Scott J Cooper Water Council Reviews Netflix Seaspiracy Documentary

Scott J Cooper Flotsam

Scott J Cooper Flotsam

Rick Scott J Cooper Flotsam

Scott J Cooper Water Crisis

Rick Scott Consultant Josh Cooper

Scott J Cooper Water Shortage

The flotsam and jetsam problem is so connected to climate change, pollution, and ocean acidification that you cannot deal with it in isolation.”

— Flotsam Scott J Cooper

FOWLER, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Scott J Cooper Water Council released its review of Seaspiracy, the controversial Netflix documentary. Ever since the release of Seaspiracy, there has been an uproar among many who cannot come to terms with the staggering information is presented. The documentary sheds light on the fishing industry’s exploitative practices that lead to dolphin killings.

Moreover, the film illustrates the impact of the fishing industry on marine science. The biggest ecological nightmare for the world right now is that the very people who define sustainable fishing goals are the scientists with ties to the fishing industry.

The Netflix documentary has received its share of criticism. Fishing industry scientists are particularly unhappy about how the film has raised suspicion on the credibility of certification labels and ocean conservation groups. Those who defend Seaspiracy claim that the documentary was never supposed to be scientifically 100 percent accurate and there are much larger issues at hand.

The loudest criticism remains about the year 2048. The film used research to claim that the oceans would be empty by the year 2048. It was not received well by critics. In fact, several attempts were made to control media outlets from citing it.

Netflix and Seaspiracy have been on point on a variety of issues. Despite some minor errors, the documentary was right about the issue of overfishing. It depicted how seriously overfishing threatens marine biodiversity. "It is not only widely accepted but also comes with strong reasoning behind it," said Flotsam's Scott J. Cooper. "It talks about plastic pollution being highly destructive to marine life. It talks about how dirty the global seafood system is. This flotsam and jetsam problem is so connected to climate change, pollution, and ocean acidification that you cannot deal with it in isolation."

The documentary claims that the fishing industry receives $35 billion in subsidies annually. The subsidies primarily come from the European Union, the US, China, Japan, and Korea. The claims stand true as the UN had previously said that a dollar is subsidized for every $5 of exported fish products.

About The Scott J. Cooper Water Council

The Scott J Cooper Council provides a reporting platform for the water crisis and offers solutions to change millions of lives around the world, by offering solutions to get safer and safer water to the families and helping them live a safer and secure life.

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Scott J Cooper Water Council
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Rick Scott J Cooper Florida Ice – MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

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Guanajuato, the best film location in Mexico

Comision de Filmaciones Guanajuato

The mission of the CFGTO is to link the multiple cultural and natural attractions of the state with the growth of the film and audiovisual industry

The Guanajuato Filming Commission (CFGTO) offers a wide range of services for filmmakers and advertising agencies, including logistical services, expediting authorization permits, locations scouting, among other assistance support

The ideal place to shoot videos and movies in Central Mexico is Guanajuato. The Guanajuato Filming Commission (CFGTO) offers a wide range of services.

GUANAJUATO, GUANAJATO, MEXICO, June 30, 2021 / — The ideal place to shoot videos and movies in Central Mexico is Guanajuato. The state of Guanajuato has a specialized agency, a Filming Commission, affixed to the Ministry of Tourism to facilitated and provide all the necessary assistance for film production.

The Guanajuato Filming Commission (CFGTO) offers a wide range of services for filmmakers and advertising agencies, including logistical services, expediting authorization permits, locations scouting, among other assistance support. Such as No Man's Land (2020), Infinite (2021) with Mark Wahlberg, Birdwatching (2019), The Gasoline Thieves “Huachicolero” (2019), and Sin Señas Particulares (2020), among others.

The mission of the CFGTO is to link the multiple cultural and natural attractions of the state with the growth of the film and audiovisual industry. It is a tool to help production companies save time and optimize resources.

The specialized personnel at CFGTO guide and assist production companies interested in shooting in the Mexican state with the most sought-after locations for interesting scenery. Guanajuato is recognized across the continent for its cultural richness. Two cities here are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the state has six Magical Towns, as well as archaeological zones and unrivaled natural landscapes.

