Dubbed “THE GREEN CRUSADER” by the media at St.John Ambulance Sarawak Dinner at the state parliament house

"Miraculous Changes For The Better In 2018"
"Protect The Environment, Fauna and Flora " "Make Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Compulsory Subject In Malaysia"

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, December 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The year 2018 has witnessed unprecedented changes, on a scale almost unbelievable by any standard.

To all in the country, the dramatic changes are considered to be for the good of this young nation, a Federation formed in 1963 consisting of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Unfortunately, due to fundamental ideological differences, Singapore left the newly formed federation two years later, to become an independent sovereign nation, a small city-state with hardly any natural resources except its people.

How do we assess the progress of these miraculous changes?
The people of this country have achieved what they always wanted, and this augurs well for this young Federation. To translate this dream into reality is no mean job, a gigantic exercise, with few parallels.

The situation today is analogous to the case of a man lost in the jungle for a 100 days, weak, hungry and miserable and suddenly served with a 100-course Michelin Star dinner. Obviously, no mortal in that state is capable of enjoying that kind of gigantic dinner all of a sudden! He needs time to adjust himself.

For any nation with a good, dedicated, honest, fair and just leadership, there is no reason why it should not succeed.
So there is no need to worry as it will take time for people to accept the changes which are for the long term peace, harmony, progress and prosperity of Malaysia.

The dramatic change does show that people are maturing, and many millions have changed their attitude towards race and beliefs for the better.
Malaysians have seen the untold sufferings and miseries of the peoples in the Middle-East and Africa particularly, and the destruction of their countries due to conflicts and intolerance caused by different ethnic and religious groups .
We treasure our traditional peaceful and harmonious way of life , which we have been enjoying since time immemorial.
We noted that a few "newly emergent" countries , one bigger than Europe with 7,000 years of recorded history , which are stable and enjoying peace and with dedicated good leadership are on the rise, overtaking all western nations for the first time in history .
Our country can achieve greatness as we have rich natural resources, hard working people and blessed being spared of all forms of natural disasters .

On ENVIRONMENT, the younger generations especially are now more aware of the importance of environmental conservation and protection.
However, the action of some people in the name of progress and prosperity is still considered detrimental to the fragile environment.
The current erratic pattern of climate change is giving cause of concern. While some of the uninitiated were recently enjoying the extraordinarily early cherry blossom, traditionally only in Spring, I am sure many of us are deeply concerned that the Seasons are now shifting due to climate change. Winter and Summer are extreme, and generally temperatures are getting erratic.

The mighty forests must be protected and conserved as the clearing of these rainforests for massive economic activities have contributed much to climate change and the extinction of flora and fauna species which are of great importance to human existence.
In addition, the loss of forests, such as mangrove forest, may result in the disruption of the food chain and in-turn causing reduction in food production, particularly fish and shell fish species.

The use of fossil fuel and coal especially should be gradually replaced by sustainable energy including renewal energy such as hydro-electricity, wind energy, solar energy and tidal energy.

The government should formulate the right policies and provide appropriate enabling environments which are conducive for such transformation.

In the Tropics with abundent sunshine, mighty rivers and cascading streams, waterfalls and no shortage of wind anytime, we could, therefore, consider seriously putting up solar panels for our homes, buildings and factories, the government to set up wind turbines and harnessing the rivers and the streams including making good use of the tidal waves in coastal areas.

The government could perhaps consider giving tax incentives to all the citizens and to commerce and industries, for supporting the sustainable energy exercise. The incentives should include waiving sales tax for all Electric and Hybrid vehicles and also import duty for the imported ones. Public transport buses and lorries and to go green as well with tax incentives. These are examples of enabling environments that are necessary to create a sustainable transformation.

I always stress, the best hospitals in the country could never solve the multiple health problems created by pollution which is basically the cause of most health problems, particularly chest and lung infections of all sorts, and worst of all cancer, which is so common today, and it totally ruins the patients and their families financially and sometimes breaking up the families.
The root cause must be addressed. A clean and healthy nation not only has happy people but saves the people and the government millions of dollars, A healthy nation would be more productive and creative. It is a win-win situation.

