Commitment to the People of This Caribbean Paradise Galvanized a Volunteer Initiative Reaching Throughout the Island

Volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds handed out more than 97,000 copies of Stay Well Booklets in Aruba to businesses, shops, restaurants and door-to-door to residents.

Volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds handed out more than 97,000 copies of Stay Well Booklets in Aruba to businesses, shops, restaurants and door-to-door to residents.

These educational booklets make it easy to understand the basics of prevention.

These educational booklets make it easy to understand the basics of prevention.

Volunteer Ministers teamed up with the fire brigade to sanitize churches, schools and public buildings throughout Aruba.

Volunteer Ministers teamed up with the fire brigade to sanitize churches, schools and public buildings throughout Aruba.

Volunteer Ministers cleaned and sanitized schools throughout the island so they could safely reopen.

Volunteer Ministers cleaned and sanitized schools throughout the island so they could safely reopen.

 They sanitized more than 4 million square feet of government, civic and cultural institutions.

They sanitized more than 4 million square feet of government, civic and cultural institutions.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Freewinds extended its help to the people of Aruba.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2021 / — When Aruba closed its borders in March, the Freewinds, the Church of Scientology humanitarian ship, was docked in port. With a complete lockdown on all international incoming tourists, the island’s lifeblood, the Freewinds launched a campaign to ensure a speedy reopening.

It began with distribution of educational booklets to ensure everyone knew and understood how to keep themselves and their families well.

Inspired by the words of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard for handling such a circumstance, “an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure,” as soon as the pandemic struck, the Church of Scientology researched and distilled the most authoritative guidelines on controlling the spread of the virus. The Church produced a series of booklets and public service announcements to make the information easy to understand and use. These were all published for download on the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center of the Scientology website and copies were shipped out across the globe.

On receiving copies, Volunteer Ministers from Freewinds, dressed in their distinctive caps and protective gear, distributed some 97,000 copies—enough to reach every resident on the island.

“I have been seeing the booklets everywhere I go,” says the Aruba Director of Tourism in a video on the new interactive timeline on the Scientology website: 20/21—A Look Behind & A Look Ahead. And Aruba has taken this advice to heart. It was able to open its borders to international visitors in July. One American travel agent, promoting the island to prospective clients after it reopened, commented “everyone was wearing masks and paying close attention to social distancing.”

Freewinds Volunteer Ministers teamed up with Aruba’s Fire Brigade to implement these protocols island-wide. Together, they prepared churches and schools for reopening. In total, they sanitized every public school on the island to the benefit of some 26,000 students. The minister at St. Nicholas Methodist Church described how he felt about the volunteers: “to give this kind of work and say ‘this is a gift’ is an inspiration.”

One staff member of the Department of Education said that had it not been for this sanitization, the schools would not have reopened. Another thanked the Volunteer Ministers on behalf of the parents. “You don’t have a clue how nice it is to have you in our schools,” she said.

Working together, they covered still more ground, sanitizing government, civic and cultural institutions—more than 4 million square feet of spaces. “I’m going to be honest about it,” said the Chief of the Aruba Fire Brigade. “It’s not something that we could have done on our own. But it’s not a surprise because the Freewinds has always been a part of the community and always willing to help the community. Just the relentless going forward, working for the good of everybody on the island, 24/7. And when they’re done, they turn around and look at you and say ‘What’s next?’”

The Freewinds’ efforts enabled Aruba to reopen its borders to tourism,” said the Minister of Tourism and Public Health. “We appreciate all you do for the country.”

The Freewinds was christened in June 1988 by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige and began service as a Church of Scientology religious retreat. The 440-foot motor vessel provides a distraction-free environment for parishioners to study and experience the highest level of spiritual counseling available in the Scientology religion.

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To Return Falcons to Their Original Habitat..Hadad Program Applauded by Falconry Experts

Mark Upton, the executive secretary of the IAF

Hadad program was founded in 2020 by the SFC

IAF :We would like to support this project in any way we can, through our world-wide knowledge base of raptor conservation projects.”