Land and air connectivity is exceptional. Production crews will find a wide variety of hotel offerings, a celebrated gastronomy and above all, the warmth of its people. The residents of Guanajuato hosts important events such as the International Film Festival, produced in collaboration with Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and the Goethe Institute. This event enables filmmakers and Mexican and German producers to develop their projects.

It is essential to point out that the Guanajuato Filming Commission understands the film industry and has a protocol of best practices to ensure that filming in the state is conducted with full protective security. All this makes Guanajuato the best place to film in the heart of Mexico.

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Open toxicogenomic data project improves our knowledge for nanomaterials toxicity

The nanoΦaros workflow provides users structured, harmonised and ready for modelling datasets, with sufficient metadata to increase data FAIRness.

Toxicogenomics is a relatively new method that helps us to gain insight into the possible toxicity mechanisms of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs).

While large amounts of transcriptomics data from ENM exposures have already been accumulated, a unified, easily accessible and reusable collection of transcriptomics data for ENMs was lacking”

— Antreas Afantitis

CYRPUS, June 30, 2021 / — A team of scientists involved in NanoSolveIT, an EU nanoinformatics project funded under Horizon 2020, completed a study that was published in Nature journal Scientific Data (, in order to unleash the full potential of already existing transcriptomics data on ENM exposures. “While large amounts of transcriptomics data from ENM exposures have already been accumulated, a unified, easily accessible and reusable collection of transcriptomics data for ENMs was lacking” says Antreas Afantitis, NanoSolveIT Project Coordinator “The team manually curated, and preprocessed and unified a collection of 101 data sets, covering a range of ENMs, organisms, and exposure setups.”
As Professor Dario Greco, Director of the Finnish Hub for Development and Validation of Integrated Approaches, at Tampere University says “In an attempt to improve the FAIRness of already existing transcriptomics data for ENMs, we curated a collection of homogenized transcriptomics data from human, mouse and rat ENM exposures in vitro and in vivo including extracting the physicochemical characteristics of the ENMs used in each study from the associated publications.”
The traditional methods of toxicology, used for decades now to scrutinize the safety levels of engineered materials, provide us with a useful tool. However the successful marriage of computer technology and bioinformatics has given birth to a new generation of Toxicogenomics (TGx) tools. Their main function is to collect and store data sets which are further explored and used as the basis for development of predictive models.
The application of TGx data to nanosafety can provide novel possibilities for grouping and classifying ENMs based on the similarity of molecular alterations in biological systems they induce, and help to derive biomarkers to identify nano-specific signatures.

Transcriptomics technologies, used to study an organism as the sum of its RNA transcripts (known as the transcriptome), are the frontline of TGx. While large amounts of transcriptomics data for multiple ENMs have already been generated, offering a valuable resource for future studies and applications, the data are scattered across public repositories, and their FAIRness is currently hampered by their heterogeneous nature and a lack of standardization in the preprocessing and analysis.

The NanoPharos database (, where all the datasets generated within the H2020 NanoSolveIT ( and NanoCommons ( projects are available, assists accessibility, interoperability and reusability of curated datasets. Antreas Afantitis, from NovaMechanics Ltd and NanoSolveIT H2020 project coordinator, commented: NanoPharos database has been designed under the FAIR data principles to include computationally derived data based on simulations of ENMs at different levels of complexity. The database was further extended to include ENM characterization data and biological effects to support complete in silico nanosafety evaluation.

Antreas Afantitis
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Meet Microbe Formulas’ Lead Scientist

Microbe Formulas Lead Scientist, Tim Griswold

Microbe Formulas: Meridian, Idaho

Tim Griswold Is Known for His Bowtie, Dance Moves, and Scientific Innovation

MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Microbe Formulas, Meridian-based health company, is known for its life-changing supplements and innovative laboratory team. That team of health solution masterminds is led by lead scientist, Tim Griswold. Tim’s personal health struggles were what originally led him to the field of naturopathics science.

Tim shares, “During my undergrad years, I started having some internal medical concerns and set about on a journey to try and discover the cause and possible solutions. I determined that in order for me to heal, I would need to get to the root cause. This led me to my master’s work where I got to study atomic particle movement and the quantum nature of the universe.”

