As a Farmer and Farm-to-Table Advocate, Steve Buchanan Omaha Gives Insight to Support Farmers in This Movement

Steve Buchanan from Omaha, Nebraska, a farmer and farm-to-table advocate, gives insight to support farmers in this movement

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2020 / — Farming in the United States is typically an overlooked and under-appreciated career. Many people do not realize the importance of our farmers in bringing food to our tables and restaurants. When you can simply walk into a grocery store or supermarket instead of having to grow and gather your own produce or butcher meat, this important part of how these groceries became available is easily forgotten about.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Steve Buchanan Omaha has spent most of his life outside on his family farm. As a farmer, Steve Buchanan Omaha knows the importance of caring for his animals and tending to his crops every day, rain or shine. This is also a huge reason why Steve Buchanan Omaha is an advocate for the growing farm to table movement, which supports local farmers in your area and all that they do to provide quality and delicious food.

Why Farm to Table?

Farm to table is very important when considering sustainability, as well as supporting your local community. With more local and organic food from farmers in your area, you will not only have a more healthy diet, but you will also help boost your local economy, which is a win-win for everyone involved.
As a local farmer and health nut, Steve Buchanan Omaha always makes sure that what he is growing and tending to on his farm to serve other people is top quality produce, meat, and dairy that he would provide to his family as well.
Farm to table ultimately helps the environment, your health, and your local community. That is why Steve Buchanan Omaha is so passionate about this movement.

Supporting Farmers & the Farm to Table Movement

As Steve Buchanan Omaha says, "Farmers do what they do to not only provide for their own family but for their community, too. By supporting your local farmers, you are giving them job security, letting your area's local crops provide what you need in your diet, and most likely getting healthier food rather than the over-processed produce coming from farms further away, while helping sustainability and our environment in the long run."

As a true health nut, Steve Buchanan Omaha provides local restaurants with fresh, healthy food from his farm on a regular basis. His goal is to provide more families with fresh produce and healthy meals.

Steve Buchanan Omaha notes that supporting your local farmers and the farm to table movement is more simple than you'd think. By purchasing fresh produce from your local farmer's market on a regular basis, rather than buying in bulk at the grocery store, as well as choosing restaurants that use local ingredients in their dishes, you can easily make a difference in your life, your local farmers' lives, and in your community.

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