Power Resource Group Announces the Creation of SAEF

Power Resource Group

Sustainable Asset Energy Fund Will Deploy Capital to New Renewable Energy Projects

FARMVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A group that includes principals of PRG has established the Sustainable Asset Equity Fund, “SAEF,” a Fund created to deploy capital into renewable energy projects with long term utility off-take and low overhead and transaction costs.

Having successfully completed a biomass power plant in Farmville, NC in 2019, a group associated with the Power Resource Group – a successful energy project developer- saw the opportunity to replicate the model with similar renewable energy plants in the region. The Farmville plant, or the “Farmville One Project,” will provide the blueprint for at least the next two projects currently in the works to be funded by bank debt levered by capital raised by SAEF.

SAEF was created to provide an investment opportunity that provides superior returns by avoiding costly and complex layers of expense that come with project acquisition, overhead and excessive transaction costs. SAEF has been structured as to allow capital to be safely and profitably deployed into renewable energy projects with long-term revenue contracts, robust performance guarantees from vendors and other security too often missing in biomass energy projects.

SAEF is a Reg D offering, meaning that only accredited investors as defined by the SEC are allowed to invest in the Fund. Investors in SAEF will enjoy returns that will benefit from the low costs associated with upcoming projects as a result of the groundwork laid by PRG leading up to the Farmville One Project. Also contributing to the strength of investor returns are the current legal requirements of utilities to purchase certain amounts of energy from renewable sources. In order to meet these requirements, utilities purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from resources such as the Farmville One Project. These 15-year contracts lend stability to SAEF investments and projects.

SAEF represents the best of doing well by doing good. SAEF funds will be deployed into PRG-developed projects which provide excellent, safe returns, but also create multi-layered economic development (typically 20 jobs plus 20 more ancillary jobs at each site, almost always located in rural tracts), divert tons of pollution from land application and waterways each day, and meet the highest standards of clean air and water use.

The minimum SAEF investment is $200,000 and the fund is a long-term investment, with a close of between 7 and 10 years. SAEF is taking all possible precaution to not share fund information with non-accredited investors and thus further information about the offering is available after services which require self-certification as a first step, at https://www.crowdfunder.com/sustainable-asset-equity-fund/invest and https://www.equitynet.com/c/sustainable-asset-equity-fund.

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