Family-Friendly Beach Cleanup Promotes That Caring for the Environment Can Improve Your State of Mind

A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay spends an invigorating afternoon at a cleanup of Clearwater Beach that was fun for the entire family.

A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay spends an invigorating afternoon at a cleanup of Clearwater Beach that was fun for the entire family.

It was a glorious day for an afternoon cleanup.

It was a glorious day for an afternoon cleanup.

 The cleanup was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

The cleanup was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay suggests an activity that is family-oriented, fun, and enhances the environment and community.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, families are often hard pressed to find activities that are safe, extroverting, and fun for everyone.
A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay proved that a neighborhood cleanup can fit all these requirements.

Keeping in pandemic protocols by wearing masks and gloves, the volunteers met at The Way to Happiness Tampa Bay Foundation at 33 North Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater, Florida, and headed for Clearwater Beach carrying “grabbers” and garbage bags.

By the end of the afternoon, they collected and carried off 12 pounds of trash (including an estimated 100 cigarette butts) and headed for home invigorated, energized and happy. Not only was the afternoon fun for everyone, they also felt great about accomplishing something that helps the community and the environment.

“Nice to see the beach being cleaned up!” was one of the comments on their Facebook page. “[The Foundation] always does an outstanding job getting involved with so many causes helping the community greatly,” commented another.

The Way to Happiness is a common-sense guide to better living by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The book contains 21 precepts—principles or rules of conduct one can adopt and urge others to follow to help them survive and lead happier lives.

Environmental cleanups are one of the many activities those who live by The Way to Happiness take part in.

In the precept “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment,” Mr. Hubbard wrote, “The idea that one has a share in the planet and that one can and should help care for it may seem very large and, to some, quite beyond reality. But today what happens on the other side of the world, even so far away, can effect what happens in your own home.”

“Care of the planet begins in one’s own front yard. It extends through the area one travels to get to school or work. It covers such places as where one picnics or goes on vacation. The litter which messes up the terrain and water supply, the dead brush which invites fire, these are things one need not contribute to and which, in otherwise idle moments, one can do something about.”

A free online course covering each of the 21 precepts is available through The Way to Happiness website, which includes the text of the book, the feature-length The Way to Happiness book-on-film and 21 public service announcements illustrating each of the book’s precepts.

“This booklet is priceless!” was a recent comment of a visitor to the Facebook of The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay. “Reading it gave me hope; seeing it on DVD gave me tears of joy; being able to download it and have it available everywhere makes me jump [for joy] because I know from experience that the data in there give a person the right tool to come out of anything. All you need to do is to decide to apply those principles.”

The Foundation's Tampa Bay headquarters was dedicated in 2015 by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige as part of an initiative to bring the full breadth of Church-sponsored humanitarian campaigns and social betterment programs to Clearwater, the city that hosts the spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

Media Relations
Church of Scientology International
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IRENA/MI Renewable Methanol Webinar to be Held on 27 January

The webinar will feature the release of the joint IRENA-MI report "Innovation Outlook: Renewable Methanol"

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Please register now for an exciting webinar on "Renewable Methanol — An enabler for carbon neutrality in the chemical and liquid fuel sectors" which will be held on 27 January at 12:00-13:00 CET (06:00-07:00 EST). During the webinar the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Methanol Institute (MI) will release our joint report "Innovation Outlook: Renewable Methanol."

This comprehensive report discusses market status and outlook of renewable methanol for the main applications such as feedstock for petrochemicals and transport sectors such as shipping, car and truck fuel. It also elaborates on what policy actions are needed to facilitate an uptake of renewable-methanol in the next decade.

Methanol is a key product in the chemical industry used as feedstock for other chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetic acid and plastics, which are used in producing many of the goods that we use in our daily lives. Methanol can also be used as a fuel, but today, it is mostly produced from fossil fuels. A transition to renewable methanol – derived from biomass or synthesised from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) – could expand methanol’s use as a low-carbon feedstock or fuel and move industrial and transport sectors toward net carbon neutral goals.

Close to 100 million tons of methanol are currently produced every year, from which just 0.2 million tons are renewable methanol. However, encouraging developments are emerging, with more renewable-methanol commercial facilities and demonstration projects around the globe coming into operation. Those focus mainly on using waste and by-product streams from other industrial processes, which offer the best economics at present. Furthermore, the ongoing efforts observed around green hydrogen deployment could help with the early scale-up of electrolysers for hydrogen production, CO2 capture processes and other technologies for later large-scale renewable methanol deployment.