The scientist has his Master of Nanoscience from Arizona State University, where he focused on learning the physics of biology and chemistry at the ultra small scale. Prior to that he earned two bachelor’s degrees from University of Idaho in chemical engineering and chemistry.

Tim is also a family man. Married for almost three years, he and his wife, Carolyn, just had their first child, Ezekiel, in late May. Along with Tim’s intelligence, his fun-loving personality is demonstrated in his iconic bowtie and eye-catching dance moves. Tim says, “I like to show people that I am more than just an analytical, science brain, so I do my best to surprise people and have fun! And dancing, well dancing is the soul saying hello… which makes everything more fun.”

In the Microbe lab, Tim is tasked with managing and operating the analytical equipment and analytical reviews of all data collected. He also aids and drives the development of new naturopathic products and technologies. His experience and training has helped in creating solutions to support his own health along with thousands of Microbe customers.

Tim says, “Microbe Formulas is a fantastic company to be a part of. Its goals, mission, company culture, and new frontiers all get me excited to put my pants on and come to work everyday. This role as lead scientist has allowed me to dedicate my expertise in nanoscience to something that matters.”

Tim’s background has been instrumental in helping to advance Microbe’s core proprietary technology, BioActive Carbon.

Tim says, “This role of lead scientist has given me the opportunity to incorporate my knowledge of ultra small particles into the realm of physiology. This fundamental understanding has helped our team develop technologies that store and produce energy within natural carbon based molecules. These molecules can be introduced as an aid in health and healing that supplies energy, but also supplies the raw carbon backbone materials used to build and restore tissue.”

He continues, “The success stories make it all worthwhile, where people go from a low energy, low excitement, unwell state and then their countenances slowly start to change as we assist them in their health journey. My condition has greatly improved by using this unique technology, and I am excited to share it with the world.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Manager at Microbe Formulas, at 949-545-1008 or

Caylie Shelton
Microbe Formulas
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Edison Energy adds Hannah Badrei to oversee its energy commodities and renewables advisory teams

Photo of Hannah Badrei

Hannah Badrei, PhD

Brings deep experience in strategy, transaction origination, and analysis across power, natural gas, and renewable sectors

I’m passionate about creating accessible, effective, and tailored energy solutions. I’m also a strong believer that simplicity is key to wider adoption.”

— Hannah Badrei, PhD

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Edison Energy has hired Hannah Badrei, Ph.D. as Vice President of Front-of-Meter to oversee its power and gas supply procurement functions as well as the renewables advisory and market insights and analysis teams.

Badrei brings more than 17 years of energy experience in the power, natural gas, and renewables sectors. Her expertise spans go-to-market strategy development, origination, deal structuring, and quantitative analysis.

In her most recent role, she served as Vice President of Power & Renewables Origination at MP2 Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Energy North America. There she was responsible for commercial and industrial origination, and led the launch of their retail-delivered off-site renewables platform. At Edison she will offer clients tailored and structured energy procurement strategies to achieve their evolving sustainability goals. They will benefit from Badrei’s extensive experience collaborating with leading corporate buyers – most recently with Cargill Incorporated and Visa. Previously, she managed commercial and analytics teams at the Boston Consulting Group and Calpine Corporation. She began her career as a quantitative analyst, working in risk management and energy procurement for Pacific Gas & Electric.

“I’m passionate about creating accessible, effective, and tailored energy solutions. I’m also a strong believer that simplicity is key to wider adoption,” Badrei said. “Currently, both conventional and renewable energy procurement strategies remain complex, and at times, risky. I joined Edison Energy because our mission is to empower our clients by helping them to understand and navigate their options, as well as ensure that our tailored solutions meet their sustainability, financial, and strategic goals.”

As an advocate of women entering and achieving leadership roles in the renewable energy and sustainability sectors, Badrei has chaired the Houston Chapter of WRISE (Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from the Cullen College of Engineering University of Houston, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in computational finance from Rice University.