Many a precious life is lost when it can .in fact, be prevented. According to surveys, cardiac arrest or heart attack is one of the top killers.
There are many instances of people who have cardiac arrest but there is nobody nearby to render help using the only known method today ie Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. However, not everybody knows CPR unless the person is a first aider, a nurse, a doctor or just being trained in CPR.
I have been campaigning for CPR to be taught in every home, school, factory and everywhere. Last year the then deputy Federal Education Minister strongly supported my proposal to make the teaching of CPR compulsory in all schools and institutions of learning throughout the country. He said that the ministry would study as to how to implement this proposal nationwide. This was also supported by Sarawak Minister of Welfare.
I am confident that the present Federal Government would give its support to my proposal so that more precious lives can be saved.

Happy New Year

St.John Ambulance Sarawak
Sarawak Cheshire Home (For Disabled)
+60 82-424 344
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Advertising Company Refuses to run Vegan Ads on Dublin Bus and Irish Rail

Dairy Takes Babies ad on Exterion Media UK bus

Go Vegan World accuses Exterion Media Ireland of preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the right of the public to the facts about animal use.

Exterion Media has a preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the rights of the public to the information in the Go Vegan World ads.”

— Sandra Higgins, Founder & Director, Go Vegan World

DUBLIN, IRELAND, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the third year running, Exterion Ireland, the only company that carries ads on bus and trains in Ireland, is refusing to run Go Vegan World ads providing the public with information about the dairy industry.

Go Vegan World launched its animal rights and vegan education advertising in Ireland three years ago. It now runs ads across the UK as well as internationally. It is currently running a massive campaign consisting of more than 2000 ads for Christmas and New Year in Ireland and the UK. The ads feature sheep, pigs, turkeys and cows with messages such as: “Veganism = Recognising Me as Someone, Not Something”; “Defenceless & Innocent Yet We Kill Them”; “It’s Not A Personal Choice When Someone is Killed”, and “Dairy Takes Babies from their Mothers”. The group states that the aim of the ads is to remind people that the animals we eat, wear and use in other ways are capable of physical and psychological feelings and, as a result, we do not have the right to use or kill them. The ads refer people to the free vegan guide available through their website.

The ads feature on buses, street signs, billboards and in print outlets owned by several advertising companies.

However, some ads were rejected by Exterion Media, the company contracted by Dublin Bus and Irish Rail to sell advertising space on buses and in train stations. The ad in question featured a mother cow and her calf and the statement “Dairy takes babies from their mothers.” The same ads are published by other Irish advertising companies and by Exterion Media in the UK.

Exterion has failed to-provide specific reasons to Go Vegan World for refusing to run the ad, citing only very broad grounds, “Might adversely affect the interest of the site owner” and “Might result in Exterion Media being in breach of any of its contractual obligations to a site owner,” but refusing to provide any specifics.

Go Vegan World founder and director, Sandra Higgins, notes that the Irish dairy industry runs large ad campaigns through Exterion Media in Ireland. She says that “the refusal to carry Go Vegan World ads referring to dairy points to a very unhealthy situation wherein the only company carrying ads for Irish Bus and Rail appear to have a preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the right of the public to the facts contained in our ads.”

Sandra Higgins
Go Vegan World
+353 872325832
email us here
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Dec. 29th: German Drinking Bottle Start-Up introduces “JuNiki’s 1st International Day of the Reusable Drinking Bottle"

JuNiki’s Most Innovative Reusable Drinking Bottle

Save the World from PET Plastic Bottles // Time for a Personal New Year’s Resolution

Perfect New Year's Resolution: Use less PET plastic bottles – easy thing provided you are using an innovative JuNiki's bottle…”

— Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck – JuNiki's CEO & Founder

