Waste Kings Junk Removal Now Accepting Concrete Removal Projects in Austin

An trusted service provider in junk removal in Austin has expanded its services.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, US, May 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives with Austin-based Waste Kings Junk Removal announced today that it is now providing concrete removal services in the city.

"We are very excited to provide concrete removal services in Austin," said Chris Aversa, spokesman for Waste Kings Junk Removal, one of Texas' most trusted providers. “We are your local concrete demolition and removal service contractor for concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete stairs, concrete slabs, and everything in between.”

Aversa highlighted, “Our specialists have the knowledge, resources, and tools to meet your needs. We do concrete! Concept to completion, ensuring quality & efficiency.”

"Waste Kings Junk Removal has become known in Austin, Texas, for its safe and effective waste removal services, and we are now offering the same level of service as a concrete removal company," explained Aversa.

Aversa went on to add, "Waste Kings Junk Removal is dedicated to offering the exceptional level of service and competitive pricing for concrete removal as all our other services that you already know and love."

Waste Kings Junk Removal also provides all-days-a-week waste pickup service to Austin residents

"We offer junk removal in Austin that is quick, convenient, and affordable. If you need junk removal in Austin, TX, wait no more. The city only takes bulk trash twice a year! We'll haul away almost any material we can fit in our trucks, without you having to do a thing, every single day of the week!" highlighted Aversa. "We offer full-service junk removal in Austin, TX, for commercial and residential properties."

Aversa explained that the process to take advantage of our pickup service takes less than 60 seconds: just visit our website, provide your name, phone number, a general description of what you need, click the Take My Junk button, and you're all set.

Pricing is based on volume and type of material.

Finding the right waste removal provider for your home or business, according to Aversa, can be the difference between a good or bad experience. Waste Kings Junk Removal is a full-service junk removal company in Austin and a leading provider of waste removal services in Texas.

For more details, please visit https://www.kingsofwaste.com/blog and https://www.kingsofwaste.com/what-we-do.html


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We are a full-service junk removal company. We come in and conveniently haul away items, from any location that you no longer need, like renovation materials, construction debris, old sofas, mattresses, etc.

We do our best to take the stress out of de-cluttering your home. We will even remove waste as it sits in your home.

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