About Edison Energy

A wholly owned subsidiary of Edison International (NYSE: EIX), Edison Energy provides independent, expert advice and global solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices and risks of managing energy. Edison Energy enables decision-makers in organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals by addressing the three biggest challenges in energy today: cost, carbon, and complex choices. Delivering and implementing specialized solutions across analytics, sustainability, renewables, conventional supply, and demand, Edison Energy aligns its client’s energy investments with strategic goals. For more information, visit

Peter L. Kelley
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Ρωσικό αμφίβιο αεροσκάφος Be-200ChS θα σβήνει φυσικές πυρκαγιές στην Ελλάδα

Το ρωσικό αεροσκάφος Be-200ChS προσγειώθηκε σήμερα στην Ελλάδα. Θα λάβει μέρος στην κατάσβεση δασικών πυρκαγιών στο έδαφος της χώρας.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, June 30, 2021 / — Το ρωσικό αεροσκάφος Be-200ChS προσγειώθηκε σήμερα στην Ελλάδα. Θα λάβει μέρος στην κατάσβεση δασικών πυρκαγιών στο έδαφος της χώρας.

Η αντίστοιχη σύμβαση μεταξύ του Υπουργείου Προστασίας του Πολίτη στην Ελλάδα, αρμόδιο για την διοργάνωση μέτρων καταπολέμησης των φυσικών πυρκαγιών, και της PJSC «Il» υπογράφηκε επίσημα στην Αθήνα.

Η σύμβαση προετοιμάστηκε με την υποστήριξη του Γραφείου Αντιπροσωπείας της State Corporation Rostec (Κρατικής Εταιρείας Rostec) στην Ελλάδα. Οι διαπραγματεύσεις μεταξύ της ρωσικής αντιπροσωπείας, με επικεφαλής τον κ. ΒΛΑΝΤΙΜΙΡ ΑΡΤΙΑΚΟΦ (Vladimir Artyakov), Πρώτο Αναπληρωτή Γενικό Διευθυντή της Κρατικής Εταιρείας Rostec, και τον κ. Νίκο Χαρδαλιά, Αναπληρωτή Υπουργό Προστασίας του Πολίτη στην Ελλάδα, τον Μάρτιο του τρέχοντος έτους ήταν αφετηρία.

«Οι δασικές πυρκαγιές αποτελούν ολοένα μεγαλύτερη απειλή για την ασφάλεια των ανθρώπων, ειδικά εάν η φυσική καταστροφή λαμβάνει χώρα σε δυσπρόσιτες περιοχές. Η αεροπορία έχει πολλές φορές επιδείξει υψηλή απόδοση και αποτελεσματικότητα στην εξάλειψη των συνεπειών των δασικών πυρκαγιών. Η εκπόνηση καινούργιων μεθόδων πρόσληψης και απόρριψης νερού σε πηγές πυρκαγιάς σε ακραία υδρομετεωρολογικά φαινόμενα προβλέπεται κατά τη διάρκεια των πτήσεων. Οι Έλληνες εταίροι συμμερίζονται την πεποίθησή μας στις δυνατότητες της Ρωσικής μηχανής και βασίζονται στην αποτελεσματική υποστήριξη στην καταπολέμηση της φωτιάς από τον αέρα», λέει ο ΒΛΑΝΤΙΜΙΡ ΑΡΤΙΑΚΟΦ (Vladimir Artyakov), Πρώτος Αναπληρωτής Γενικός Διευθυντής της Κρατικής Εταιρείας Rostec.

Η Ρωσία λαμβάνει τακτικά αιτήματα από ξένες χώρες για βοήθεια στην εξάλειψη των δασικών πυρκαγιών. Το 2020 εφαρμόστηκε για πρώτη φορά σύμβαση παροχής υπηρεσιών πυρόσβεσης με ξένο πελάτη. Το ρωσικό αμφίβιο αεροσκάφος Be-200ChS έλαβε θετικές αξιολογήσεις. Αυτό συνέβαλε στην προώθησή του στις ξένες αγορές, τόσο με τη μορφή παροχής υπηρεσιών όσο και με σκοπό τις άμεσες παραδόσεις.

Τα μοναδικά αμφίβια αεροσκάφη Be-200ChS παράγονται από την TANTK named after G.M. Beriev PJSC (μέρος της United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) PJSC της Κρατικής Εταιρείας Rostec). Τα αεροσκάφη έχουν αποδείξει την αποτελεσματικότητά τους στην καταπολέμηση πυρκαγιών στο έδαφος της Ρωσίας.

