Smart Water Systems – Innovation, Technology and Resilience, the future for Utility Companies

Smart Water Systems

New technology in Smart Water – how can it be used to its optimum and yet maintain supply and output

LONDON, LONDON, UK, November 30, 2018 / — The Utilities market is in period of transition with the introduction of smart meters, but also with new technology affecting the whole utilities market. While the technology is there for all to use the question remains how can it be used to its optimum and yet maintain supply and output? Innovation is the way forward with many industry leaders already taking to fore to drive the changes that are needed to push the market forward.

At SMi’s 8th Annual Smart Water Systems Conference, taking place in London in April 2019, Innovation is the key focus of the event and will give insight into how this can be implemented through technology and resilience giving maximum cost reduction and network optimisation.

Industry leaders who will be sharing their ideas and experiences include:

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc
Jan Gooijer, Innovation Manager, Vitens
Bert de Winter, Innovation Director, De Watergroep
Tertius Rust, PDOT Innovation Lead, South East Water
Sean McCarthy, Head of Leakage and Optimisation, Anglian Water
Eddie Wrigley, Innovation Facilitator, Northumbrian Water Group
Adam Smith, Innovation Programme Manager, Yorkshire Water

Other highlights include: Recent OFWAT observations on a number of water company’s future business plans and recommendations to achieve targets; strategies to ensure customer use less water: how data analytics can identify leakage detection, recent Smart Meter trials and what the challenges are for the industry as this is rolled out.

The adverse weather conditions over the past couple of years have proved to be very challenging for the water industry to say the least. The effects of the “beast from the east”, the very dry 2018 summer months and how this affected the supply of water to the consumer, will be discussed in further detail and the resulting changes that are needed to make the networks more efficient.

Smart Water Systems 2019 will take place on 29th – 30th April 2019 at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London UK. Sponsored by Diehl Metering, JANZ, Kamstrup and Sensus – a xylem brand.

Further information including a full speaker line-up and detailed conference agenda are available online at

There is a £400 discount available to attend, for further details call Andrew Gibbons, project manager on +44 (0) 20 7827 6156 or email

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Deep Farms to Revolutionise World’s Food Production

Example of a Deep Farm City

Automated Deep Farm concept

View from above of a Deep Farm

Academics at the University of Nottingham, UK, have patented a new concept that would see food production in deep farms in cities.

It is estimated that a small Deep Farm can produce 80 tonnes of food per annum.”

— Prof Saffa Riffat

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND, UK, November 29, 2018 / — Academics at the University of Nottingham have patented a new concept that would see food production in deep farms in cities. The revolutionary ideas are being promoted by University of Nottingham academics Professor Saffa Riffat, Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and President of the World Society of Sustainable Technologies, and Professor Yijun Yuan, Marie Curie Research Fellow.

Most of the food we eat is transported by train, sea and air contributing to large CO2 emissions. For each one calorie of food we eat 10 calories of crude oil are used. Projections show that feeding a world population of about 9 billion people in 2050 would require overall food production to be increased by some 70 percent between now and 2050.
Land area for traditional farming is limited and increased food supply will require more intensive methods of crop production. Deep farming technology would allow crop production all year-round. Up to 10 crop cycles per year could be achieved compared to 1-2 cycles for conventional agriculture. Put another way, 1 indoor acre is equivalent to 4-6 outdoor acres or more, depending on the crop.

Deep Farms would eliminate the use of mechanical ploughs and other farming machinery, thus reducing the burning of fossil fuels that cause climate change. Furthermore, as Deep Farms could be located close to urban centres, CO2 emission due to transportation of crops would be reduced. This is particularly important as the proportion of people living in cities continues to rise. Over the last 20 years, the percentage of people who live in cities globally has increased from 20% to nearly 50%.