Please click HERE to join us on 27 January for this no-cost exciting and informative event.

Gregory Dolan
Methanol Institute
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Mantle314 spins off low-carbon construction consultancy as Mantle Developments

Mantle Developments helps companies develop clear and actionable strategies for developers and turn their projects into resilient, low-carbon models.

There is an opportunity to reduce embodied carbon in construction material extraction, manufacturing, delivery, and construction methods and shift the market towards materials which store carbon.”

— Ryan Zizzo

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 21, 2021 / — Mantle314 today announced that its climate-smart construction division will now operate as a stand-alone company known as Mantle Developments. Ryan Zizzo who was the Co-Founder and COO of Mantle314 will lead the new firm as CEO. A civil engineer trained in structural design and environmental engineering, Ryan is one of North America’s leading experts on low-carbon construction. He has been focusing on sustainable construction for the past 12 years across North America and Europe. Mantle314 will continue to focus on corporate climate disclosure and reporting, climate strategy for identifying risks and opportunities as well as policy solutions, education, and training.

Climate change is impacting the construction industry. Future developments must increasingly be low- or zero-carbon and resilient to future climate conditions. Low carbon construction is moving beyond energy efficiency to include construction materials embodied carbon management (quantify, reduce, offset/remove, and disclose), and in some regions, regulation. Mantle Developments helps companies in these areas, developing clear and actionable strategies for development owners and project team members to tackle embodied carbon and turn their projects into resilient, low-carbon models for the future.

“The building sector accounts for over one-third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally, with 11% of emissions coming from the manufacture and transport of construction materials,” said Ryan Zizzo, Founder and CEO, Mantle Developments. “There is a significant opportunity to not only reduce GHG emissions through reducing embodied carbon in construction material extraction, manufacturing, delivery, and construction methods but to shift the market towards materials which actually store carbon. This can move the construction industry from being a massive source of carbon emissions to becoming one or society’s primary ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.”

“Mantle314 and Mantle Developments will cross-pollinate and look for opportunities to drive new business to each other,” said Laura Zizzo, Co-founder and CEO, Mantle314. “We will continue to collaborate as an interdisciplinary network that brings deep and wide climate knowledge to our clients.”


Mantle Developments advises developers, design teams, policymakers, construction teams, and material suppliers to minimize their climate risk by quantifying and reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects and providing climate resilience strategies. We also source high-quality carbon offsets and/or removals for any residual carbon, and develop decarbonization and disclosure strategies for developers and project team members. Mantle Developments also helps construction projects obtain climate-related certifications and meet mandatory regulatory requirements, including LEED certification, Zero Carbon Building standard, the Global ESG Benchmarks for Real Assets (GRESB), the Toronto Green Standard, Vancouver’s Green Building Policy for Rezoning, various Climate Lenses, and more. We help clients develop and update construction-related codes, standards, and policies with current climate considerations.


Founded in 2015, Mantle314 advises companies on climate-related risks and opportunities as well as low-carbon, resilient infrastructure and buildings. Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, business consultants and engineers bridge the gap between global climate best practices and decision-useful business strategies, informed by a broad range of perspectives and experience. We regularly draw upon our extensive network of leaders and practitioners; allowing our nimble, client-focused team to benefit from a wide breadth of valuable resources. Mantle314 helps private and public sector clients thrive in a low-carbon, climate-disrupted world by integrating climate change considerations into policies, projects, planning and portfolios. We have helped develop strategies for leading companies and global institutions in finance, insurance, property management, electricity, transportation and public sectors, among others. Our unique knowledge of international best practices helps clients stay ahead of the curve and lead where the rest of the market will soon follow.

Graeme Harris
Strategic Profile Management
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Techbuyer Publishes Server Refresh Research in the IEEE

IEEE image with logo

Techbuyer Publishes Server Refresh Research in the IEEE

Techbuyer's research has resulted in a paper published in a world-renowned publication that presents peer-reviewed evidence with never before seen findings.

Being the first to prove refurbished servers can out-perform new generations in performance, energy efficiency and environmental benefits when configured properly is an incredibly proud moment.”