SCHWANEWEDE NEAR BREMEN, LOWER SAXONY, GERMANY, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The German Drinking Bottle Start-Up JuNiki’s is establishing “JuNiki’s 1st International Day of the Reusable Drinking Bottle” on December 29th 2018. Reason behind: Over 1 Million PET plastic bottles are being sold per minute – worldwide – with a rising tendency. Each of us can do something against it: How about a personal New Year’s resolution against usage of PET plastic bottles? Sounds impossible? For sure, if you have had bad experiences with conventional reusable bottles, your daily life might become more stressful. This is where JuNiki’s comes in to help: Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck, CEO and Founder of JuNiki’s, developed a new kind of drinking bottle. While conventional water bottles focusing just on water, being by no means easy to use on a day-by-day basis – the newly developed and international patent pending flask JuNiki’s is providing lots of benefits, enabling you to take your own drink, whatever it is, wherever you want – hassle free. For more information about JuNiki’s and its products, please visit www.junikis.com

About JuNiki’s
JuNiki’s is a reusable drinking bottle company located in Germany. Based on his bad experiences with reusable drinking bottles for his own daughters, Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck reinvented the drinking bottle, coming up with an innovative patent-pending design. JuNiki’s mission is to provide the world’s most convenient reusable drinking bottle – thus enabling and motivating more people to take their own healthy drink wherever they go instead of using beverages from single-use PET plastic bottles or cans. JuNiki’s products are available and sold worldwide – currently being delivered from Germany only. A sales network in the US is being developed at the moment to facilitate their availability in the States.
If you are interested in becoming a JuNiki’s reseller in the US, please contact us via sales@junikis.com.

Media Contact
Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck
CEO & Founder
JuNiki's Double Neck GmbH
Email: press@junikis.com
Address: Leibnizstrasse 78, 28790 Schwanewede, Germany

Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck
JuNiki's Double Neck GmbH
email us here
+49 178 4481663
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Stonehill’s 1% for the Community Program Sponsors the Nature Coast Biologic Station & Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory

Stonehill announced today that it has become a sponsor of the Nature Coast Biologic Station and Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory.

Thousands of people make their living through aquaculture and coastal tourism. Stonehill is happy to help in the efforts to conserve and protect this valuable resource.”

— Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Stonehill announced today that it has become a sponsor of the Nature Coast Biologic Station and Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory. The Nature Coast Biologic Station is located on Cedar Key and is a joint venture between the University of Florida and the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. It is focused on enhancing the conservation and sustainability of natural resources throughout the Nature Coast using collaborative research, enhanced public engagement, field-based courses, and hands-on training workshops.

The Nature Coast spans the Big Bend of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and contains one of North America’s most pristine coastlines. The Nature Coast Biologic Station and Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory are the only university land-based marine laboratories for 259 miles of coastline, lying between the Marine Lab at Florida State University in Panacea, Florida and the university of South Florida’s lab in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The sponsorship was underwritten by Stonehill’s 1% for the Community program. The program allocates 1% of Stonehill’s total revenue to causes that make for a healthier, smarter, or cleaner future. Over the last 12 months the program has made donations to the University of South Florida Stroke Research Fund, the Tampa General Hospital Foundation, the Lions Eye Institute Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Tampa Airfest.

“Conservation of the gulf coast is very important to the state of Florida,” said Doug Pace, Founder and CEO of Stonehill. “Thousands of people make their living through aquaculture and coastal tourism. Stonehill is happy to help in the efforts to conserve and protect this valuable resource.”

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy. As recognized experts in Design Thinking, Customer Experience, and Business Intelligence, Stonehill helps companies to identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate growth. Our teams consist of an innovative blend of creative, strategy, technology, and change management experts, giving us the ability to unite the functional silos of business in the common objective of creating differentiated customer experiences. Stonehill has been recognized by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce as a finalist for Startup of the year, the US Chamber of Commerce as a Finalist for Emerging Business of the Year, Great Agencies as one of the Top Business Intelligence Consultants in the United States, and CIO Review Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Performance Management Providers.

Doug Pace
STONEHILL Innovation
+1 727-641-6145
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High Country Gardens names its Top New Plants for 2019

lavender, flower, kisser, english, garden, after, midnight

FlowerKisser After Midnight English Lavender is the 2019 Plant of the Year from High Country Gardens.

flowerkisser, sage, salvia, garden

The brilliant flowers of FlowerKisser Coral-Pink Sage bloom from late spring to fall frost.

flowers, foliage, shade, garden, high, country, gardens

The Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden is an easy-to-grow pre-planned garden that includes 18 plants and a planting diagram.