Cost-effective deep shafts for crop planting would be constructed using new drilling techniques. Existing coal mine shafts, mines and tunnels, many of which are now abandoned could also be used for crop production.
A variety of crops could be grown in the Deep Farms using hydroponic planters (plant roots fed with nutrient-rich water) or aeroponics (growing plants in an air or mist environment). LED units would enable photosynthesis in the absence of sunlight. Groundwater could be used directly or water could be condensed from ambient air in hot/humid desert climates. A major benefit of this approach is that crop production is largely unaffected by climatic or seasonal factors – one of the greatest limitations of conventional farming methods.

Many crops are now being grown in greenhouses and while this provides a controllable growth environment, greenhouses are heavy energy consumers. Vertical farms are a relatively recent adaptation of the traditional greenhouse and are suitable for use in cities, as their tall glass structures provide high crop yields on a small land area.

However, vertical farming systems are expensive to manufacture and install, and require a large amount of water and energy for heating and cooling. They are also vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, wars and terrorism.
New vertical shafts could be created for Deep Farms and also redundant coal mine shafts could be used for crop production. In the UK, for example, there are over 150,000 redundant coal mine shafts.

Carbon dioxide is required for plant photosynthesis and Deep Farms are well suited for carbon capture from ambient air. The CO2 could be released to achieve the concentration levels required by plants.
Use of carbon capture systems has the added benefit of reducing CO2 concentration in the environment, as additional carbon is adsorbed in materials in the ground space. Advanced control systems including sensors and remote controls could be used to monitor crop production. Automated systems such as robots could be used for crop planting and harvesting. Electricity generated from renewable sources and off-peak power could be used to power the LED lighting for plant photosynthesis.

Deep Farms are not strongly affected by the seasons or climates, and are resistant to natural disasters, extreme weather, pests and diseases, man-made accidents and industrial pollution. In fact, the ground environment is naturally suited to the growth of plants.
Plants can thrive in a closed environment with less oxygen and enriched levels of CO2 and water. So in terms of the rationality of the biological chain and the biological space, some crops are best located underground, leaving the ground surface for human and animal activities.

Deep Farms have many benefits including:
• Easily constructed using drilling machines and controlled explosion methods
• Effective use of abandoned mine shafts
• Carbon capture to reduce ambient CO2
• Reduced dependency on cultivated land, climate and surface water resources
• More efficient utilization of natural resources in crop production
• Improved security of crop production and reduced impact of natural and man-made factors
• Higher yields and greater cost efficiency
• Improved control over quality and food safety
• Removal of seasonal restrictions allowing production of crops all year round
• Can be used in areas with poor natural weather conditions, e.g., cold climates, and areas with low solar insolation
• Crops can be produced in desert areas, dry and water-deficient areas
• Impact of human conflict on crop production is reduced
• Crops can be grown close to highly populated areas

It is estimated that a small Deep Farm can produce 80 tonnes of food per annum. Some of the crops can be ready for harvesting within 2-3 weeks. The amount of energy it would require is equivalent to that consumed by 3 UK homes.
Crops suited to deep farming methods include:
• Lettuces and leafy greens, such as kale and spinach
• Herbs, e.g., basil, cutting celery, chives, mint and parsley
• Roots e.g., carrots and onions
• Vegetables e.g., peppers, eggplants and cucumbers
• Fruits e.g., strawberries and different types of mushrooms

Deep Farms could be installed at various locations to create a ‘Deep Farming City’. This would facilitate the supply of a wide range of fresh crops to the local population.

Professor Saffa Riffat
University of Nottingham
+44 115 748 4479
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L-R: Dr. K.K. Maurya, Dr. R.P. Pant, Mr. Asim Dash, Mrs. Shivangi Sharma, Dr. Nahar Singh, Dr. D.K. Aswal, Mr Umesh Gupta, Mr. Sachin Kumar

L-R: Dr. K.K. Maurya, Dr. R.P. Pant, Mr. Asim Dash, Mrs. Shivangi Sharma, Dr. Nahar Singh, Dr. D.K. Aswal, Mr Umesh Gupta, Mr. Sachin Kumar

GLOBAL PT Provider is the India's first NABL accredited PT Provider as per ISO 17043:2010 in the field of Metal testing.