— Kevin Towers


Techbuyer published its first academic research paper in the IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing this month. The paper, which outlines the opportunity for energy, material and cost savings with the use of refurbished servers, was peer reviewed by some of the foremost academics in the field.

The IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing (TSUSC) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing high quality papers that explore the different aspects of sustainable computing, over a wide range of problem domains and technologies from IT software and hardware designs to applications. Sustainability includes energy efficiency, natural resources preservation, and use of multiple energy sources as needed in computing devices and infrastructure.

“Being the first to prove that refurbished servers can out-perform new generations in terms of performance, energy efficiency and environmental benefits when configured properly is an incredibly proud moment for Techbuyer,” says Kevin Towers, Techbuyer CEO. “The IEEE paper, which has been published as a result of a 2-year research partnership between Techbuyer and the University of East London, presents peer-reviewed evidence with never before seen findings. We are very excited to share these findings with stakeholders around the world.”

“This ground-breaking research has subsequently lead to Techbuyer launching its new business, Interact. Interact’s first software tool gives stakeholders recommendations to optimize their data center hardware. These recommendations can have significant results in terms of carbon footprint reduction and cost savings.”

The paper is co-authored by Rabih Bashroush, a renowned IEEE member academic, Nour Rteil KTP Associate at Techbuyer, Rich Kenny and Astrid Wynne, Sustainability Lead at Techbuyer who works on a variety of international Circular Economy research projects. It outlines the case for diminishing returns on new generations of IT hardware in terms of energy efficiency. Since servers account for a significant amount of the overall energy consumption of a data center, they represent a major opportunity for reducing environmental impact both during operations and in the pre-use phase.

“We have spent thousands of hours studying and analyzing the energy efficiency of different servers, so it feels incredibly rewarding to have our results accepted by IEEE and shared among research bodies,” says Nour Rteil, KTP Associate of the University of East London and Techbuyer partnership.

Incorporating data on CPU trends and the slowdown of Moore’s law, the paper uses case studies to compare the effectiveness of new and refurbished IT hardware. It also analyses the energy use of new and refurbished servers of various configurations. Finally, it contains cost analysis on the expected return on investment when replacing one generation of server with another, providing the first verified evidence that the latest is not always the greatest when it comes to server refresh.

Techbuyer is a global provider of sustainable IT solutions. Specializing in both new and quality refurbished IT hardware, Techbuyer has maximized the IT budgets of thousands of organizations worldwide by buying, refurbishing, upgrading or replacing devices.

Interact is Techbuyer Group’s new business which was born of a marriage between the University of East London and Techbuyer. The two organizations carried out a two year research project to develop the tool, which offers scientifically proven advice on the best IT hardware to optimise energy and cost during refresh. Academic leadership was provided by Dr. Rabih Bashroush, a world expert on energy usage in the digital sector, and findings of the initial research are available in a public access IEEE paper.

Find out how Interact could minimize your data center’s energy usage, maximize your IT budget and reduce your carbon footprint at or message the team at

Katie Doyle
Techbuyer Ltd
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Maryland Vegan Eats Continues Its Fight For Restaurants During Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week's Winter Edition

MD Vegan Restaurant Week Poster

MD Vegan Restaurant Week Poster

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables

MD Vegan Eats Logo

MD Vegan Eats Logo

Maryland Vegan Eats celebrates its eighth semi-annual campaign by expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week for the month of February.

It allows restaurants to flex a muscle they aren't always utilizing and expand their demographic to an underserved community. And please don't let it be another freaking salad!”

— Samantha Claassen & Naijha Wright-Brown

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Maryland Vegan Eats is expanding Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week for the month of February, from 2/5 – 2/28, as an opportunity for patrons all over Delmarva to visit new and past participating restaurants. As more people seek out and inquire about plant-based options on restaurant menus, customer demand continues to increase while at the same time motivating eateries that may not have otherwise been considered veg-friendly now looking for ways to introduce new plant-based offerings. As the public looks forward to Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, the organizers, Samantha Claassen of Golden West Café and Naijha Wright-Brown of The Land of Kush, anticipate patrons getting excited to see the new vegan menu items

Nothing brings people together quite like good vegan and plant-based food. Again, Maryland Vegan Eats is looking to entice residents within the state and visitors from the surrounding state borders to patronize participating establishments through carry-out, curbside, delivery (if within the service area), or dine-in (if permitted). Unlike a traditional restaurant week that provides a prix fixe menu, participating restaurants are encouraged to create a selection of plant-based items to be offered throughout the vegan weeks – with the understanding that inclusivity also means affordability.

