Toodle Gives Hotels Ability to Offer Popular E-Scooter and New E-Trike Amenity Right at Their Doorstep

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Toodle E-Scooter Sharing for Hotels

Toodle electric sharing scooter and trike

Toodle offers a wide range of electric vehicles for sharing including electric scooters and trikes.

Toodle Trike 3-wheeled electric sharing scooter

Toodle Trike 3-wheeled electric sharing scooter

Toodle® is a super-simple, turn-key, e-scooter sharing solution made just for hotels and perfect for their guests.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2020 / — Travelers, now skipping the rental car desk, often roll up to their hotel in a rideshare, planning to further get around by any combination of transit options available at the tap of an app. Traditionally, resorts and hotels would offer their guests bikes as a recreational amenity at best. However, guests are increasingly looking more at mobility amenities as an essential part of their travel experience. Beyond shuttling visitors into Ubers and Lyfts and with the backdrop of the evolving shared mobility landscape, the hospitality industry is now pushed to reevaluate transportation services for their guests to realign with their expectations.

The rise of scooter sharing

In cities worldwide, one firmly popular solution that has emerged is the use of smart, light electric vehicles, such as e-scooters for both short utilitarian trips and recreation. A simple, elegant alternative to rideshare and adopted more enthusiastically than bike share for the pedal averse, smart electric scooters are becoming a familiar ingredient in the mobility mix.

Generally, this mobility format is being offered exclusively on the municipal level by operators like Lime or Bird. For hotels that are located in municipalities with citywide electric scooter sharing providers, there is no guarantee that the service will be convenient, affordable or reliably available for their guests. And for locations without this local service, guests and hotels alike are missing out on a practical and popular way to move around.

A totally Toodle solution

For properties looking to offer this service directly to their guests, Toodle is designed as a completely turn-key solution. Toodle has bundled everything needed to effortlessly roll out an e-scooter program including branded smart vehicles, software and connectivity, helmets, optional insurance and much more. Toodle allows hotels to completely customize the program and choose to offer the service as a free amenity to their guests or use it as an additional revenue opportunity. And unlike municipal or free floating programs, guests would return the vehicles back to the hotel when done — keeping the program organized and convenient.

Smart rides and introducing the Toodle Trike

Toodle works with properties to get them custom branded, cloud connected, smart vehicles delivered ready to ride. Guests will have access to the electric vehicles equipped with the latest tech and secondary locks for taking breaks during their ride away from the property.

Toodle is also introducing the Toodle Trike — a unique, robust 3-wheeled electric vehicle, perfect for exploring and for those more comfortable seated while riding.

Toodle offers fleets to be mixed with a variety of vehicles for those looking to offer both 2-wheeled electric scooters as well as the Toodle Trike and even traditional bicycles.

In advance of shipment, Toodle brands the vehicles for the hotel with their colors and logo so that they become a whizzing billboard for the property communicating their commitment to innovative and green solutions for their guests.

Sharing with BLOOM

Toodle is custom built on the BLOOM Sharing Platform — a complete smart mobility sharing platform for sharing bikes, scooters, electric vehicles and more. BLOOM works globally with companies like Toodle to launch innovative sharing initiatives including electric scooter sharing, bike sharing, moped sharing and car sharing. Toodle is a white label scooter sharing application built on the BLOOM enterprise program.

“Projects like Toodle really demonstrate the flexibility of the BLOOM platform,” according to Avery Pack of BLOOM Sharing Technology. “Using the latest innovations in electric vehicle sharing and building a unique service and solution tailored specifically for their market, Toodle shows the vast potential and applications of custom micromobility solutions.”

About Toodle

Toodle is a totally turn-key solution offering everything hotels need to launch their own electric vehicle sharing program as they see fit. Toodle programs are currently available in the USA. Ready to launch Toodle at your property? Get in touch at

About BLOOM Sharing Technology

Designed as an open sharing ecosystem, the BLOOM platform makes it possible for the seed of an idea to grow into a robust shared mobility network. BLOOM is a customizable solution for launching and growing sharing programs for a broad range of applications. In addition to white label mobile apps, IoT hardware, and management tools, BLOOM has partnered with a growing list of equipment providers to offer complete packages including sharing bicycles and electric kickscooters and electric trikes.

The platform also hosts enterprise programs like Toodle that BLOOM clients have been using globally to implement completely customized sharing programs. BLOOM clients operate corporate bike shares, electric scooter shares, dockless municipal e-scooter sharing as well as private sharing amenities around the world. To learn more about the BLOOM platform, please visit

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