ADVISORY: RST to Unveil Unique Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Solution at Solar Power International

Proven Technology Designed to Increase Energy Production, Reduce Cost and Protect the Solar Asset

We are intently focused on ensuring proper O&M practices that comply 100% with solar module manufacturer requirements and specifications.”

— Roye Sade

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, September 5, 2018 / — Media Availability at SPI:
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RST Cleantech, an innovator in the field of maximizing solar energy efficiency, has announced the introduction in the U.S, of its technology for boosting the energy output of solar panels through a new method of cleaning that is low-cost, fully automated, low-maintenance, highly efficient and fully compliant with solar module warranties.

The Problem

Dirty solar panels lose efficiency, produce significantly less energy and therefore cause the owner to lose money, especially in areas where dust, pollution and other atmospheric conditions exacerbate the problem.Studies have demonstrated that dust accumulation, bird droppings, and other pollutants can reduce the output of solar panels by up to 35%.
Current methods of cleaning and maintenance – when they are even used – are inefficient, inadequate, labor-intensive, not cost effective, and most critically, may lead to voiding the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty.

The Solution

RST Cleantech has developed, a unique, proprietary automated solar panel cleaning technology which operates through advanced water engineering; minimizing dirt, maximizing energy production and reducing operating costs. The system is fully automated, affordable, highly efficient, and easy to implement and maintain. Developed in Israel in 2013 with over 1,000 installations servicing over 200,000 solar panels across 5 continents RST is revolutionizing automatic Solar O&M solutions.

At last, a better solution has arrived in the U.S. market, and RST Cleantech will be introducing it at the Solar Power International Conference, September 24-27, 2018 in Anaheim, CA.

RST's highly efficient method distributes advanced purified water through an automated system. Unfiltered water sprayed on panels can create calcium spotting and reduce output or destroy a solar panel through “hot spotting”. RST proprietary purifying system treats any local water source (hard, soft, grey) down to safe and negligible levels of lime scale.

Cleaning takes place in sync with the external conditions. RST hardware is connected through a series of patented clips eliminating any need for drilling or glue. RST does not use chemicals or abrasive brushes and there is no need for filter changes or soap refills which means virtually no upkeep. RST’s technology is designed to comply with all solar panel manufacturer standards and requirements. RST’s solution will NOT void a manufacturer’s warranty!

Roye Sade, Founder and CEO of RST Global explains: “An investment in solar is a long term commitment. It is our intent that this investment generate maximum return for the customer while preserving the integrity of the solar panel. We are intently focused on ensuring proper O&M practices that comply 100% with manufacturer requirements and specifications. Our R&D has worked for the past 5 years developing a system that is both effective and fully in compliance with solar panel manufacturer warranty criteria.”

RST's system is fully automated and integrates easily with common O&M and A&M platforms. This allows the user to manage and monitor the system's performance daily from anywhere in the world.

Mr. Sade adds: “In addition to our routine remote monitoring we occasionally discover unintended advantages. The structure of one of our customers was spared from destruction due to a wildfire that spread in his community. While the adjacent buildings burnt to the ground, our customer activated RST from his phone as the fire approached which ultimately protected his entire building along with the rooftop solar system.”

The RST team works with developers and engineers at every scale during the design phase to incorporate the system from the very beginning. However, the system can also be installed as an aftermarket retrofit. RST technology has been implemented on utility scale solar farms, commercial buildings and residential homes. RST residential grade system is battery operated and does not require an electrician. In all cases our RST solution qualifies for the ITC tax credit.

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About RST Cleantech:
RST Cleantech Solutions Ltd was established in 2013 and has rapidly become a global leader in water purification technology and water engineering which supports various applications for daily O&M needs in various fields. With sales and marketing offices in Australia, Latin America, United States and Israel and R&D center in Israel, the company specializes in solar PV industry, automatic operation and maintenance (O&M) solutions.

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Source: EIN Presswire