Samantha Claassen stated, “It allows restaurants to flex a muscle they aren't always utilizing and expand their demographic to an underserved community.”

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week allows for restaurants to be more creative with their cuisines using plant-based and vegan ingredients while at the same time expanding their reach into new markets. Part of the success of Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week is the liberty that vegan, plant-based, and even veg-curious patrons have in choosing these options over meat-centric dishes because of increased availability at more restaurant locations.

Naijha Wright-Brown expressed, “And, please don’t let it be another freaking salad!”

During Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, no longer do customers have to ask for a meal catered to their dietary restrictions which can leave some feeling embarrassed and awkward. Customers do not need to act shy or feel disappointed by salad or French fries being the only vegan options on the menu. Chefs are given the opportunity to show off their true culinary skills by creating plant-based food art with the hope that people will vote for their dish as the best. Restaurants wishing to sign up for this month-long challenge can go to for more information.

The list of current participating restaurants and eateries include:
Golden West Cafe, The Land of Kush, Gangster Vegan, Harmony Bakery, PLNT Burger (Columbia & Silver Spring), Treehouse Café and Juice Bar, MEZ, Tom Cat’s Kitchen, Charm School Chocolate, REVIVE, Foraged Eatery, Johnny Rad’s, Great Sage, Roland Park Bagels, Cloudy Donuts, Snake Hill, and STEM Farm + Kitchen.

Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week is sponsored by the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland, Womxn Funders in Animal Rights, A Well-Fed World, VegFund, Eat The Change, Mercy for Animals, Fleet Street Write-Up, Blue Fork Marketing, and Midday Maryland.

Maryland Vegan Eats is the brainchild of the Land of Kush and the Golden West Cafe. The mission of Vegan Restaurant Week is to bridge the gap by increasing the awareness, benefits, and accessibility of a plant-based diet through a fun, innovative, and community-based experience. Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week became an instant hit when more than 30 local Baltimore restaurants joined for the inaugural event in August of 2017.

At Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week, everyone is welcome at the table. Join in.

Visit for links to menus, locations, and more info.

Naijha Wright-Brown
Maryland Vegan Eats
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A Vegan Restaurant Week in Baltimore, Maryland? (Feb 2020)

Source: EIN Presswire Editor Ron Kotrba Partners with National Biodiesel Board on Commemorative Book

Kotrba Editor Biobased Diesel Daily


Biobased Diesel Daily logo biodiesel renewable diesel SAF


In partnership with NBB, Kotrba is documenting the stories of early figures who helped shape the multibillion-gallon U.S. biodiesel industry

The work committed up front, from the R&D, vehicle testing and fuel specifications to the boots-on-the-ground state and federal policy efforts, laid the foundation for the industry today.”

— Ron Kotrba, Editor, Biobased Diesel Daily

WARREN, MN, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Ron Kotrba, editor and publisher of Biobased Diesel Daily, is partnering with the National Biodiesel Board to write a book celebrating the organization’s 30th anniversary in 2022. To commemorate NBB’s 1992 founding, the organization plans to document stories of individuals and associations instrumental in its development and growth. A coffee table-style book will unfold the story behind the industry’s greatest successes and share narratives of industry influencers.

A small investment in “soy diesel” research by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council in 1991 is widely viewed as the foundational roots for the U.S. biodiesel industry. Today, the U.S. biodiesel industry employs tens of thousands of people, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves air quality, adds to U.S. energy security and independence, provides significant value to farmers, and lowers the cost of animal feed for livestock producers.

“We wouldn’t be on the trajectory for six billion gallons by 2030 if it weren’t for the blood, sweat, and tears put in over the years from our founders,” said NBB CEO Donnell Rehagen. “The stories will help bring to life how a novel idea grew into a carbon-reducing solution for our country. Biodiesel is making a difference now because of what has been accomplished over the last 30 years.”

Kotrba, the former editor in chief of Biodiesel Magazine and longtime biofuels writer and editor, is documenting those stories through interviews with key individuals in the sector.

“When I began covering the biodiesel industry in early 2005, national production was maybe the total of one or two large biodiesel plants today,” Kotrba said. “The work committed up front, from the R&D, vehicle testing and fuel specifications to the boots-on-the-ground state and federal policy efforts, laid the foundation for what the industry looks like today.”