High Country Gardens, a top online source for plants that thrive in even the most challenging conditions, has announced its top new perennials for Spring 2019.

SHELBURNE, VERMONT, USA, December 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — High Country Gardens has announced its top new perennials for Spring 2019. The new varieties include FlowerKisser™ After Midnight English Lavendar and a preplanned garden called the Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden. The top new introductions—and hundreds of additional perennial favorites—are available at highcountrygardens.com.

FlowerKisser™ After Midnight English Lavender
The 2019 Plant of the Year from High Country Gardens is FlowerKisser™ After Midnight English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia WWG002). This exclusive introduction has stunning, dark-colored flower spikes with deep indigo-blue calyxes and large violet-purple flowers. The color of the flowers is truly unique, and the plant stands apart from any other lavender available to gardeners. A medium-sized English lavender selection with gray-green foliage, After Midnight blooms in late spring/early summer and attracts bees and butterflies to its nectar-rich flowers.

Plants in the new FlowerKisser™ brand have been selected by High Country Gardens’ chief horticulturist David Salman. These new perennial introductions are particularly nectar-rich and attract many pollinators, including honey bees, native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. It thrives throughout USDA zones 5-9.

FlowerKisser™ Coral-Pink Sage
The brilliant coral-pink flowers of FlowerKisser™ Coral-Pink Sage (Salvia greggii WWG003) color a waterwise garden from late spring to fall frost with a non-stop display. This plant grows as a medium sized woody shrub, and it loves a hot, sunny place where the soil dries out quickly. Hummingbirds adore its flowers, which never fail to provide them with a sweet meal. Trim this plant back in mid-spring by about 1/3 its height to stimulate new growth and another flush of gorgeous flowers. FlowerKisser™ Coral-Pink Sage thrives in zones 6-9. Available from highcountrygardens.com.

Red Feathers (Echium amoenum)
Red Feathers (Echium amoenum) is a beautiful, xeric, small growing wildflower from the Caucasus Mountains of western Asia. Its russet-red flower spikes resemble Liatris. Blooming in late spring, this lovely plant will continue to produce new flower spikes throughout the summer when deadheaded. But leave some spikes on the plant later in the season to ripen seed.

A short-lived perennial, Red Feathers should be mulched with gravel mulch to encourage it to re-seed itself. Adaptable to average, sandy and clay soils. Plant it in spots with a half day to a full day of sun. Pair this plant with Creeping Goldenaster (Heterotheca jonesii), Blue Flax (Linum) and Dark Violet Skullcap (Scutellaria). Grows in zones 3-9.

Granita Orange® Cold Hardy Ice Plant
Granita® Orange Cold Hardy Ice Plant (Delosperma Granita® Orange) blooms in mid- to late spring with a stunning display of large, pure-orange flowers. Granita Orange grows to form a tidy mat of ground-hugging evergreen foliage. It has proven to be a very cold hardy groundcover that fits well in a drought-tolerant garden. Granita Orange® Ice Plant grows in zones 5-9.

FlowerKisser™ Arizona Beauty Coyote Mint
FlowerKisser™ Arizona Beauty Coyote Mint (Monardella odoratissima FlowerKisser™ Arizona Beauty) has flowers and foliage with a very minty scent when brushed or handled. This sweetly scented native groundcover has lavender-pink puffball-shaped flowers that attract bees and butterflies.

Normally this species is sub-alpine, but this lower elevation form (8,500 ft.) grows well at middle elevations throughout the western US. Plant it in a spot that gets some afternoon shade where day temperatures are hot. It grows well in zones 4-8.

Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden
The Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden is an easy-to-grow garden designed for planting in shade, dappled shade or morning sun. These perennials provide season-long interest with a pleasing combination of foliage types that provide contrasting textures and colors and a profusion of pink, yellow and white flowers. The garden grows well in most soil types (but avoid wet clay or water-logged soils). The Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden is an excellent choice for planting on the shady north or northeast side of a house.