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, November 29, 2018 / — CSIR National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and M/s Global PT Provider (P) Ltd., New Delhi has entered into an agreement for production of Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravyas (BND) on November 27th, 2018.

CSIR-NPL, the National Metrology institute of country, and a member of International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), is serving the Indian Industries, academia and strategic sector’s to excel in their endeavors by providing them APEX level calibration facilities. NPL provide metrological traceability to reference material producers in the country, so that their certified reference materials can be sold under the brand name of BND which can even be exported.

Global PT is the NABL accredited PT Provider and also producers of reference materials including hardness blocks (Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell). Under this agreement CSIR-NPL will provide traceability to global PT for their reference materials. The availability of SI traceable BND will bring a boost to "Make in India" program and harmonies quality infrastructure of country.

GLOBAL PT Provider is the India's first NABL accredited PT Provider as per ISO 17043:2010 in the field of Metal testing. GLOBAL PT Provider with its beginning in 2012 have conducted proficiency testing programmes benefitting Commercial Laboratories, Research Laboratories, Manufacturers, Government Agencies etc in conforming to their performance by conducting Inter Laboratory Comparison.

To know more about the services,

Umesh Gupta
+91 9873001501
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Cemtek KVB-Enertec Press Release HCN TDL Update

Cemtek KVB-Enertec, a technology leader in Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) engineered, built, tested, installed and initiated a custom TDL Analyzer for monitoring highly dangerous Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) gas at a major Chemical Company in Te

Press Release

Performance Update #4

Cemtek KVB-Enertec, Innovative Emissions Monitoring for Compliance and Process Improvement”

— Ty Smith

SANTA ANA, CA, USA, November 28, 2018 / — Press Release
Performance Update #4 (Performance Report) Major Texas Chemical Company using Cemtek-Unisearch Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer (TDL) to monitor real-time Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
Santa Ana, CA, – October 26th, 2018
Cemtek KVB-Enertec, a technology leader in Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) engineered, built, tested, installed and initiated a custom TDL Analyzer for monitoring highly dangerous Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) gas at a major Chemical Company in Texas. The proven Cemtek/Unisearch Model 7000 Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Monitor was coupled with a long path length white cell and configured to measure ppb levels of HCN. The specialty enclosure was engineered with safety purge & lock-outs designed for the safety of workers and the environment.
This design was first tested on site for an eight-month period and operated flawlessly during that time with no maintenance or breakdowns. This was in stark contrast to the sites’ existing Infra-red based analyzer system which required frequent troubleshooting & service; which posed a significant risk to workers that were required to repair and troubleshoot the Infra-red system. The accuracy was also constantly called into question. Cemtek then engineered & built a new system. The new Cemtek/Unisearch System has been in operation for four years, during this time it has 100% availability, required zero maintenance and has proven accuracy. The chemical plants technical staff said they have not had to touch Cemtek/Unisearch analyzer once in four years and that no other instrument they service has given such a high level of accuracy, performance & reliability.
The laser-based analyzer is a marked improvement on existing technologies used to measure HCN and other gasses in harsh or dangerous applications. The simplicity, accuracy, performance and unmatched reliability results in measurable cost savings for this customer and a short payback time.
Cemtek’s Model 7000 Laser Monitor is a continuous emission monitor designed to measure flue gases for both compliance and process monitoring in the most demanding of applications. The TDL utilizes a near infrared (NIR) Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer System utilizing a single mode Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB Laser) for unsurpassed accuracy and performance. Since the spectral purity of the Laser is high and the selected absorption feature is unique, measurements can be made free of interferences from any other gas. The measurements are made in‐situ across the Stack (also known as Integrated Path or “IP”) in either a single or dual pass design depending upon the requirements of the application. A Windows-based Software package is available to display the data on either a host laptop PC or the client’s existing Data Acquisition system.
For more information on the Cemtek 7000 TDL monitor, please visit:
Cemtek KVB-Enertec is a division of Cemtek Group and provides a single source for cost effective engineering, gas monitoring, Data Acquisition systems (DAHS), CEMS design, integration and field services. All phases of Air Monitoring and reporting requirements are provided using our network of highly skilled Field Service Technicians, CEMS Specialists, Engineers and extensive CEMS design experience, measuring NO, NO2, NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, HCl, NH3, THC, H2S, HCN, Hg and many process gasses.
CEMTEK KVB-Enertec, Inc.
TDL Product Specialist
Gary Cacciatore
3041 S Orange Ave, Santa Ana, CA, 92707 (714) 904-0767

