Ontario Fire Bans Lead to Increase in Propane Firepit Sales

Woodbridge Fireplace Inc., an outdoor firepit manufacturer in Mississauga, ON., has noted an increase in propane and natural gas firepit sales due to fire bans.

MISSISSUAGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 29, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Woodbridge Fireplace Inc., a manufacturer of outdoor propane fire pits, has been seeing large seasonal demand for their fire pits, mostly driven by the outdoor burning bans that have been in place across Ontario for most of the summer. Propane firepits are still allowed to be used, even when the fire ban is in effect, under strict rules.

“With fire bans being in place almost all across Ontario this summer, we’ve seen a large influx in propane and natural gas fire pit sales,” says Tony James, owner and founder of Woodbridge Fireplace Inc, “I think once people realized that the bans don’t apply to artificial firepits, they took that as an opportunity to still be able to enjoy camp fires without having to worry about the ban.”

In Ontario, government enforced fire bans only apply to natural fuel fires, this includes wood, grass, and burn barrels. Under certain circumstances, even wood burning stoves and charcoal barbeques are restricted as well. Under current law though, as long as the natural gas fire pit is a minimum distance of one meter away from any flammable substance, it can be used.

“This is a relief for a lot of campers,” adds James, “Knowing that they can still enjoy a campfire even with fire bans in place. As long as they follow the law and use their propane fire pit or fire bowl properly, they’ll be able to enjoy roasted marshmallows and s’mores without having to worry.”

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Source: EIN Presswire