GoGo Quinoa's Puffs Accumulate Awards with This Week’s Grand Prix Finalist Nomination

GoGo Quinoa’s puffs are nominated as a finalist for the Canadian Grand Prix awards

GoGo Quinoa Fauxmage Puffs

Latest award added to growing number of recognitions for GoGo Quinoa's puffs

We are proud to offer Canadian products that people will have fun eating, and can rest assured by its healthy profile and allergen-free certifications”

— Martin Bilodeau

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — GoGo Quinoa, specialists of plant-based products, launched Canada’s first locally produced savoury organic puff snacks In October 2019, to much excitement.

After having won the 2019 CTAQ “Most Innovative Product” award, as well as the 2020 Pigeon “World’s Best Packaging” dieline award, GoGo Quinoa’s puffs have yet again distinguished itself as a finalist for another accolade, this time for the 2020 Canadian Grand Prix in the category of “Consumer Packaged Good”. The launch of GoGo Quinoa’s newest product line in October came after over a year of research and development to create a snack that would appeal to the widest taste preferences, and be safe for people struggling with food intolerances and allergies. The product went through numerous testing phases, as well as consumer blind tasting. GoGo Quinoa’s puffs are not only delicious, but can be freely enjoyed in schools without putting allergy-prone children at risk.

Unlike many other snack brands, GoGo Quinoa’s puffs are oven-baked, making them significantly lower in fat and calories, yet high in protein (6 grams per serving), and fibre (3 grams per serving). Made from organic ingredients that are easily recognisable to the health-conscious consumer. As a healthy savoury snack, GoGo Quinoa’s puffs come in three popular flavours: Fauxmage White Cheddar, Sriracha, and Pink Salt and Vinegar. All bags are available in a 113g format, with the Fauxmage White Cheddar flavour also coming in a convenient 50g format.

As a proudly Canadian company based in Laval, GoGo Quinoa was distinguished as a part of the Panier Bleu initiative, supporting local businesses in Quebec. “We are proud to offer Canadian products that people will have fun eating, and can rest assured by its healthy profile and allergen-free certifications”, said Martin Bilodeau, founding president of GoGo Quinoa.

GoGo Puffs are available in Canada in more than 6,000 supermarkets and health food stores. GoGo Quinoa invites the food press and food bloggers to get samples. To request your sample today please send an email to marketing@gogoquinoa.com.

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