Ty Smith
Cemtek KVB-Enertec
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The Scientology Volunteer Ministers serve 300 Panhandle residents a Thanksgiving feast

A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence.”

— L. Ron Hubbard

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA, US, November 28, 2018 / — On Saturday, November 17th, Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) from Clearwater delivered a hot Thanksgiving dinner to over 300 victims of Hurricane Michael. Pitching their bright, yellow tent at a shopping center midway between Calaway and Panama City, 15 VMs served the displaced residents a heartwarming, traditional meal.

“Michael caused such devastation that we knew we had to do something to bring the spirit and hope of Thanksgiving to the people of the Panhandle,” said Ms. Mirit Hendrickson, President of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida.

100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working with staff and volunteers from other relief agencies such as FEMA, the Salvation Army and Cajun Navy help the people of the Panhandle.

Ms. Hendrickson also said, “We are sending out an SOS that despite it being over a month since Hurricane Michael devastated Panama City, Mexico Beach, and other surrounding areas, families still needs lots of help – construction for houses; food, cleanup and more. Let’s not forget the children with Christmas right around the corner.” To find out how you can help, please contact the Scientology Volunteers Ministers Florida at 101N. Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater, FL 35755;; 727-467-6965

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers:

The Volunteer Ministers program was created by L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-1970s on the principle that a Volunteer Minister is a person who “does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence.” Volunteer Ministers are trained to help others achieve relief from life’s travails and gain new personal strength as well. In carrying out its mission, the global force of some 1,000 Volunteer Ministers has responded to every major disaster worldwide including and since the 9-11 disaster in 2001, the South Asian 2004 tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Irma and hundreds of others.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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MevoFit launches MevoFit Slim & MevoFit Slim + HR – the “Women’s Only” fitness trackers

MevoFit Slim & Slim + HR (Black, Blue & Red)

MevoFit Slim & Slim + HR (Black, Blue & Red)

MevoFit Slim IP 67 Water Resistant Fitness Band

Designed exclusively for today’s women MevoFit Slim & MevoFit Slim + HR bring in the experience of being slim & stylish!

NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 28, 2018 / — MevoFit, a promising fitness technology start-up, today announced the launch of its exclusive women’s only fitness trackers – MevoFit Slim and MevoFit Slim + HR. As one of its kind product in India with female centric features, these fitness trackers vaunt a premium & slim design, classy curved glass with flawless round edges, a diagonal groove on the strap matching a seamless cut diamond to suit the aesthetics of modern-day women.

The advanced MevoFit Slim series have been ingeniously designed to bring alive the holistic fitness aspirations of a women while complimenting there looks as well. While trackers come in the size of 38×11.8×12.8 mm,there sleek appearance make them a perfect companion to a women’s wrist. MevoFit Slim is IP67 water resistant; has 0.87 inches OLED customizable touch screen with a brilliant display& are available in multiple colors to match the user’s style. Users can also customize the clock faces as per their taste and moods. The multi-day battery life of 7+ days delivers a consistent performance and makes it a reliable tracking partner for women fitness enthusiasts.