Το Be-200ChS είναι το μοναδικό αεριωθούμενο αμφίβιο αεροσκάφος στον κόσμο. Αυτό δίνει αναμφισβήτητα πλεονεκτήματα στην ταχύτητα κατά την κατάσβεση των πυρκαγιών. Το Be-200ChS μπορεί να πάρει μέχρι και 12 τόνους νερού. Το αεροσκάφος έχει καλή απόδοση όσον αφορά τον αριθμό των απορρίψεων νερού ανά ώρα. Το αεροσκάφος είναι σε θέση να ρίξει έως και 270 τόνους νερού στο χώρο πυρκαγιάς για έναν ανεφοδιασμό.

TANTK named after G.M. Beriev PJSC είναι κορυφαίος ρώσος σχεδιαστής και κατασκευαστής των αμφιβίων αεροσκαφών. Από το 2016, η επιχείρηση στο Ταγκανρόγκ παράγει αεροσκάφη σειράς Be-200ChS προς το συμφέρον ρωσικών και ξένων πελατών. Το αμφίβιο αεροσκάφος πολλαπλών ρόλων Be-200ChS έχει σχεδιαστεί για την κατάσβεση δασικών πυρκαγιών, την παροχή βοήθειας έκτακτης ανάγκης σε περιοχές καταστροφών έκτακτης ανάγκης, την έρευνα και τη διάσωση στο νερό, την υγειονομική και εμπορευματική μεταφορά, καθώς και την παρακολούθηση του περιβάλλοντος.

Η United Aircraft Corporation (UAC PJSC, μέρος της Κρατικής Εταιρείας Rostec) ιδρύθηκε το 2006 για την ενοποίηση των περιουσιακών στοιχείων των μεγαλύτερων αεροπορικών εταιρειών της Ρωσίας. Οι επιχειρήσεις, οι οποίες ανήκουν στην εταιρεία, παράγουν αεροσκάφη τέτοιων εμπορικών σημάτων παγκοσμίου φήμης όπως «Su», «MiG», «Il», «Tu», «Yak», «Beriev», καθώς και καινούργια – «Superjet 100» και «MC-21». Οι επιχειρήσεις της UAC PJSC εκτελούν τον πλήρη κύκλο εργασιών από το σχεδιασμό έως την εξυπηρέτηση μετά την πώληση και την ανακύκλωση του εξοπλισμού αεροσκαφών. Ο κ. ΓΙΟΥΡΙ ΜΠΟΡΙΣΟΒΙΤΣ ΣΛΙΟΥΣΑΡ (Yuriy Borisovich Slyusar), Αντιπρόεδρος της OOOR Soyuz Mashinostroitelei Rossii (SoyuzMash Rossii), είναι ο Γενικός Διευθυντής της United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) PJSC.

Η State Corporation Rostec (Κρατική Εταιρεία Rostec) είναι μία από τις μεγαλύτερες βιομηχανικές εταιρείες της Ρωσίας. Αυτή η εταιρεία συνενώνει περισσότερους από 800 επιστημονικούς και βιομηχανικούς οργανισμούς σε 60 περιοχές της χώρας. Οι βασικοί τομείς δραστηριότητας είναι κατασκευή αεροσκαφών, ραδιοηλεκτρονική, ιατρικές τεχνολογίες, καινοτόμα υλικά κλπ. Το χαρτοφυλάκιο της εταιρείας περιλαμβάνει γνωστά εμπορικά σήματα όπως AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) PJSC, Russian Helicopters JSC («Ρωσικά Ελικόπτερα»), United Engine Corporation (UEC) JSC, Uralvagonzavod, «Shvabe», Kalashnikov Concern και άλλα. Η Rostec συμμετέχει ενεργά στην υλοποίηση και των 12 εθνικών έργων. Η εταιρεία είναι βασικός προμηθευτής των τεχνολογιών «Έξυπνων Πόλεων» (Smart Cities). Η εταιρεία ασχολείται με την ψηφιοποίηση της δημόσιας διοίκησης, της βιομηχανίας, των κοινωνικών τομέων και αναπτύσσει σχέδια για την ανάπτυξη τεχνολογιών ασύρματης επικοινωνίας 5G, του βιομηχανικού Διαδικτύου των πραγμάτων, των μεγάλων δεδομένων και των συστημάτων blockchain. Η Rostec είναι συνεργάτης των κορυφαίων κατασκευαστών παγκοσμίως, όπως Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault και άλλοι. Τα προϊόντα της εταιρείας παραδίδονται σε περισσότερες από 100 χώρες στον κόσμο. Σχεδόν το ένα τρίτο των εσόδων της εταιρείας παρέχεται από την εξαγωγή προϊόντων υψηλής τεχνολογίας.