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, February 27, 2021 / —

A top official at the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF) applauded the Hadad Program founded by the Saudi Falcons Club (SFC) and described it as “a fantastic project”. In an interview Mark Upton, the executive secretary of the IAF said “We would like to support this project in any way we can, through our world-wide knowledge base of raptor conservation projects.” He added that the program “fulfills the conservation and heritage aspirations of falconers around the world.”

This environmental initiative he elaborated aims at the “reintroduction of local falcons within the Kingdom and migratory falcons in Central Asia and releasing them back into their original natural habitats.”

Upton elaborated that volunteers, veterinary experts, international scientists, and Saudi falconers will work together to meet the objectives of the program. He added, “We can only emphasize how important it is that this project is supported by those who wish to maintain the heritage and continuation of traditional falconry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and beyond.”

Having a falconer father who once visited the region, Upton is personally excited about Hadad program, wishing his father is “looking down on it with great enthusiasm.”
According to him falconers were the first to notice the declining number of Peregrine Falcons in the sixties due to the misuse of agricultural chemicals. Hence, they were the first to successfully boost the falcon population and introduce falcons in Europe and North America where they have been extinct.
Now, the numbers of Peregrine Falcons are increasing more than ever before. Falconers have been in the forefront of conversational projects to protecting raptors and their prey that lost their natural habitats.

Upton stressed the IAF is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient art of falconry, and that the association has been involved in the acceptance of falconry as a UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Founded in 1968 by a small group of falconry clubs from Europe, Japan, and US the IAF now represents thousands of falconers from over 80 countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Hadad program was founded in 2020 by the SFC. The program is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia that aims to reintroduce local and migratory falcons to their original habitats, increase the falcon population, and strengthen the Kingdom’s pioneering role in protecting the wildlife and natural environment as part of the transformative Vision 2030.

abdulrahman alabsi
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IAF :We would like to support this project in any way we can, through our world-wide knowledge base of raptor conservation projects.”

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SoCal Based Landscaper Launches New Educational YouTube Series

On Location with The Harvest Lab

The Harvest Lab

What is Mulch?

Harvest Landscape Enterprises Inc., Launches "The Harvest Lab" dedicated to environmental awareness and conservation

Finding a better way to do business and positively impact our environment and the communities we serve is critical to my definition of success. YouTube is a great way to accomplish this.”

— Steven Schinhofen, CEO

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Want to learn why mulch is necessary, how bees impact our environment, or what happens to cute critters when our trees are trimmed?

Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new YouTube Series called "The Harvest Lab." Each month will feature a new episode on topics that highlight environmental awareness and conservation. The videos will feature deep-dive interviews with experts in their prospective fields shot on location in Southern California. Both Amanda Gray, VP of Marketing, and Sierra Schinhofen, Social Media Manager of Harvest Landscape Enterprises, host this upbeat, quirky, and educational YouTube Series.

"As a business owner, finding a better way to do business and positively impact our environment and the communities we serve is critical to my definition of success. For that reason, I continually encourage my team to innovate wherever possible," said Steven Schinhofen, CEO of Harvest Landscape. Harvest Landscape's VP of marketing shared, "When the Corona Virus hit, many of us had to pivot quickly and engage in ways with our clients that are relevant and continue to provide value. What's great about this series is that it is full of interesting facts and is filmed in a short-format so that it is quickly digestible for our busy client's schedules."

About Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.: Harvest Landscape, headquartered in Anaheim, California, is focused on providing comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions through skilled technicians, technology, and a sustainable approach for homeowner's associations and commercial properties throughout Southern California.

For more information about Harvest Landscape, please visit us at or contact Amanda Gray at

Amanda Gray
Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.
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Thank You Very MULCH!

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Lo Que Más Se Habla En Las Calles: “HidroTecla”

“Con el lanzamiento de las seis pipas municipales o camiones cisterna tratan de contrarrestar el servicio irregular de ANDA, distribuyendo agua gratis”.