In August 2020, Kotrba founded RonKo Media Productions LLC, which provides professional writing services and is the publishing company for Biobased Diesel Daily, the next-generation source for news, information and perspective on biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel.

Kotrba’s Biobased Diesel™ suite of products includes Biobased Diesel Weekly, an e-newsletter sent every Tuesday free of charge to subscribers' inboxes, and Biobased Diesel Biannual, a free print magazine. Subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter and print magazine for free by filling out a short form in the website footer at

NBB is the U.S. trade association representing the entire biodiesel and renewable diesel value chain, including producers, feedstock suppliers, and fuel distributors. Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil and animal fats, biodiesel and renewable diesel are better, cleaner fuels that are available now for use in existing diesel engines without modification.

Ron Kotrba
Biobased Diesel Daily
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South Dakota Adds a New Target for EROS Satellite Operations

South Dakota Adds a New Target for EROS Satellite Operations

South Dakota Adds a New Target for EROS Satellite Operations”

— Karol Donimirsky

LENINGRAD, RUSSIA, January 21, 2021 / — Space exploration is growing by the day. According to a recent report, the exploration growth will reach the South Dakota region. According to rising news, the people based in South Dakota will soon be the next beneficiaries of a plan to establish new space launch stations. The country is scheduled to have a space station launchpad that will go down in history as the first since its independence. This new entry gives the federal government capability to position itself as a significant party in space exploration that is planned to come to Sioux Falls, the federal government’s Earth Resources Observation and Science Centre, also known in short form as EROS, near Sioux Falls.

The space team stationed at the EROS has objectives to continue collecting satellite data since its launch of activities in 1972. However, reports show that the facility’s launch was not initially stationed to monitor a satellite’s motions until now. Further speculations relate that the plant has a scheduled renovation plan set in September, which plans to upgrade one of the program’s two existing satellites. Furthermore, NASA intends to deploy the extensive set of a new observational satellite designed by Landsat as a backup of operations for its center based at EROS.

This development means the space launch center will take full responsibility if it encounters a need for significant emergency or repairs at the main operating center based in Maryland. Furthermore, reports show that currently based operations confirm EROS is adequately prepared to assume maintenance duty for the Satellite at the Goddard Space Flight Centre. To cater for the preparation, EROs scheduled occasional training sessions to help them take control of future missions. Brain Sauer, Landsat Research and production manager of EROS, relays that the development is a significant and cool achievement for EROS because it will enable the company to be able to manage its planned satellite launch and help carry out the flight operations for the first time.

South Dakota Adds a New Target for EROS Satellite Operations
New Ventures in Renewable Energy Generation Partnerships
The UK is planning to infuse nuclear propulsion into its space technology

Karol Donimirsky
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Vanderbilt Does it Again: The First VR Experience for Raising Capital

A woman uses Virtual Reality to visit a World Tree farm.

Paulownia trees in Virtual Reality.

Visit a World Tree farm in 360 with Virtual Reality.

QR code that links to video.

Use this QR code to watch!

With World Tree being an actual tangible investment, investors want to visit the farms to see their money in action. This project allows investors to visit a farm without ever leaving their house.”

— Distante, Vanderbilt Financial Group Founder and Chairman

WOODBURY, N.Y., UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — In another first for the financial services industry, Vanderbilt Financial Group has implemented an innovative VR experience through YouTube to assist in the capital raise for World Tree, LLC. Viewers can have an immersive experience in VR or with their phone or tablet, viewing in 360 mode. In less than five minutes, investors can understand the company’s mission.

“The future is here, and financial advisors should be using not some, but all of the technological tools available to them,” said Stephen Distante, Vanderbilt Founder and Chairman. “There is no better tool than film, and no better way to experience film than with VR.”

VR, or Virtual Reality, is a computer-generated immersive experience often using electronic devices such as VR goggles or a smartphone. VR is often used for watching movies or for playing video games, so it may be strange to hear it being used in the finance industry, especially for a capital raise.

In actuality, VR is a perfect instrument for demonstrating the importance of World Tree. World Tree, LLC, based in Mesa, Ariz., is a for-profit, for-good company that unites investors and farmers in creating environmental, social and economic impacts using the Empress (Paulownia) tree. For every acre invested, farmers receive the trees to plant and care for on their land. Those investors are then entitled to a portion of sales from the first harvest.