The Fabulous Flowers and Foliage Shade Garden comes with a planting diagram, care instructions and 18 plants including: (5) plants each of Applachian Sedge (Carex appalachica) and White Nancy Deadnettle (Lamium 'White Nancy'), (3) plants each of Large Leafed Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina 'Helen von Stein') and Weston Pink Coral Bells (Heuchera 'Weston Pink') and (2) plants of Golden Spur Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha). The garden covers approximately 40 sq. ft. (8 ft. wide x 5 ft. deep). The garden grows well in zones 4-8.

FlowerKisser™ Dark Shadows Sage
Flower Kisser™ Dark Shadows Sage (Salvia hybrid WWG001) is a color breakthrough in cold-hardy bush sages. It blooms with a profusion of hummingbird-attracting dark-purple flowers. A hybrid of Raspberry Delight® introduced by David Salman, it's a large, tall-growing woody sage that comes into color in late summer and flowers until frost.

Flower Kisser® Dark Shadows is a good choice near walkways and paths. (When you brush against the foliage, it releases a delightfully sweet, herbal fragrance.) This sage makes an excellent companion plant for Blonde Ambition Blue Grama Grass (Boutleloua 'Blonde Ambition') and Dark Violet Skullcap (Scutellaria 'Dark Violet'). It grows well in USDA zones 5-9 and is available from www.highcountrygardens.com.

Chumby Silky Rock Jasmine
Chumby Silky Rock Jasmine (Androsace sarmentosa 'Chumbyi') blooms in early summer with fragrant clusters of pink flowers held over fuzzy rosettes of gray-green foliage. Growing and spreading much like a strawberry plant, this compact little grower puts out red-stemmed runners that root to form a tidy mound. A cheerful member of the Primrose family, Chumby Silky Rock Jasmine is a wonderful small perennial for shady perennials borders. It also works great as an edging plant for shaded pathways.

This easy-to-grow Himalayan native is a resilient performer that makes a good companion plant for other shade lovers such as Deep Blue Arizona Sage (Salvia arizonica) and Kashmir Sage (Phlomis cashmeriana). Chumby Silky Rock Jasmine stays small—just 2-4” tall and 8-12” wide in zones 3-8.

For a complete look at all of the new plants for Spring 2019 available from High Country Gardens, visit www.highcountrygardens.com/plant-finder/new.

Randy Schultz
Schultz Communications
+1 719-374-5190
email us here

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A public sculpture of the Russian folk character Baba Yaga will appear in the heart of London

Baba Yaga

On Christmas day the sculpture, devoted to the Russian fairytale character Baba Yaga, will be installed on Beauchamp Place, London.

LONDON, UK, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Christmas day the sculpture, devoted to the Russian fairytale heroine Baba Yaga, will be installed on Beauchamp Place. Sitting on a bench, speckled with glowing runes and traditional Russian designs, Baba Yaga will represent a unique diplomat – aside from time and politics. Her task will be to create an intercultural dialogue between two great nations, which are linked by ancient ties.

The opening will take place on December 25th at 2 p.m. on 14-15 Beauchamp Place in London. “This art project is a development of the BY (Baba Yaga) project having various objectives one of which being the story about the best qualities of the Russian people reflected in ancient fairytales. Baba Yaga – one of the most important Slavic mythological characters. She possesses wisdom, magical powers and extreme sensitivity to such a concept as justice. Furthermore, she is a mentor because she passes on her knowledge to the younger generation”, says Irina Lagoshina, the sculptor who has created several works of Baba Yaga for the BY Project.

Initially BY project was implemented so that the Russian people, aside from everything, remembered and respected their history. The popularity of the fairytale heroine prompted the authors to create the character of Baba Yaga as a “peacemaker” and an “enlightener” in various parts of the world. Art is being used as a unique language, one that can be freely and openly spoken on a variety of topics. History, humor, modern technologies and means of communication are closely intertwined in the art project.

Project BY is interesting and understandable to the younger generation. Baba Yaga is an active modern blogger (having 130 thousand followers on Instagram) and her performances with “granddaughters” twins Katia and Volga differ in enthusiasm and unite Russian traditions with mass modern culture. Clips of the “animated” Baba Yaga on a mortar in different countries have already earned several million views. The show that accompanies every new sculpture opening in different countries always gathers many spectators.

