Greenitize Disinfecting Solution Intensifies Coronavirus Protection for Central Florida Businesses


Greenitize Disinfecting Solution Intensifies Coronavirus Protection for Central Florida Businesses

Greenitize, an up and coming company that provides environmentally-friendly disinfection services, now offers microbial protection through their EPA registered proprietary solution with the corresponding application. Their mainline product contains hypochlorous acid described as non-toxic, and effective as reviewed and analyzed by medical experts.

Hypochlorous acid has been hailed as one of the most ideal disinfectants and sanitizers that show insignificant toxic effects on human skin. The in-house product testing showed 99.99% ability to eliminate pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses within a 10-minute contact time. This has been supported by researches that highlight the superior biocidal potency of hypochlorous acid especially if used as a disinfectant for surfaces.

Furthermore, the product has been included in the EPA’s N-List for Disinfectants for Use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It satisfies the criteria of the List N specifically showing:

1) The ability of the product to demonstrate effective virucidal potency against coronavirus;
2) The ability of the product to eliminate other viruses that are more virulent and harder to kill than coronavirus; and
3) The ability to eliminate another type of human coronavirus comparable to coronavirus.

One of the main objectives of the company is not only to supply disinfectant products but provide services as well that are delivered by well-trained professionals to ensure appropriate techniques in securing safe and effective disinfection.

In a statement given by Greentize founder, Sam Jauhari, he highlighted how their trained professionals are using ground-breaking methods to deliver realistic disinfecting services. In fact, one of the relatively new methods they utilize is the electrostatic spraying that guarantees more coverage as it dispels mist onto surfaces and objects.

The company’s name Greenitize is a portmanteau of Green and Sanitize and is known for its GREEN disinfection services wherein they make use of chemically organic products for large-scale disinfection in clinics, offices, gyms, schools, warehouse, etc.

As the COVID-19 cases in Florida continue to rise, the disinfection specialists at Greenitize recognize the demand for safer cleaning and disinfection alternatives that hold and/or exceed the same level of effectiveness as those of commonly used solutions most notably bleach and other related products.
The Greenitize disinfection solution and technique is deemed to be a critical measure in preventing coronavirus transmission specifically if combined with other protective courses of actions.

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Source: EIN Presswire