Vanderbilt Financial Group, who has worked with World Tree's Eco-Tree Program in the past, has launched this VR project as a way to give investors a visceral connection to the work that World Tree does from afar. The trees are farmed in various countries including in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the United States.

“With World Tree being an actual tangible investment, investors want to visit the farms to see their money in action,” Stephen Distante continued. “Of course, that’s not always reasonable due to the locations of the farms, especially with COVID-19 travel restrictions. This VR project allows investors to visit a World Tree farm, and thereby seeing the impact their investment has made, without ever leaving their house.”

You can view one of Vanderbilt’s VR World Tree videos, as well as learn more about the Eco-Tree Program and join our investor waiting list at

About World Tree: World Tree USA, LLC (“World Tree”) is an agroforestry company focused on promoting the environmental and economic benefits of the Empress (Paulownia) tree. Founded in 2015 by Wendy Burton, the World Tree management team includes foresters, agronomists and scientists with extensive experience with agroforestry and, over 30 years of experience working with the Empress (Paulownia) tree. World Tree grows 18 exclusive non-invasive varieties. World Tree is the largest grower of Empress (Paulownia) trees in North America, with 2,000 acres under management across Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA and Mexico.

For more information on World Tree, visit

About Vanderbilt Financial Group: Vanderbilt Financial Group is an investment firm disrupting traditional finance by focusing on socially and environmentally responsible, ethical, and impactful investments. Vanderbilt is known as “The Sustainable Wealth Management Firm” for their commitment to providing Financial Advisors and their clients with access to values-aligned investments. Headquartered in a LEED-certified Platinum building, Vanderbilt’s commitment to changing the world begins at home in our office and within our culture. Vanderbilt’s culture has garnered awards such as being named one of the Long Island Business News Best Places to Work on Long Island for three consecutive years, and the Future50 and Corporate Culture Awards from SmartCEO.
For more information on Vanderbilt Financial Group and the Eco-Tree Program, please visit

Vanderbilt Financial Group is the marketing name for Vanderbilt Securities, LLC and its affiliates.
Securities offered through Vanderbilt Securities, LLC. Member FINRA, SIPC. Registered with MSRB. Clearing agent: Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions
Advisory Services offered through Vanderbilt Advisory Services & Consolidated Portfolio Review. Clearing agents: Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, Charles Schwab & TD Ameritrade
For additional information on services, disclosures, fees, and conflicts of interest, please visit


Kelly Farrington
Vanderbilt Financial Group
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First Energy Metals (CSE: FE) (OTC: ASKDF ) announces entering into option agreement to acquire a lithium exploration property located in Quebec, Canada.

First Energy Metals Ltd (CSE:FE.C)

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 21, 2021 / — reports -First Energy Metals Ltd. (CSE: FE) (OTC: ASKDF ) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an option agreement to acquire a lithium exploration property located in Landrienne & Lacorne-Townships, Quebec, Canada. The property consists of three non-contiguous claim groups representing a total area of 627.35 hectares located approximately 40 kilometres northwest of the town of Val d’Or on map sheet 32C/05. The geology and the mineralization of the Augustus property are similar to the geology and mineralization of Quebec Lithium mine located approximately 6 kilometers to the southeast of the property.