SANTA TECLA, EL SALVADOR, February 26, 2021 / — “Con el lanzamiento de las seis pipas municipales o camiones cisterna, han cumplido con las necesidades de los tecleños. Tratan de contrarrestar el servicio irregular de ANDA, distribuyendo agua gratis” – afirma Santa Tecla Información en su reciente artículo.

“HidroTecla” más conocida como la propuesta estrella de Roberto d’Aubuisson, que busca el bienestar de los habitantes de Santa Tecla. Se trata de un plan que prioriza el agua potable a todo el municipio, especialmente a zonas rurales, donde actualmente, en muchas ocasiones, no llega.

Santa Tecla, ha pasado de alquilar, a tener sus propios camiones cisterna, es decir, pueden abastecer de agua a la población sin retraso alguno, todo con el fin de brindar este derecho fundamental que necesitan las familias tecleñas.
Roberto tiene claro que, en épocas de pandemia, es una prioridad a la que todos deberían acceder, ya que, se trata de una medida higiénica que se basa en el lavado de manos constante, para evitar la transmisión del virus. El candidato y alcalde, no quiere que su municipio vuelva a pasar quince días sin tener agua potable.

HidroTecla, no sólo es el sueño de todos los tecleños, sino también de Roberto, su compromiso, no se basa en tener propuestas, sino en cumplirlas a cabalidad para el bienestar de sus habitantes. Su responsabilidad ciudadana se evidencia, en la inauguración de este megaproyecto, muchos días antes de las elecciones de este domingo 28 de febrero.
La Alcaldía de Santa Tecla, dirigida por Roberto d’Aubuisson, lleva el agua para los tecleños.
“La crisis del agua ya no será parte de la historia de Santa Tecla” Roberto d’Aubuisson.

Para más información, visita la Web de Santa Tecla Información o contacta con nosotros

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Santa Tecla: La Ciudad Smart City

“Transformar Santa Tecla en una Smart City ilusiona mucho a los tecleños. El municipio es puntero en El Salvador”- se lee en Santa Tecla Información.

SANTA TECLA, EL SALVADOR, February 26, 2021 / — “Transformar Santa Tecla en una Smart City es un objetivo a largo plazo, una idea, que ilusiona mucho a los tecleños. El municipio es puntero en El Salvador” – se lee en el artículo de Santa Tecla Información.

La tecnología, para Roberto es un sinónimo de ‘evolución’, ya que es la principal aliada de la seguridad y sobre todo del medio ambiente.

El ejemplo más claro, es ‘Escudo Tecla’, la cual se basa en la instalación de cámaras de Video para la Vigilancia, en las calles de Santa Tecla. Ahora mismo la ciudad cuenta con 300 cámaras instaladas, cifra que se pretende aumentar en su siguiente legislatura. Roberto busca mejorar aún más la seguridad de los tecleños. Hoy en día, Santa Tecla, es considerada, la ciudad más segura de El Salvador, gracias a todos los proyectos realizados por el actual alcalde.

En cuanto al parqueo inteligente, con esta propuesta, el candidato, pretende una organización vial; es decir, un tránsito seguro de vehículos, evitando atascos y dando prioridad como primera medida a los peatones.

El objetivo con el estacionamiento inteligente, es disminuir el desorden en las calles de Santa Tecla, pues el 30% del tráfico que se presenta en la ciudad es causado, en su gran mayoría por automóviles, buscando siempre aparcamiento en calles principales o en calles secundarias que impiden una movilización óptima.

América Latina comienza a integrar los parqueos inteligentes, Santa Tecla, gracias a la propuesta tecnológica y sostenible de Roberto, será una de las primeras ciudades en aplicarlos en Centroamérica, lo que quiere decir, un paso gigante al desarrollo.
Roberto tiene claro que la tecnología es la solución al tráfico, la seguridad y la innovación para Santa Tecla.