Υπηρεσία Τύπου της Κρατικής Εταιρείας

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Composite Repair Specialist CSNRI delivers more than expected to UK Oil Refinery.

AVT EZ Valve being installed

AVT EZ Valve being installed

AVT EZ Valve being installed at a UK refinery 2

AVT EZ Valve being installed at a UK refinery 2

AVT EZ Valve installed at a UK refinery

AVT EZ Valve installed at a UK refinery

A true Critical Infrastructure Solutions Company.

We are delighted we were able to introduce our AVT colleagues to the customer and that the install went so smoothly.”

— CSNRI’s UK Managing Director Sean Connolly

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — CSNRI has been delivering best-in-class composite repair solutions to the oil and gas industry for decades and is now partnering with fellow ClockSpring|NRI companies to offer a range of critical infrastructure solutions to its customers.

CSNRI, AVT (Advanced Valve Technologies) and GeoTree are all part of ClockSpring|NRI. CSNRI specializes in composite repairs, AVT manufacturers insertion valves for the water industry and GeoTree delivers structural strengthening and geopolymer rehabilitation solutions.

Recently, CSNRI colleagues, who had a long-term working partnership with a UK oil refinery, were made aware of an issue with the refinery’s fire suppression system. Vital refurbishment work was required on a 1 million+ gallon sea water storage tank that feeds the system. Refinery engineers realized the valve which should isolate the tank from the remainder of the fire system, was seized and could not be closed.

The operators needed a way to install a valve without shutting off the water supply that the plant relies on for its fire protection. Having worked with CSNRI, they turned to the team for support. CSNRI immediately recommended they use AVT’s insertion valve.

The AVT EZ Valve, a valve which can be installed without the need to shut off the water, has been used widely across the U.K. and U.S. within water authority systems but its installation in industrial applications in the U.K. is, so far, limited.

Once the decision was made that the EZ Valve would be able to resolve the issue, the team at CSNRI contacted their AVT colleagues who would carry out the install, Regional Account Director Jason Taylor, and Engineering Manager Lee Kirkham.

The 8” valve was installed on an exposed carbon steel line in a relatively cramped area. The EZ Valve is installed using a low-profile EM (End Milling) machine which mills a 120o slot across the top of the pipe and enables a resilient wedge gate to be inserted. The millings created, or swarf, is flushed out of the valve during the milling process by the pressure of the water in the pipe, meaning the quality of the water is maintained. This all takes place without the need to shut off the water and the small slot milled also ensures the integrity of the pipe is not affected. Jason and Lee completed the install within just two hours.

CSNRI’s UK Managing Director Sean Connolly said: “CSNRI and AVT deliver very different product ranges but both work within critical infrastructure. We are all aware of the range of products available so when we identified the need for a new valve at one of our customers’ plants, we know the EZ Valve would be the ideal solution. We are delighted we were able to introduce our AVT colleagues to the customer and that the install went so smoothly.”

AVT’s President Harry Gray said: “We’re rightly proud of the EZ Valve and delighted to see our CSNRI colleagues identifying great opportunities for it to assist their long-term clients. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

AVT has recently released a detailed animation which clearly shows just how innovative insertion valve technology works. View it here:

CSNRI is your best resource for high-performance critical infrastructure solutions. We simplify asset and environmental stewardship and help drive global economies, delivering safe, sustainable composite solutions for the construction, maintenance, and emergency repair of critical infrastructure. Our composite construction and repair solutions have been deployed in 75 countries and include industry standard products such as Clock Spring™, A+ Wrap™, Atlas™, SynthoGlass® XT, ThermoWrap®, and DiamondWrap® composite products.

We support our products with best-in-class design, engineering, testing, and training services to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. Our industry-leading products are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades.