The MevoFit Slim comes with a period tracker, ovulation tracker and coach feature for new moms, providing an independent approach to their life even while managing their daily chores. Whereas the period tracker precautions them for their coming days including emotional shift, ovulation tracker helps them plan for their family with an ease, helping them manage their crucial personal decisions without having to suffer.The coach feature for new moms further provides special assignments & tips by the fitness experts – dieticians and trainers to help them get back in shape, with taking care of the nutritional needs as well.

These sleek and stylish trackers are smart in its creation and has inbuilt tracker for steps made, calories burned, distance covered, sleep details and multi sports tracker as well. MevoFit Slim + HR has an inbuilt optical heartbeat sensor which can further trace the user’s pulse with history records.

With our newly launched MevoFit Slim & MevoFit Slim + HR, we aim to bring a new tracking experience to the Indian women who are trendy and demand technology which may help them attain their daily fitness goals. Our slim fitness band will further create a difference in their lives via tracking women specific health essentials, exclusive to women and intended for women, said Ms.Khyati Mahajan, founder of MevoFit.
The MevoFit Slim and the MevoFit Slim+HR fitness trackers are priced at Rs.2990 onwards and Rs. 3490 onwards respectively. They are available at Amazon and Flipkart webstores.

About the company:

MevoFit is a fitness technology start-up of unique apps & web that reward you with merchandise to lose weight and get fit. MevoFit aspires to touch the lifestyle of its users in multiple ways, not just technology but a whole world of fitness incubating services in the physical and non-physical form to shake up and energize the entire fitness ecosystem. In order to make this goal easier MevoFit has developed an all in one health management ecosystem which includes Fitness Apps, Fitness Merchandise, B2B & B2C Service Platforms. Their fitness gear includes Fitness Bands, Gym Bags, Fitness Apparels & Sports Sipper.

Khyati Mahajan
Mevolife Inc.
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Another Ben Allen master class, while Penny Slater throws down the gauntlet, in Bendigo

MTB Bendigo

Ben Allen

Run Bendigo

Penny Slater

Bendigo Elite Podium

Podium Winners

Round 4 of the TreX Cross Triathlon National Series headed south to Victoria at the weekend, with Bendigo playing host to the country’s ultimate off-road event.

BENDIGO, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, November 28, 2018 / — Ben Allen further asserted his dominance on the competition, with his second title of the season, having won in September at Port Stephens.

Allen led after the swim and bike legs, to finish his run in a total race time of 2:12:06.

There was a tight podium tussle with Rowan Beggs-French and Leon Griffin dueling for second place.

Griffin led Beggs-French by one minute 18 seconds out of the swim leg, but Beggs-French gained major ascendancy on the bike, before capitalising on the run, finishing in a time of 02:15:33.

For Beggs-French it was his return to racing after an injury-plagued 12 months. “It was just great to be back out there. I’m totally stoked with the result. Now I can set myself for a big season,” he said.

Griffin rounded out the podium with a third-placed 02:17:22

Meanwhile, Penny Slater ran rampant in the Women’s event, with a nearly 10 minute win, across the Crusoe Reservoir course.

Slater won in a time of 2:33:16, after blitzing the field on the bike leg, putting more than 8 minutes on her opponents, in that discipline alone.

Kate Bramley fought valiantly to claim second spot, in a time of 02:42:25.
Jessica Henderson rounded out the podium with an energetic exhibition of cross triathlon performance, finishing in 02:50:08

The Bendigo MultiSport Festival is proudly supported by The City of Greater Bendigo. For full results. Videos and
photos go to:

 Watch the video action –
 Photos –
 Results –
 Welcome to Bendigo video –
 Visit the Website –

About TreX
TreX is Australia’s home grown national cross triathlon series. For thirteen years TreX has positioned itself as the pinnacle of the cross, or off-road, triathlon racing in Asia-Pacific. Presented by the premier outdoor adventure event specialists In2Adventure, TreX challenges athletes with a swim, mountain bike and trail run. While each TreX event features an open/elite category the TreX Cross Triathlon national series invites participation from all ages and skill levels.