Para más información, visita la Web de Santa Tecla Información o contacta con nosotros

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Organic Cotton Mart Now Offering Wholesale Cotton Produce Bags to Farms and Stores

One of the nation’s finest company’s selling 100 percent certified cotton products has a new offering.

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Representatives with Organic Cotton Mart announced today that it is now offering wholesale cotton produce bags to farms and stores.

“We are very excited about this,” said James Emmanuel, managing partner and spokesperson for Organic Cotton Mart, a company that sells only 100 percent certified organic cotton products. “Organic Cotton Mart now offers reusable cotton produce bags to other farms and stores who are willing to purchase it at a wholesale price.”

Emmanuel explained that for its wholesalers, the company provides a discounted rate as well as free shipping US-wide. Its cotton bags are made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, they are reusable, washable, foldable, and made from natural cotton without any dye or bleach.

The company spokesman reiterated that Organic Cotton Mart’s products are made of 100 percent GOTS ( certified organic cotton.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

According to GOTS, "The aim of the standard is to define worldwide recognized requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. Textile processors and manufacturers are enabled to export their organic fabrics and garments with one certification accepted in all major markets."

“If you are interested in buying our organic cotton bags at a wholesale price then please go to our wholesale page,” Emmanuel said.

For more collections, please visit and


About Organic Cotton Mart

We sell the best, luxurious, and premium 100% GOTS certified organic cotton products for your baby, kitchen, and home.

Contact Details:

487 Lendall Ln
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
United States

James Emmanuel
Organic Cotton Mart
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Antonio Luis LLinas Oñate, lleva a Europcar México en camino hacia un futuro más verde

Nuestro compromiso por cuidar del medio ambiente para su adecuada preservación, contribuyendo a reducir los efectos del calentamiento global

“Cuidar del planeta debe ser ahora una prioridad, como parte de una responsabilidad social, e incluso a la hora de hacer negocios, cualquiera que sea, debe considerarse el impacto ambiental”.”

— Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, MÉXICO, February 26, 2021 / — “En Europcar México, además de su liderazgo como marca de alquiler de vehículos, deseamos ser reconocidos por nuestro compromiso por cuidar del medio ambiente para su adecuada preservación, contribuyendo a reducir los efectos del calentamiento global que ya comienzan a afectar gravemente el mundo” – Antonio Llinas, CEO de Europcar México.

Llinas Oñate reconoce que la huella de carbono que la marca está generando ahora mismo es muy grande y se requieren de grandes esfuerzos para reducir hasta los índices necesarios para que los gases de efecto invernadero dejen de golpear al planeta y nos lleve a sufrir problemas muy graves en los próximos años.

Muchos especialistas, incluso el propio Bill Gates, ha mencionado que es urgente un cambio en las próximas décadas para evitar consecuencias peores que las causadas por la actual pandemia que asola al mundo entero.

Para Antonio Llinas Oñate, la preocupación de un mundo más sostenible es imperativa, entiende que resistirse a cambiar ahora implica una gran fatalidad para las nuevas generaciones, pues el mundo entero está expuesto a sucumbir ante la escasez, un cambio climático extremo y quizá nuevas enfermedades.

Por esta razón, y más allá de una simple estrategia de marketing, el CEO de Europcar México ha comenzado a desarrollar un plan para transformar la marca en un aliado del planeta, reduciendo la huella de carbono al mínimo posible e implementando acciones que permitan ser más amigables con el planeta.

Para Antonio Llinas es preocupante el camino que estamos tomando en estos momentos por lo que considera necesario revertir el daño que le hemos estado causando al planeta por mucho tiempo.

“A partir de ahora y en la próxima década, iremos empleando, gradualmente, acciones que nos permitirán reducir el impacto ambiental”.

Con esta frase, Antonio Llinas Oñate, se compromete a llevar un riguroso plan para convertir a Europcar México en una marca verde y totalmente ecofriendly. Entre las acciones más importantes a tomar en cuenta será la elección de una flota de autos más amigables con el medio ambiente, aunque ya con anterioridad se han incorporado autos híbridos como el Toyota Prius y el Toyota camry.