About AVT
Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) manufactures comprehensive solutions for the safe and sustainable repair and rehabilitation of critical water and gas infrastructure.
The company is best known for the AVT EZ Valve®, an award-winning inline insertion valve designed for quick and easy installation for emergency water line repair and planned pipeline maintenance, requiring no disruption in service. AVT is part of ClockSpring|NRI.

Larissa Trimoulet
+1 346-339-5989
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Ethanol-free gas emerges as PurFuels, a multi-use gasoline benefitting consumers and marine industry

Houston-based performance fuels distributor Hyperfuels announces its newest product to market, PurFuels, commonly referred to as Isobutanol, to the US market. PurFuels is made with Isobutanol, replacing ethanol in the fuel, has the following advantages:
• Low vapor pressure eliminates “vapor-lock” and hard start conditions
• Isobutanol has more energy or btu’s than ethanol so power is noticeably increased
• Marine Gas can be used as a storage fuel as it is not prone to breakdown over time
• Marine Gas does not mix with water and is not “hygroscopic” like ethanol (means it does not attract moisture into the fuel)
• Marine gas can be purchased in regular, midgrade and premium octane.
• Marine Gas is available in gallons, pails, drums, totes and bulk.

Ideal markets to utilize this EPA Reformulated Gasoline (RG) fuel source includes:
• water rescue
• fire & crash rescue
• marinas: consumer boaters/jet ski users
• consumer small engines user
• winter equipment (snowmobiles)

Success with past municipal clients such as the East-coast based Montgomery County Crash Rescue municipality in Rockville, Maryland, who was having issues with their boats not starting in the winter due to gas freezing in tanks, identified a critical market: municipalities. Hyperfuels has secured government contracting eligibility, with help from the University of Houston Procurement Technical Assistance Center, to pursue additional municipality contracts.

Per Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, consumers also reap the benefits of PurFuels. As boat owners, marinas head into summer boating season they need to know that studies conclude that ethanol negatively impacts fuel filters, carburetors and more. In addition, ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water. When water from condensation forms in a boat’s fuel tank the ethanol attracts and absorbs the condensation, causing engine power issues from water contamination and fuel phase separation.

The timeliness of Hyperfuels introduction of PurFuels with Isobutanol comes as the marine industry focuses on addressing the congressionally-mandated Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requiring 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to be blended into the gasoline supply by 2022.

Hyperfuels Marine Gas can be purchased:
• Amazon
• order online at, pickup at Hyperfuels in Houston, TX
• call 281-447-7200 to arrange delivery within United States
• wholesale bulk product (6,000-30,000 gallons) via tank wagons, trailers and railcars, to fit a scale of economy that helps small-medium sized businesses.

Additional tools helpful for understanding more about ethanol free gas include: for a list of where to find ethanol free gas in the United States
• Clean Cities, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector by advancing the use of alternative fuel vehicles, idle reduction technologies, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel blends, and fuel economy.
• Trade Only Today, daily news for marine trade industry professionals
• National Marine Manufacturers Association-videos, testimonials, research study conclusions and how biofuels are made

About Hyperfuels
Houston, TX based Hyperfuels distributes high performance fuels, lubricants and additives for engines. Since 1998 Hyperfuels has revolutionized the packaged fuel markets by creating a “grab and go” fuel canister with top quality fuels such as Sunoco Racing Fuels, Elf Racing Fuels, Total Energies Lubricants, PurFuels TM, E-Free and SynDiesel. Hyperfuels leads the industry in distribution of ethanol-free fuels (using Isobutanol oxygenate) to marinas, fire and crash rescue operations and small engine users. For more information visit


Nicole Haagenson
Sage PR Group
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'New eco-lifestyle brand harnessing African manufacturers and artisans craftsmanship'

In Our Name London and Nairobi

In Our Name London and Nairobi

In Our Name African Inspired Collection

In Our Name African Inspired Collection

In Our Name

In Our Name

In Our Name is a new London-based lifestyle brand that blends technological advances in eco-materials with hand-drawn print designs inspired by Africa's beauty.

We believe that profit and purpose can go hand-in-hand and as a brand, we are committed to building a responsible and purpose-driven community by making better choices for society and the environment.”