Currently the sculptures that are dedicated to Baba Yaga are installed in the USA (Miami), UAE (Dubai). The sculptures were left to remain after participation in international exhibitions of contemporary art, Miami Art Week 2017 and world Art Dubai 2018. Baba Yaga sculptures are also displayed in Russian cities: Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Ufa.

The first international project with the participation of Baba Yaga took place in December 2017 during Miami Art Week (USA). She appeared in the form of a Russian Super Heroine with unsurpassed magical powers and wisdom. One of the main project goals was to form a cultural dialogue: everyone interested could leave a signature or comment on the sculpture itself. It made the art project a unique multi-national work of art. Today the sculpture garnishes the seafront of the North Beach in Miami.

In April 2018, during the exhibition World Art Dubai a project was presented entitled “Cultural Code” dedicated to the mysteries of the Russian history and mythology. The sculpture of Baba Yaga is now installed on the La Mare promenade in a prestigious area of Dubai. It has already become a local landmark. Visitors can attempt to decipher the secret “messages of Baba Yaga” by scanning QR-codes on the surface of the art object.

Lagoshina Art
+7 9067803701
email us here

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Ipe Decking USA Prepares for 2019 Deck Season Bombardment

Ipe Decking

Ipe decking popularity not dying anytime soon as no other real or synthetic material offers a better lifespan, resistance or durability.

Ipe decking grows in popularity every year. Unless you can find a better decking material that will not change anytime soon.”

— Samuel Jex

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ipe decking prices rose in 2018 to an all-time high as demand for the exotic hardwood has skyrocketed. It is mainly popular due to its lifespan and natural resistance to elements like bugs, decay, and mold. When we talk about lifespan we are not talking about a couple of years. But compared to many other kinds of wood we are talking Ipe is lasting over 50 years longer than "competing" woods and synthetics. There is not much competition when you get down to the real numbers.

I recently read an article titled "WHY IPE HAS FALLEN OUT OF FAVOR WITH ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS DESIGNERS". I am not sure where that declining in a market is supposed to be. Because we only see more and more interest in Ipe all the time. However, where they voice concern over the sustainability of Ipe logging. Saying that people that are "environmentally conscious" shouldn't use Ipe. While the sentiment is certainly heard, they never actually address the #1 reason for deforestation which is beef. They clearcut vast amounts of forest to be able and raise cows, for leather and beef primarily. In fact logging for in a study conducted over 5 years, they concluded that Logging (not just Ipe specifically) accounts for less than 3% of deforestation. While cattle ranching accounts for 65%-70% of deforestation. So if you want to be "environmentally conscious" you might think about trading in those leather shoes and jacket not buying an inferior deck.

Being environmentally conscious is important, especially in today's age. But let's talk about the environmental ramifications of using a plastic synthetic deck that can not be recycled. Did you think about the byproduct or natural resources of making that synthetic material? What if you stay with a real wood and logging lumber that has 1/10th the lifespan as Ipe. This means you would have to use the natural resources 10 times more for things like gas for logging, shipping, trucking and installing 10 times to one as opposed to Ipe. Or 10 times more forest for another species of wood to be cut down.

In closing this article, we will say that Ipe Decking USA is committed to the environment. However, we also are realistic and know that you have to make a deck out of something. Pretending you are doing the environment a favor by trading one potential problem with another doesn't do the environment any good. Ipe Decking USA plants 5 trees for every order in South America. While this is a small gesture, planting trees to replace trees is certainly a good start.

We do not anticipate any decline in the Ipe market anytime soon. Ipe is really a beautiful and special wood that lasts a lifetime.

Samuel Jex
Ipe Decking USA
+1 (833) 200-1014
email us here

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Celebrate Christmas in a spirit of peace and goodwill – social activist Ang Lai Soon (Message in Bernama: Malaysia National News Agency)

In a difficult troubled world,a world with great uncertainties,a world going through incredible changes,some for the better,others leave much to be desired.


— Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — At this time of the year one of the many thoughts that spring to my mind is both simple and direct. That is: PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL , IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO THEY ARE , WHERE THEY PRAY , WHO THEIR PARENTS ARE, WHERE THEY LIVE OR WHERE THEY COME FROM.

We are all members of the human race .We all have two hands, two legs, one head , one mouth, one nose , one pair of eyes and two ears and so on and so forth.

That we are born black, brown , yellow or white is merely an accident of birth. It is absolutely beyond our control.

We have "no control of, or responsibility for, the circumstances of our birth or parentage". We are all just brothers and sisters in a big human family.

We should give a helping hand to those who need help.

We should protect those who are weak.

And, above all, be united and live harmoniously together to build our relatively new nation.

Our future is within our control, but we must realize that happiness is the key to success. We have the choice. I know Malaysians can make the right choice, having seen countries that are in a permanent state of chaos like those in Africa and part of the Middle East.

We are living in a rather difficult and troubled world, a world with great uncertainties, a world going through incredible changes, some for the better like in Malaysia, while others like Burma leave much to be desired, a world riven by competing ideologies, different belief systems, ethnic identity, and the lesser noble attributes of Homo sapiens such as jealousy and the desire to own much more than what we actually need.

The question is how one can possibly even think of PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN, especially when there is so little peace and goodwill reflected in the barrage of world news to which the world media subjects us.

And goodwill can scarcely be uppermost in the minds of those who are being affected by the scourge of a global depression that seems to be looming ever closer everyday, losing their homes or their jobs.

But all this leads inevitably to one conclusion and that is how can Homo sapiens not try to accept and practise PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN? Logically ,if we are to ever achieve the peace and harmony in the world that we desire, there is no realistic alternative that I am aware of.

Ultimately for civilization to be a reality rather than a mirage, we must practise PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN.

So my message for this Christmas is simply PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN, a time honoured message that has been repeated time and time again over hundreds of years, and no doubt ever since the earliest societies. Christmas is a time when peoples throughout the world, irrespective of where they come from, who they are, where they live, what they believe in and where they pray, we can all celebrate our multi-cultural ,our multi-ethnic and our multi-religious systems in the spirit of PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN.

Count our blessings. We in this country have the good fortune to be living in a relatively peaceful, prosperous and tolerant society and freely able to participate in the pageant of special days celebrated in our society.

We are spared the typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and wild fires.

We do have the occasional floods but unlike those in Japan, Indonesia or in Europe where people, houses, buildings, vehicles are swept away.

We should, therefore, continue to let Christmas be celebrated by all in the true spirit of PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN. And for one day especially, and every other day as well, cast aside the everyday doom and gloom that fills the media and make Christmas Day a day of celebration of our family, our society, our nation.

Let this be the first step in our long journey to lasting peace and unity. Let this be our dream and mission. I know that if we have the will and the determination, and, above all, the sincerity we shall achieve our cherished goal and mission.

Warmest greetings to everyone wherever you may be. Merry Christmas.

+60 82-424 344
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St.John Ambulance Sarawak
Sarawak Cheshire Home for Disabled

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Swimming Pool Owners Can Save About $1,000 a Year by Cutting Their Pool’s Carbon Footprint to Zero.

zero carbon footprint swimming pool

Zero Carbon Pool is the roadmap for how to make money by cutting your typical pool’s carbon footprint to zero, written by someone who has done it: David Green.

DOVER, MA, U.S., December 22, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swimming pool’s are great. They are almost the definition of carefree summer fun. But they are expensive to run and they generate a high carbon footprint. And all the recent news about carbon dioxide emissions has been bad:
• The UN reported that we have 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe of droughts, floods, and poverty.
• The U.S. warned that climate change would kill thousands and reduce GDP by 10%. And,
• The Camp fire in California was the deadliest in the U.S. in a century.