Llinas Oñate espera que, una vez que la turbulencia económica causada por la actual pandemia, termine, las personas demanden cada vez más, vehículos más amigable con el medio ambiente, debido a la alta responsabilidad y preocupación que las nuevas generaciones tienen por el impacto ambiental.

Mientras todo esto sucede, Europcar México ya se prepara para la adquisición de vehículos que cumplirán las expectativas de estos nuevos usuarios, cada más conscientes y responsables de sus acciones y del impacto que generan en el mundo.

Además, con el desarrollo de tecnología que permite procesos cada vez más rápidos para rentar un auto, se contribuye a disminuir drásticamente el uso de papel y otros materiales que terminaban convirtiéndose en basura después de un efímero tiempo de vida útil. Por ejemplo, Europcar México ha logrado migrar su programa de lealtad de tarjetas físicas a cuentas digitales en donde solo se requiere de un usuario y contraseña para consulta en cualquier momento, sin necesidad de una tarjeta plástica que en la mayoría de los casos terminaba siendo desechada.

Migrar, casi en su totalidad, el proceso de alquiler de autos ha ayudado a combatir el desperdicio de materiales que de una u otra forma impactan en el medio ambiente.

Otro punto importante a destacar, son las acciones que se tomarán dentro de las oficinas corporativas y las sucursales de Europcar México para reducir en mayor medida el uso de papelería y materiales innecesarios que puedan resultar dañinos para el medio ambiente.

La gran ventaja que Europcar México posee para realizar con éxito estas acciones es el entusiasmo que muestra el equipo que lo conforma, en todos los niveles, desde directivos, personal administrativos y personal en sucursales, por lo que para Antonio Llinas Oñate la tarea será mucho más sencilla de realizar, convirtiendo la marca en una de las más verdes e importantes de México, resultando ideal para quienes buscan soluciones de movilidad alternativas.

El camino no será sencillo de recorrer, pero Antonio Luis Llinas considera que con el apoyo de su gran equipo de trabajo, y la aceptación de esta nueva política verde que se está desarrollando, pronto se verán cambios significativos, no solo en la marca Europcar México, sino también dentro de las familias del personal que labora aquí, pues como parte de las acciones, también se prevé una campaña de concientización para que juntos se pueda combatir uno de los problemas que más preocupa a la humanidad: el calentamiento global.

Y, aunque existen muchas predicciones y cálculos de expertos sobre la fecha límite, lo cierto es que aún estamos a tiempo de lograr ese cambio, pero se debe actuar de inmediato para conseguir alcanzar la meta en la que gobiernos de todo el mundo ya marchan para alcanzar.

“Cuidar del planeta debe ser ahora una prioridad, como parte de una responsabilidad social, e incluso a la hora de hacer negocios, cualquiera que sea, debe considerarse el impacto ambiental”. – Antonio Luis Llinas Oñate.

Con estas palabras, el CEO de Europcar México se comprometió a reducir la huella de carbono de la marca para hacerla más ecofriendly en la próxima década e impulsar un estilo de vida más responsable con el cuidado del medio ambiente tanto con su personal como con sus usuarios, confiando en que después del 2030 las personas demanden más productos verdes, que respeten el medio ambiente y se comprometan a protegerlo, por su parte, las empresas deben responder adecuadamente, no solo debido a la demanda, sino por la responsabilidad social.

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Governments and Corporations are Responsible for the Death of Small Business

No More Excuses: Small Business Needs Support, Not Lockdowns and Unfair Restrictions

When we complain about a problem and do nothing, we are worst than the problem itself. Canada has always been a country that defined itself on social responsibility. That is what Canadians do!”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 26, 2021 / — How many small businesses throughout Canada have struggled and closed while many large corporations have flourished and taken bonuses for themselves? Bonuses they have been able to afford because they are subsidizing employee wages and expenses with government contribution.

