Swimming Pool Owners Can Save About $1,000 a Year by Cutting Their Pool’s Carbon Footprint to Zero.

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Zero Carbon Pool is the roadmap for how to make money by cutting your typical pool’s carbon footprint to zero, written by someone who has done it: David Green.

DOVER, MA, U.S., December 22, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swimming pool’s are great. They are almost the definition of carefree summer fun. But they are expensive to run and they generate a high carbon footprint. And all the recent news about carbon dioxide emissions has been bad:
• The UN reported that we have 12 years to limit a climate change catastrophe of droughts, floods, and poverty.
• The U.S. warned that climate change would kill thousands and reduce GDP by 10%. And,
• The Camp fire in California was the deadliest in the U.S. in a century.

Now, the good news. Author David Green’s new book, Zero Carbon Pool, is the roadmap for how to make money by drastically cutting a swimming pool’s carbon footprint. By installing the “pool fab four” – a heat pump, a variable-speed circulating pump, an electric powered vacuum-cleaner, and a few solar panels for his own swimming pool in Dover, Massachusetts, he has cut the carbon dioxide gas emissions from his pool to zero or by about 9 tons a year. That’s each year, every year, forever. The even better news is that he is saving about $3,000 a year on propane and electricity bills. His return on investment is over 40% per year. This handily beats the 9.8% annual return on the S&P500 over the last 90 years. And that’s without its stomach-churning volatility. Zero Carbon Pool is only available on his website www.greenzerocarbonhome.com . That return on investment also beats the return on investment he is making by going zero on his house, which is about 15% per year. Those interested in making money by cutting the carbon footprint of their home should see his book, Zero Carbon Home which is also available only at the web site www.greenzerocarbonhome.com

Go zero and save money with David Green’s new books Zero Carbon Pool and Zero Carbon Home on how to save money by drastically cutting your carbon footprint.

To stop climate change, start at home. Start now by giving the gift of Zero Carbon Home or Zero Carbon Pool this holiday season. They’re the gifts that keeps on giving.

Please note that the Green family is saving about $3,000 a year but their swimming pool is larger than average at 28’ by 60’. Savings on a typical 20’ by 40’ pool in New England would likely be about $1,000 a year.

About the author.
David Green holds a BA in physics (with Honors) from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School (with distinction). He founded and was CEO of two biotechnology companies. He took both public and has raised over $100m in capital. He retired from biotech in 2015 and has turned his energies to combating climate change – one home, or one pool, at a time. His first book is Zero Carbon Home and his second book is Zero Carbon Pool. His work has been publicized by the Department of Energy and on the ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox networks The following are unsolicited comments from readers of the book: “Wow that was an awesome book! D.S., Mastic, New York. “Absolutely loved the book.” A.N., Weston, Massachusetts. “I’m very impressed the way you explained the technical terms…. Really good stuff.” M.B., London, U.K., and this comment came from probably the world’s leading environmentalist: “I thought the book was straightforward and clear,” B. Mc., Middlebury, Vermont.

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