Now, the good news. Author David Green’s new book, Zero Carbon Pool, is the roadmap for how to make money by drastically cutting a swimming pool’s carbon footprint. By installing the “pool fab four” – a heat pump, a variable-speed circulating pump, an electric powered vacuum-cleaner, and a few solar panels for his own swimming pool in Dover, Massachusetts, he has cut the carbon dioxide gas emissions from his pool to zero or by about 9 tons a year. That’s each year, every year, forever. The even better news is that he is saving about $3,000 a year on propane and electricity bills. His return on investment is over 40% per year. This handily beats the 9.8% annual return on the S&P500 over the last 90 years. And that’s without its stomach-churning volatility. Zero Carbon Pool is only available on his website www.greenzerocarbonhome.com . That return on investment also beats the return on investment he is making by going zero on his house, which is about 15% per year. Those interested in making money by cutting the carbon footprint of their home should see his book, Zero Carbon Home which is also available only at the web site www.greenzerocarbonhome.com

Go zero and save money with David Green’s new books Zero Carbon Pool and Zero Carbon Home on how to save money by drastically cutting your carbon footprint.

To stop climate change, start at home. Start now by giving the gift of Zero Carbon Home or Zero Carbon Pool this holiday season. They’re the gifts that keeps on giving.

Please note that the Green family is saving about $3,000 a year but their swimming pool is larger than average at 28’ by 60’. Savings on a typical 20’ by 40’ pool in New England would likely be about $1,000 a year.

About the author.
David Green holds a BA in physics (with Honors) from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School (with distinction). He founded and was CEO of two biotechnology companies. He took both public and has raised over $100m in capital. He retired from biotech in 2015 and has turned his energies to combating climate change – one home, or one pool, at a time. His first book is Zero Carbon Home and his second book is Zero Carbon Pool. His work has been publicized by the Department of Energy and on the ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox networks The following are unsolicited comments from readers of the book: “Wow that was an awesome book! D.S., Mastic, New York. “Absolutely loved the book.” A.N., Weston, Massachusetts. “I’m very impressed the way you explained the technical terms…. Really good stuff.” M.B., London, U.K., and this comment came from probably the world’s leading environmentalist: “I thought the book was straightforward and clear,” B. Mc., Middlebury, Vermont.

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Is 2019 the Year of Solar Power in South Africa?

With Eskom falling deeper, it begs the question whether 2019 could be the year for solar power.

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, December 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Even though the lights could stay on this festive season, residents of South Africa should be prepared for possible loading-shedding early in the new year. And as far as new year's resolutions go, Eskom has several options, and picking just one appears to be very problematic.

The news was made official by Eskom Chief Executive Officer, Phakamani Hadebe, during a radio interview yesterday. While he said that maintenance will help to sustain energy demand as the festive season reaches a peak, it is just a temporary fix. Hadebe continued to state that stage-1 load-shedding is a big possibility after 15 January, given the circumstances the state-owned power utility finds itself in.

In spite of getting a board-revamp by Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa in order to gain investor and consumer trust, the long-term mismanagement has done extensive damage. And adding fuel to the fire Eskom is not selling enough power to cover the necessary upgrades, which are desperately required for its ageing plants.

The current state of affairs is not looking good. The action plan that was supposed to be in place to save the power utility has yet to be developed, and then it has to be executed and tested. But given the string of challenges that have prevented any type of constructive decision making, there is no telling when anything will actually change.

What South African residents do know is that load-shedding is a realistic future, and it is not very far away. Because as the celebrations die down, so will the lights, apparently. So, in “light” of letting the celebrations linger a little longer, why not consider solar power? If there is one thing South Africans can always trust in, it is the most amasing sunrise almost every morning.

It is time for homeowners to start thinking like business owners. They need to ask questions like how to capitalize on the situation. For example, suppliers and installer services like Solar Advice will see this as an opportunity to organize better deals with a demand that is bound to grow. Because not only is solar power affordable, but it is the most practical and straightforward solution. But how do homeowners capitalize exactly?

Firstly, there is a drop in solar equipment prices, on top of special deals and promotions. In fact, there are some load-shedding packages that could be useful for extreme budget seekers. As business owners accommodate their prices according to the demand, homeowners stand to save even more, while implementing a long-term plan.

There are no politics, corruption, or mismanagement involved with a solar array. Instead, it is just a direct process of converting sunlight into energy that can be used in the home. And the best part? That beautiful South African sun will never ask a dime for its services.

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