How many small businesses have been shut down due to health concerns without any data that suggests these same businesses are a greater risk than the large box stores? Why is small business on lockdown while other large essential corporations have been able to operate with almost no restrictions?

When will all business have equal rights?

When will a small business that can operate safely have the same privileged rights of the large corporations and be permitted to stay open?

The bottom line on this entire argument is that classifications of essential and non-essential are discriminatory to small businesses. Most small businesses have made greater efforts to protect their customers than many of the “essential” companies that have been allowed to operate freely with minimal restrictions. Big box stores that often violate capacity and social distancing limits and have only recently been investigated for violations.

The government has made health determinations with little logic, data, or explanation on why retail businesses outside of box stores are unfairly restricted to less capacity.

After two lockdowns and still no plan, there has been no discussion regarding fair treatment for small business. Everyone knows that small businesses are working from an unfair position. Many small business owners have had to take government loans to survive. Current data released by CFIB states that small business owes more than $135 billion. This amount requires repayment to the very government that is locking them down after adjustments they have made to their businesses to become compliant to guidelines that are ambiguous. The data from various departments are conflicting and inaccurate.

It is time for the government to balance the scale. Large corporations should be in partnership with small business, not sending business out of Canada. Businesses that have been unfairly treated deserve greater tax breaks and loan forgiveness based on the financial struggles that have been exacerbated by the continued mismanagement of poorly thought-out restrictions.

SmAll Business is Essential is an initiative created by Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management. Our goal and function is to advocate on behalf of suffering small business due to the lack of support and unfair treatment from various government restrictions. The interest expressed by many small businesses throughout Canada, and even the United States for SmAll Business is Essential to help struggling small businesses has evolved to becoming more than a cause. It is now become an organization that will be on the front lines to fight for the rights of small businesses.

It is time for Canadians to be socially responsible and ensure that fairness is included in the metrics that we are using when governing through these difficult times. It is time to give small business support, and allow them the same rights that have been allotted to large corporations for over a year.

The restrictions put on businesses should reflect the health and safety threat, the business’ ability to manage their space and people, and the quantified rate/metric of spread in a specific region.

We are currently raising finances for businesses that are complying with health and safety recommendations and guidelines to stay open. We are advocating to keep business in Canada and to support small business. Edward Henry Company will be donating 50% of the proceeds from it’s recent new book release Cut The Bullsh*T to SmAll Business is Essential of Canada. Small businesses across Canada are done paying the price. Small businesses are going to unite and stand up to government and big business, because SmAll Business is Essential.

Edward Henry
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Green Globe Platinum Status Awarded to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen

Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen

Green Globe recently awarded Platinum Status to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen marking ten consecutive years of certification.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — With panoramic views over iconic Swiss vistas, the comfortably modern Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen is located about a 45-minute drive from the cities of Bern, Lucerne, Basel and Zurich.

Green Globe recently awarded Platinum Status to Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen marking ten consecutive years of certification.

This year, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen commemorates a decade of Green Globe Certification. Platinum Status is a magnificent achievement, testament to the dedication shown by management and staff toward the many sustainable practices and green goals carried out over the years at the hotel. This achievement is also particularly commendable given that Platinum status was awarded during very challenging times arising from the COVID pandemic.

In 2020, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen focussed primarily on two key sustainability areas – community assistance and environmental initiatives.

Supporting Local Farmers in Egerkingen
Over three days last year, trainees from Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen worked with Mr. Anderegg, a local farmer from the region of Olten. The hotel organised a community initiative to support local farmers during the difficult COVID crisis by making a valuable contribution to the situation farmers are currently facing. Trainees were required to fulfil designated tasks such as bottling cider, sorting apples, cleaning and packing fragile eggs, applying insect sprays to young apple trees and packing goods for sale in the farm’s store. It was an extremely practical experience for the trainees to see how a day on the farm is spent.

“Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Anderegg and his family for this great opportunity to be a part of their daily routine, and hopefully our support helped make this situation a little bit easier to handle,” said Mr. Matthias Knoche, Hotel Manager at the property.

