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Wooten Plumbing Can Make Endless Hot Water Readily Available Anywhere in Your Home and Save You Money in the Process

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TULSA, OKLAHOMA, USA, August 8, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — How terrible and frustrating is it to turn on the hot water tap and find only cold water spilling out? That’s the situation for a great many people who live in homes where the centralized hot water storage tank is operating poorly, undersized for the family’s demand, or located relatively far from the sink, bath, or shower you’re using.

Fortunately, Wooten Plumbing is expert at converting these old-fashioned hot water systems to the newest technologies for tankless (also known as “instantaneous” or “demand-type”) water heaters.

These newer systems don’t waste energy or space keeping a tank of water filled, hot, and waiting. Instead, they quickly and efficiently heat cold water right at your sink, bath, shower – or any appliance needing hot water – and deliver it without delay, and usually without ever running out.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

According to the experts at Wooten Plumbing, tankless water heaters eliminate the wasteful storage tank of conventional systems and pass cold water through a high-efficiency electric or gas-fired heating unit located close to your sink, bath, shower, or any water-using appliance.

Within seconds of opening the tap, gloriously hot water pours out – and keeps pouring out as long as you want it to. There’s no waiting for hot water to travel through long pipes from a hot water storage tank, and there’s no chance that such a tank will run out of hot water and leave you shivering under icy cold water.

One tankless water heater can deliver 2–5 gallons of hot water per minute. If that’s not sufficient for your family’s needs, Wooten Plumbing can easily install more than one tankless water heater so your whole house gets instantly served with endless hot water.

Experience shows that tankless water heaters are excellent for meeting the demands of bathrooms, kitchens, hot tubs, and laundry rooms – even when they are located at opposite ends of your home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heaters

The primary advantages of tankless water heaters include lower operating costs, ease of repair, and longevity.

For example, if your family uses 30 to 40 gallons of hot water per day, a single tankless water heater can save one-third of the energy you now spend to keep your old-fashioned water tank warm, according to Wooten Plumbing. If you use 80 or so gallons a day, that old water tank is less wasteful of energy, but the single tankless approach will still save you as much as 15% on your water-heating energy costs.

Installing multiple tankless water heaters throughout your home will noticeably increase these savings.

Of course, you must spend money to save this money. Purchase and installation of a tankless water heater is somewhat higher than the costs for comparable hot water storage systems. However, the tankless systems tend to last 20 years or more – that’s as much as 30-50% longer than even the most expensive hot water tanks.

In addition, hot water storage tanks wear out and must inevitably be replaced. But tankless systems are made from off-the-shelf components that are easily replaceable – so you may never be forced to throw out the whole tankless water heating system to buy a new one.

Installing and Maintaining Your Tankless Water Heater

Installing your water heater properly and maintaining it for peak operation and maximum efficiency are additional responsibilities where Wooten Plumbing excels.

Wooten Plumbing knows the local building codes, the impact of our climate on plumbing systems in the greater Tulsa area, and the safety issues you need to consider when switching to tankless water heating.

That’s why they are more than willing to provide cost estimates in writing, provide as many local references as you wish, and take charge of all the details involved in your installation, up to and including obtaining local government permits as necessary.

Wooten Plumbing also knows how and when to maintain your new tankless water heating systems, at surprisingly low costs, to significantly extend their operating life and maintain them at maximum operating efficiency.

Choosing Your Tankless Water Heater

As with conventional hot water storage systems, tankless systems are available in a confusing range of brands, styles, capacities, and prices. Thankfully, Wooten Plumbing can help you choose the system(s) that are right for you on the basis of the size you need, the energy source you prefer, the efficiency and reliability you want, and the cost you can afford.

For more information, an estimate, or a free evaluation, feel free to contact us.

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