About Trail Run Australia
Trail Run Australia takes runners to some of the most iconic and stunning destinations in this spectacular land down under. It challenges participants to get off road and take on a challenge against mother nature in some of the most demanding and diverse terrain that the country has to offer.

From stunning beaches, to historic goldfields, remote rocky outcrops and rich rainforests, all the way to the iconic Snowy Mountains. Trail Run Australia inspires runners to tread the path less travelled in this wild and beautiful land.
All festivals include a:

 Half Marathon;
 10-12km;
 5-6km; and
 Free Kids Mud Rats Events
The series finale also includes a 50km Ultra in Australia’s iconic Snowy Mountains.

2018|19 Events
For all 2018/19 events in Australia visit

About In2Adventure
In2Adventure are Asia-Pacific’s premier adventure event specialists, and the proud hosts of the 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships. With a full calendar of national events scheduled throughout Australia, including cross triathlon, XC Mountain Bike, trail runs and corporate events, In2Adventure fully embraces all things ‘off road’ and ‘off the beaten track’ and offers a unique, individual experience for all ages and skill levels.
For more information visit In2Adventure here

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Photo Credit: Photography by Shioban

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Stephanie Morgan Reveals the Best Bodies of Water to Fish in Around Lewiston Idaho

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

The fishing in Lewiston Idaho is great and Stephanie Morgan knows all the best places to cast out.

LEWISTON, IDAHO, USA, November 27, 2018 / — Lewiston, Idaho is a beautiful area for the outdoor explorer. Whether you enjoy fishing, camping, or other outdoor activities there are plenty of places to enjoy nature. For Stephanie Morgan, though, fishing has always been an enjoyable pastime. The calmness of the water, the excitement of getting a bite and the allure of going new places is alluring.

However, throughout different excursions of Stephanie Morgan’s pastime, she has come across a few favorites. Today, Stephanie Morgan reveals these favored bodies of water, telling other fishing enthusiasts where she has found success.

Snake River

The Snake River is one of the best locations to fish is the Snake River. The fishing in this body of water is plentiful. Most of this bounty comes from the river being long, flowing out of the Rocky Mountains and going through four states, including Idaho. This helps bring a wealth of different fish through the river throughout the year. Many of the most popular fish that can be found in the Snake River are the Lake Whitefish, the Cutthroat Trout, and Coho Salmon. Currently, the fishing is best with Steelhead fish that are found in the lake throughout November.

Clearwater River

Lewiston, Idaho is home to the joining waterway of two major fishing hubs. The massive Snake River and the 74.8-mile, Clearwater River combine here to create a fishing sweet spot. Stephanie Morgan loves to fish the Clearwater River because it is so close to home and so convenient. Plus, the benefits of the Snake River are expelled into the Clearwater River from their joining. Steelhead is again going to be the prime fish to catch this time of the year, while the water remains warm enough. Fly-fishing is a popular form of fishing, that could land you a Steelhead keeper. When trout are in season, fly-fishing will also reel in some of the many types that frequent the Clearwater River.

Grande Ronde River

The Grande Ronde River is just a quick skip and a jump away from Lewiston, Idaho, in Oregon. It is fun to say, easy to remember and another great area for fishing. Since this body of water also spills out into the Snake River, the 182-mile long river is privy to bonuses. While there are many different areas in the Lewiston area, it is always fun to explore. The Grande Ronde River allows fishers to truly take a trip and get to know another beautiful location.

In summation, fishing is a great way to relax and possibly get rewarded for your efforts. The best time to fish throughout the year in Lewiston, Idaho is March through November. The specific fish is dependent on the season, but it is nice to know there are only three months of no fishing. Stephanie Morgan loves to share her experiences with others who share her passion for fishing in Lewiston, Idaho.