Augustus Lithium Property Highlights
• The Property is a part of the Preissac – Lacorne pegmatite fields where spodumene bearing lithium pegmatites were discovered in 1940s’. It has excellent infrastructure support with road network, railway, electricity, water, and trained manpower available locally.
• Geologically the Preissac-Lacorne area lies within a belt of volcanic and sedimentary rocks intruded to the north by LaMotte batholiths and to the south by the Preissac batholiths and Moly Hill pluton.
• There are several historical and currently active lithium and molybdenum prospects/mines located approximately 3 km to 20 km from the Property. Some of the important prospects/mines are: Mine Quebec Lithium which was formerly owned by RB Energy, Authier Lithium owned by Sayona Mining of Australia, Valor Lithium, Duval Lithium, Lacorne Lithium, International Lithium, Vallee Lithium, and Moly Hill Mine. All these projects / prospects are at various stages of exploration and development, out of which Mine Quebec Lithium is the most advanced project followed by Authier lithium project. Total lithium resources for this region are over 50 million tonnes at 1% lithium oxide out of which Mine Quebec Lithium has 32 MT at 1.19%Li2O Measured plus Indicated (M+I), Authier has 17.18 million tonnes at 1.01% Li2O (M+I) are the most significant.
• There are two prominent lithium prospects prospect (Augustus and Canadian Lithium) and one silver on the property which have been explored intermittently sine 1948. Highlights of the Augustus lithium prospect are discussed below. The Company is in the process of compiling data on the other two prospects and will release as soon as possible.
Augustus Lithium Prospect
• The Augustus pegmatite was explored in 1955 by trenching followed by diamond drilling. The pegmatite is oriented N30°W, extending more than 850 meters along strike with 7.6 meters in average width. Its depth extension is not fully known yet, however previous drilling has intersected high-grade lithium down to 682 feet (207 m). Lithium mineralization is confined to the pegmatite body with an average grade of 1.12% lithium oxide (Li2O) (0.52% Li) across a width of 7.6. meters (Source: Géologie Québec – Results of the query (
• The highlights of the previous drilling results include:1.69% Li2O over 9 feet (2.74m), 1.25% Li2O over 27.5 feet (8.38m), 1.07% Li2O over 20 feet (6.1m), 1.66% Li2O over 12.5 feet (3.8m), and 1.41% Li2O over 27 feet (8.23m) (see Table 1 below) (Source Report GM03952).
• Based on the 1955 drilling results, the continuity of lithium mineralization is established between all drill holes for over 850 meters strike length down to a depth of 207 m (682 feet) of the Augustus pegmatite body (see Table 1 below). If mineralization continuity can be proven by future drilling down to over 200 meters level as shown in historical drill hole results, a potential resource target of 4 million tonnes at 1% Li2O can be achieved.
Cautionary Statement: Investors are cautioned that the potential quantity and grade mentioned above is conceptual in nature, there has been insufficient exploration to define a mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the target being delineated as a mineral resource. The potential target is based upon historical drilling results taken from report GM03952 (April 27, 1956) and other sources from MRNF Quebec.

Canadian Lithium Prospect
• The Canadian lithium prospect is a worked deposit located in Range 1 lot 25-26 in the Landrienne Township at G.P.S 284861 E – 5368288 N. The main outcrop was discovered in 1948 near the boundary line separating the Landrienne and Lacorne Townships. A group of parallel pegmatite dykes associated with Lacorne Batholith contains aggregates of spodumene, lepidolite, quartz and feldspar accompanied by traces of beryl, clevelandite, colombo-tantalite.
• Drilling at the prospect have shown low grade lithium bearing pegmatite intersections of extensive widths. A total of 11 historical drill holes are located on this prospect. The Company is in the process of compiling historical drilling data on this prospect and will release as soon as possible (Source Reports GM03952 and GM00744).
Cautionary Statement and Forward-looking Information

For full news and forward looking statement read the news release on the company’s website at

Afzaal Pirzada, P.Geo., a consultant of the Company, and “Qualified Person” for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, has reviewed and approved the scientific and technical information contained in this news release.

First Energy Metals is a Canadian mineral exploration company with a primary focus of acquiring a multicommodity mineral property portfolio. Its goal is to identify, acquire and explore North American mineral prospects in the precious metal, base metal and industrial metals sector.


"Gurminder Sangha"
Gurminder Sangha
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Source: EIN Presswire

Enerbrain: i millennials italiani che stanno ridisegnando l'efficienza energetica

Giuseppe Giordano, CEO e CO-fondatore Di Enerbrain con in mano il sensore sviluppato dall'azienda per monitorare comfort e qualità dell'aria negli edifici.

Giuseppe Giordano, CEO e CO-fondatore Di Enerbrain con in mano il sensore sviluppato dall’azienda per monitorare comfort e qualità dell’aria negli edifici.

Lavoravano all’estero ma sono tornati in Italia per fondare l'azienda che trasforma i vecchi edifici in smart building

TORINO, ITALY, January 21, 2021 / — Trasformare i vecchi edifici in smart building per tagliare i consumi energetici e migliorare da subito la qualità dell’aria: è l’idea semplice ma rivoluzionaria dei 4 giovani fondatori di Enerbrain, l’azienda italiana che sta trasformando il settore dell’efficienza energetica a livello internazionale.

