada 150

Solight Canada - Camping - Very Off The Grid

Solight Canada – Camping – Very Off The Grid

Solight Canada - Alison On-Site in Nepal

Solight Canada – Alison On-Site in Nepal

Solight Canada Opens, to carry out the mission of the global Solight Project, to bring Solar Light to anywhere it is needed, and to those who need it the most.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 28, 2017 / — Solight Design, developers of the original concept of providing truly portable solar powered lighting globally, and to those who need it most, is pleased to announce its affiliation with Solight Canada, as their Official Distributor, nationwide.

These lightweight, flat-packable solutions are based on an ingenious invention by Co-Founders Alice Min Soo Chun & Stacy Kelly, whose designs incorporate an imbedded solar panel which then unfolds out into a completely standalone cube-shaped lantern, wherever lighting is required.

Light on demand.

The Solights are of course completely Renewable and therefore have a Zero Carbon Footprint.

If ever it were true, necessity really is the mother of invention when it comes to Solight “SolarPuffs”. In this case that need was to provide sustainable and affordable light sources in places which had more than kerosene lamps, and even to those who had none at all, and especially so in disastrous conditions, and in locations as desperate as Haiti and Nepal.

Enter Solight Designs, both as Designer and Manufacturer and as coupled with their Humanitarian project, to provide Solights, where they are needed the most, as led by Dr. Alison Thompson OAM. To date, she has personally delivered over 7,000 SolarPuffs.

“We'll Always Have Paris”

These iconic words were of course first spoken in Casablanca, both at the airport and in the classic movie of the same name. It is also the catch phrase for anyone involved in the Paris Agreement, which Canada is steadfastly committed to.

So it was fitting indeed that it was at that very airport, one fateful morning last November, while all returning to their respective countries, from attending the COP23 Climate Conference in nearby Marrakech, that these two worlds met up.

It was there and then that the folks who are now principals in Solight Canada first made the acquaintance of Dr. Alison Thompson, who among her many credits is in charge of the Humanitarian side of Solight Designs, the original designers and manufacturers of these truly wireless devices.

To expand that reach, that original conversation in Casablanca has now developed into a full-time operation here in Canada, for all sales and services, and the building of a national network of resellers, services and support.

As General Manager, Stephanie LeBrun-Leth explains, “We really feel that this venture was meant to be. We were very proud to accept the invitation from Minister (of the Environment and Climate Change) Catherine McKenna to join the Canadian mission to COP22 in Marrakech, representing both Canadian Innovation as well as Canadian values, both environmentally and of course socially. So there was lots of common ground, for us all to build upon”.

In short, Solight Canada is now very much "Open for Business".

Happy Canada 150 !

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Bithday, Solight Canada is pleased to announce the unveiling of the first of its Canadian Edition products, featuring the classic elements of our National Flag, as pictured.

If ever it was true, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Additional materials and interviews, available upon request.

About Solight Canada:

Solight Canada is a venture based in Ottawa, Canada to extend Solight Design products into the marketplace, nation wide, as well to support and contribute to their humanitarian efforts, internationally.

The team is comprised of a group of experienced project developers and consultants within the Renewable Energy industry, as well as working non-commercially with international Climate Action programs, and primarily so as part of Canada’s Delegation to the UNFCC COP Conferences, including the historic COP21 in Paris, and more recently COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Going forward, the company plans to collaborate with Solight Design to expand the range of products with products which are specifically designed for Canadian needs and conditions.

About Solight Design:

Our Purpose

The majority of the world needs to have light, which is one of the most basic and fundamental needs as a human being, for safety, for education, for livelihoods. It is still astounding that 1.6 billion people today do not have access to safe and sustainable light and rely on kerosene to light their world at night. The absence of light for the majority of the global population has had catastrophic ramifications on our local and global environment. So we are all interconnected through light and also though the absence of it.
Buying a SolarPuff ™, furthers our social mission to distribute light in the 3rd world and underdeveloped regions such as Asia and Sub Saharan Africa, where there are the most vulnerable of stake holders. When a customer buys a SolarPuff ™ at $US 30.00 it allows us to subsidize a SolarPuff ™ to someone in an underserved region. Our strategy is to subsidize the distribution of SolarPuffs ™ by working with Non Government Organizations as well as with local communities. This system for providing light to those in need is a multi faceted and cross-disciplinary approach to tackling issues of extreme poverty. We are not donating our SolarPuffs ™, we subsidize and partner with on the ground communities and local markets in order to create economic viability for those living in poverty.

In the past, the act of giving goods away for free has proven to perpetuate poverty. In the end this short sighted approach has proven to be more harmful than good, in the desire to alleviate poverty. Communities have undergone crippling effects due to this short term strategy. We are working toward long term and sustainable solutions to create distribution networks, partnering with local communities to support the creation of local economies. We believe good design, intelligent materials such as solar energy harnessing materials, and recyclable materials are better for the long term sustainability of our ecology and our businesses.

Robert Leth
Solight Canada
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