Celebrity Adrianne White Takes a Stand against Plastic Pollution

Adrianne White

Adrianne White

Adrianne White is a coveted model and actress with a budding music career. She is using her platform to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

LOS ANGELES, USA, March 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Adrianne White is no stranger to the flashing lights and the big screen. With many commendable accomplishments to her name, the model and actress never shies back when it comes to supporting worthy causes. Throughout her career as a public figure, advocacy has been a priority and she has worked with many organizations to help make a difference. She is now raising her voice against plastic pollution and wants to use her platform to engage a large demographic of people in this worthy cause.

“So many people in this world dispose single-use plastic so casually, without knowing about any of the harm it is doing to our oceans. With every single passing year, more than eight million metric tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans and if expert research is to be believed, the amount will be doubled to 16 million metric tons per year in 2025. Things can’t go at this pace or the future of this planet we call home will be jeopardized,” stated Adrianne in an official press statement regarding the matter.

In the past, Adrianne has worked with many notable welfare and charity organizations in order to put her time, energy and influence where it is needed the most. Having worked with the National Resource Defense Council in the past, she has also worked internationally with the same mission to spread awareness and compassion for the planet.
Adrianne White further added to her statement “The least I can do is raise awareness, spread the alarming statistics and urge people to change their lifestyle to better suit the needs of our planet. The very first step we can all take is to start avoiding single-use plastic and look for products with more sustainable packaging.”

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