KRRI to Deploy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train, Powered by Horizon

Hydrogen Powered Trains Coming to Korea

Korean Trains Soon to be Powered by Hydrogen

High Power PEM Fuel Cell from Horizon

Horizon VL Series PEM Fuel Cell Powertrain

KRRI will unveil their next-generation hydrogen powered electric trains using the latest Horizon PEM Fuel Cell systems

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 23, 2020 / — The Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) will use 400kW PEM Fuel Cell powertrain from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (Horizon) to launch a prototype hydrogen train in 2020. The technology is being evaluated for full commercialization in the world-class South Korean train network.

KRRI chose Horizon as the provider of the high-power fuel cell system after testing some of the smaller Horizon fuel cell systems for almost five years. The Horizon team in South Korea have worked closed with KRRI to lay the groundwork for this technology validation utilizing state of the art liquid-cooled fuel cells from Horizon.

KRRI are recognized as proponents of leading-edge technologies for railway operations, and over 30 years ago, localized Alstom high-speed train technology in the form of the “KTX” (Korea Train eXpress), operated by Korail in South Korea. KRRI plan to put the fuel cell train through 3-4 years of extensive testing at their test facility Osong, Chungbuk, South Korea, in order to thoroughly validate the potential for hydrogen propulsion in the national rail system.

Horizon sees South Korea as a strategic market for both hydrogen fuel applications and technology partnerships relating to balance of plant equipment and fuel cell system components likely to play a crucial role in ensuring viability of fuel cell powered vehicles, trains and port equipment in the coming years. Horizon management see great potential working with South Korean companies in the areas of Catalyst Preparation, Compressors and Humidifiers in particular.

In recent years, Horizon has validated the highest power-density fuel cells in the world in a range of commercial vehicle platforms, with hydrogen possessing great potential in decarbonizing high utilization heavy vehicles. Horizon has also started working on trains and port equipment to further broaden the base of applications in which hydrogen displaces diesel engines.

Horizon has been actively involved in hydrogen projects in South Korea for over ten years, and has delivered solutions ranging from classroom based education to stationary power systems and research projects, with various partners. South Korea represents a market of great potential, and Horizon expects to open manufacturing facilities in the country as demand for their high power fuel cells increases.

About KRRI:
The Korea Railroad Research Institute aims to advance the fields of railroad, public transport and logistics operations through research and development in related fields, ultimately delivering public benefit and improving quality of life for all. KRRI is particularly focused on improving the safety and environmental performance of railroad activities in South Korea, and to that end sponsors programmes to validate and promote new technologies that facilitate this aim.

About Horizon:
Horizon is a fuel cell pioneer and global leader in fuel cell commercialization, having been engaged in fuel cell R&D since 2003. Horizon supplies a full range of fuel cell systems, from low power air-cooled fuel cells through to high power automotive systems, and containerized MW-scale fuel cell power plants. Horizon has deep IP in all core technologies of PEM fuel cells, from catalyst, membrane electrode, bipolar plates and stacks, to system control. Horizon is focused on decarbonizing the operation of commercial vehicles, trains and port equipment.

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Source: EIN Presswire