Chris Hinman
Web Presence, LLC
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GoGo Quinoa Commercialise un Quinoa Canadien Certifié Sans Gluten

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 27, 2018 / — GoGo Quinoa, leader en commercialisation du quinoa en Amérique du Nord est fier de vous présenter son premier quinoa canadien. Maintenant avec des grains provenant des prairies canadiennes, ce quinoa entier est certifié sans gluten, sans traces d’arachides ou autres allergènes.

GoGo Quinoa est fier d’encourager l’économie locale en soutenant les producteurs agricoles d’ici et leur communauté, par le développement commercial d’un grain aux valeurs nutritionnelles supérieures qui contribue au mieux être des canadiens.

Le quinoa canadien tout comme les autres produits GoGo Quinoa font partie du projet NON-OGM répondant ainsi à la mission de l’entreprise d’offrir des produits savoureux et supérieurement nutritifs dans le respect des valeurs éthiques et responsables. Vous trouverez les informations complètes sur les avantages nutritionnels du quinoa en visitant notre site au

Dès maintenant, ce nouveau produit est disponible dans les boutiques d'aliments naturels, les magasins indépendants et prochainement dans les supermarchés.

À propos de GoGo Quinoa

Active depuis 2004, GoGo Quinoa (Cie 2 Ameriks) importe et transforme plus de 60 produits végétaliens et sans allergènes faits à base de quinoa et d’autres super grains et légumineuses (chia, amarante, sarasin, lentilles, pois chiches). Le lancement du quinoa canadien coïncide avec l'expansion en cours de l'entreprise à Laval afin de répondre à la demande croissante pour sa gamme de produits au Canada et à l’international. L’entreprise occupe aujourd’hui une usine de 45 000 pieds carrés certifiée SQF, biologique, sans gluten et cachère.

Pour de plus amples informations, n’hésitez pas à visiter notre site internet au ou rejoindre l’équipe marketing au

Retrouvez-nous sur Facebook :
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SOURCE GoGo Quinoa
Renseignements :
Martin Bilodeau – Président fondateur
GoGo Quinoa / Compagnie 2 Ameriks
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Francis Lavoie – VP Sales and Marketing
GoGo Quinoa / Company 2 Ameriks
+1 438-380-3330
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GoGo Quinoa is launching a Gluten-Free Certified Canadian Quinoa

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 27, 2018 / — GoGo Quinoa, the market leader in quinoa in North America, is proud to present its first Canadian quinoa. Now with grains from the Canadian prairies, this quinoa is certified gluten-free, with no traces of peanuts or other allergens.

GoGo Quinoa is proud to encourage the local economy by supporting Canadian farmers and their communities through the commercial development of this grain, one that is filled with superior nutritional values, contributing to the well-being of Canadians.

Canadian quinoa and other GoGo Quinoa products are part of the NON-GMO project, thus fulfilling the company's mission to offer tasty and superiorly nutritious products, all in alignment with values that are ethical and responsible. You will find the complete information on the nutritional benefits of quinoa by visiting our website at

As of now, this new product is available in health food stores, independent stores and will soon be found in supermarkets.

About GoGo Quinoa

Active since 2004, GoGo Quinoa (Cie 2 Ameriks) imports and processes more than 60 vegan and non-allergenic products made from quinoa and other super grains and legumes (chia, amaranth, buckwheat, lentils, chickpeas). The launch of Canadian quinoa coincides with the ongoing expansion of the company situated in Laval, meeting the growing demand for its product line in Canada and internationally. Today, the company occupies a 45,000 square foot plant certified SQF, organic, gluten-free and kosher.

For more information please visit our website at or reach the marketing team at

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SOURCE GoGo Quinoa
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Francis Lavoie – VP Sales and Marketing
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