Ben tre di loro (Giuseppe Giordano, Filippo Ferraris e Francesca Freyra) lavoravano all’estero in importanti programmi sulla sostenibilità quando nel 2015 hanno deciso di tornare in Italia per dare vita alla loro startup, riunendosi all'amico Marco Martellacci.

Da allora, in soli 5 anni hanno bruciato le tappe, sviluppato progetti in giro per il mondo, attivato collaborazioni con multiutility e grandi gruppi industriali, aperto una sede in Giappone e una in Spagna, messo le basi per un’altra branch in Medio Oriente e vinto premi prestigiosi in tutta Europa.

L’ultimo, a fine 2019, è stato il Premio Marzotto per L'Impresa, il più prestigioso per le giovani aziende italiane, assegnato per "la capacità di generare ricadute positive sul territorio e sull'ambiente", ma anche come esempio di nuove tecnologie che possono coniugare esigenze di business e di sostenibilità.

Prima, nel 2018, era arrivato l’EIT Digit Challenge come migliore startup d’Europa.

E se come casa avevano scelto inizialmente i3P, l’incubatore pubblico del Politecnico di Torino (primo al mondo nella classifica 2019-2020 di Ubi Global) ben presto hanno dovuto traslocare in una sede più grande, sulla collina che domina la città piemontese, per ospitare un team in crescita, che ha superato ormai le 40 persone.
Quasi tutti, come i fondatori appartengono alla generazione dei millennials, nati fra i primi anni ottanta e la metà degli anni novanta.

“Il successo di Enerbrain si deve all’unione di competenze diverse, non solamente quelle dei 4 fondatori ma anche quelle di un team di esperti con conoscenze che vanno dalla cibernetica all’ingegneria ambientale e all’architettura” sottolinea il CEO Giuseppe Giordano.

Efficienza energetica che protegge l'ambiente e la salute
Il sistema Enerbrain non si limita a tenere sotto controllo i consumi di un grande edificio ma interviene automaticamente per migliorarne il bilancio energetico.

Il gestore può verificare in ogni momento l’efficienza degli impianti – anche con il proprio smartphone – ma tutto avviene in automatico, senza l’intervento dell’uomo. Inoltre un algoritmo di machine learning permette al sistema di affinare continuamente la propria programmazione per cancellare ogni possibile spreco.

L’azienda ha messo a punto un sistema plug & play facile da gestire e veloce da installare, che non richiede modifiche agli impianti energetici o complessi lavori strutturali. Nella maggior parte dei casi, bastano 2 giorni per iniziare a risparmiare, mediamente il 30%, migliorando sensibilmente la qualità dell’aria e il comfort termico degli ambienti.

Una soluzione scalabile che si adatta alle esigenze dei grandi edifici non residenziali ma anche a quelle dell’industria.

Se fosse installato in tutti gli edifici non residenziali del mondo (scuole, ospedali, uffici, aeroporti, ecc.), in un anno eliminerebbe 1,6 miliardi di tonnellate di CO2 dall'ambiente, l'equivalente di 170 milioni di alberi.

La regolazione ottimale degli impianti di ventilazione per ridurre la quantità di CO2 è inoltre un parametro direttamente connesso alla qualità dell’aria e fondamentale per tutelare la salute delle persone e bloccare la trasmissione dei virus. Un aspetto decisamente importante per gestire il ritorno alla normalità dopo l’epidemia Covid-19, come stabiliscono anche le recenti linee guida della REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations).

Il prossimo passo è l’apertura al mercato residenziale e l'accelerazione di progetti per la creazione di modelli di energy community da applicare nei grandi complessi pubblici e privati.

Nata nel 2015 all'interno dell'Incubatore Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino, Enerbrain ha messo a punto soluzioni di retrofit energetico per grandi edifici che consentono drastici tagli ai consumi nonché il sensibile miglioramento del comfort interno e della qualità dell'aria. In pochi giorni e senza modificare impianti HVAC, il sistema ideato da Enerbrain non solo rileva parametri come umidità, temperatura, CO2 ma li ottimizza in tempo reale. Un modello win-win per l’efficientamento energetico. Enerbrain sta crescendo sui mercati internazionali e dopo l’apertura di sedi in Giappone e Spagna, e l’attivazione di collaborazioni con multiutility e grandi gruppi industriali, sta preparando lo sbarco in Medio Oriente. L'azienda ha recentemente ricevuto il Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione “Premio dei Premi”.


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Source: EIN Presswire