Schweizer Tafel Food Donations
In February this year, staff members presented various food donations including pasta, rice and potato chips to the Swiss Food Bank foundation Schweizer Tafel. The aim of the foundation is to collect food that has not been sold and distribute it to those in need. Everyday Schweizer Tafel distributes around 16 tons of surplus, edible food for the benefit of people affected by poverty throughout Switzerland. The food donations provide a valuable and much appreciated solution to reducing food waste in the country.

Eco-friendly Initiatives
To minimize impacts and help the environment, Mövenpick Hotel Egerkingen uses Gaia's reusable wraps in its restaurant kitchens. Food can be covered with the wraps and hygienically stored without resorting to using cling film or aluminum foil. Furthermore, the hotel operates 10 Tesla charging stations for electric vehicles that contribute toward CO2 free mobility.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Julian Saba
Cluster Marketing & E-Commerce Coordinator
Mövenpick Hotel Zurich Airport, Regensdorf, Egerkingen & Basel

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport
Walter Mittelholzerstrasse 8
8152 | Glattbrugg, Zürich

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
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Businesses Declare Victory: Fracking Banned in the Delaware River Basin

ASBC, NY, NJ, and DE SBCs and PA businesses applaud historic decision following years of advocacy

It is time to celebrate this historic victory, resolving to protect our environment and communities now and in the future, to build an equitable, sustainable economy fueled by renewable energy.”

— Bob Rossi, NYSBC

WEST TRENTON, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 25, 2021 / — The multistate Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) voted to ban high-volume hydraulic fracturing—known commonly as fracking—after over a decade since the DRBC imposed a moratorium and years of public and private sector pressure and mounting evidence of the negative impacts from hundreds of scientific studies.

For the past several years, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) has convened the New York Sustainable Business Council (NYSBC), New Jersey Sustainable Business Council (NJSBC), Delaware Sustainable Business Council (DSBC), and Pennsylvania business leaders in an effort to protect the Delaware River Basin and the regional economy dependent on its water. We applaud the DRBC for this momentous decision.

“Businesses in poisoned environments struggle against workplace absenteeism, reduced productivity, employee turnover, and increased healthcare costs—and to what benefit?” asks Bob Rossi, Executive Director of NYSBC. “The only long term beneficiaries of fracking are the oil and gas executives who live nowhere near the fracking sites. We should instead be investing in our states’ growing renewable energy companies. They are employing local labor, spending money locally, and strengthening our regional economy in this time of economic crisis.”
The DRBC is an interstate agency with 5 ex officio members: the governors of the four basin states (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware) plus a federal representative from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Since it formed in 2013, NYSBC has been working on the fracking issue in partnership with ASBC. NYSBC’s collaborative effort to engage over 1,000 business leaders to demand a ban on fracking in New York that helped lead to New York’s Governor Cuomo ban on December 17th, 2014.

Today—February 25th, 2021—represents another critical milestone in US history. While the Delaware River Basin fracking ban will protect the water for 15 million people, it also sets an important precedent that we need to build on to protect more watersheds and regional economies, because clean water is good for business. As highlighted in ASBC’s Business Case for Supporting Clean Water in the Delaware River Watershed, “the waterway contributes over $22 billion in annual economic activity and supports 600,000 direct and indirect jobs, with $10 billion in wages.”

“ASBC’s 2015 report The Business Case for Rethinking Fracking clearly demonstrated an economic case for transitioning from fracking to renewable energy, which would create more jobs per unit energy than natural gas and other fossil fuels and protect business from disruptions due to climate change,” says David Levine, President and Cofounder of ASBC. “This decision helps us establish next steps.”


The New York Sustainable Business Council (NYSBC) is an alliance of over 2,000 businesses and business networks committed to advancing a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy in New York State.

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) partners with business organizations and companies to advocate for solutions and policies that support an equitable, sustainable, stakeholder economy. ASBC represents over 250,000 sustainable businesses in a wide range of industries and geographies.

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