— Liza Colbeck

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 30, 2021 / — 29 June 2021

Press Contact: Liza Colbeck
Tel: +44 7973786871

'New eco-lifestyle brand harnessing African manufacturers and artisans craftsmanship'

London, Nairobi – In Our Name is a new London-based lifestyle brand that blends technological advances in eco-materials with hand-drawn print designs inspired by Africa’s natural beauty whilst creating a positive economic ecosystem in its supply chain.

Launched exclusively as an e-commerce site, In Our Name stands for sustainable fashion that is purposeful, contemporary and easy to wear. This is reflected in its initial range of beautiful dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, bags, and jewelry made by small manufacturers and skilled African artisans.

Founder, Liza Colbeck, is determined that In Our Name will minimize the impact on the environment, support and empower the people in its supply chain and develop products that have longevity and circularity without compromising on function and aesthetics.

Drawing on more than 25 years in the fashion industry in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Liza has spent the past 16 months harnessing and developing the creativity and skills of small locally owned manufacturers in Africa into sustainable economic and marketable partnerships aimed at improving their production capabilities and access to the global market.

“We believe that profit and purpose can go hand-in-hand and as a brand, we are committed to building a responsible and purpose-driven community by making better choices for society and the environment”, she says.

“We are not about adopting social impact or sustainability values that are nice to have. We are simply doing the right thing for the environment and society. This is why we are working towards creating a sustainable route to market for underrepresented African producers and artisan groups.”

With a product development base in London and operations in Kenya, In Our Name has a strategically mapped supply chain aimed at minimizing its carbon footprint. It only uses materials and components that will have a minimal impact on the environment; 90% of the fabric used is Lenzing EcoveroTM, a certified and sustainable textile made from renewable wood sources which use 50% less water and energy than conventional viscose during production. The remaining 10% is generic viscose and cotton sourced from traceable supply chains. In Our Name does not use materials derived from fossil fuels, unless it's recycled or upcycled and 100% of their packaging is made from renewable sources. All e-commerce bags are recycled.

Liza, who is half Kenyan and born in Nairobi, is committed to building an ecosystem that trains local artisans in all aspects of production, quality, and supply chain – all funded by In Our Name’s 100% Initiative. This enables 100% of the profits from artisan goods to be used to support various artisans and micro-enterprises in Kenya to create long-term sustainable income opportunities for the local communities.

“I see the world as a global village. The more we focus on our common values, the less we notice our differences, and the more we can be united in a common purpose that is driven by optimism to make meaningful change in Africa.

“The informal sector in Africa has the potential of becoming a significant supplier to the global market.”

For more information, please visit the In Our Name website: or Contact: Liza Colbeck at Tel: +44 7973786871 or by Email:

Liza Colbeck
In Our Name
+44 7973 786871
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Governor DeSantis Signs Law Creating Specialty License Plant for Florida State Parks

Will have a huge impact on our fabulous state parks

The approval of the specialty state park license plate is huge and will provide significant and ongoing funding to enable us to protect and preserve the nation’s best state park system.”

— Julia Gill Woodward

TALLAHASSEE, FL, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Governor DeSantis has signed the enabling bill that authorizes a specialty license plate for Florida’s award-winning state parks.

“We are grateful that the Governor has signed this bill which will have a huge impact on our fabulous state parks,” said Gil Ziffer, President of the Florida State Parks Foundation, which sponsored the legislation. Pres-sales of the specialty plate will start in October.

“Thanks to overwhelming bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, the Florida State Park specialty license plate is now a reality”, he said. “It is extremely unusual for an enabling bill like this to go through in just one legislative session but that demonstrates how much support it had in both chambers,” he said.

“Special thanks go to Senator Dennis Baxley and Representative Allison Tant for successfully championing the bill,” he said.

“Our Florida State Parks are a wonderful resource for our citizens to learn, grow and play. Our parks need to be protected and I am excited to get this license plate bill passed and help provide some much-needed funding to preserve these state treasures,” said Senator Dennis Baxley, who sponsored the bill in the Senate.

House Bill sponsor, Representative Allison Tant said, “The “Florida State Parks specialty license plate will provide funding to address crumbling infrastructure, improve structures, preserve animal and plant habitats, and provide more ADA certified improvements to increase access to the great outdoors”.

“The approval of the specialty state park license plate is huge and will provide significant and ongoing funding to enable us to protect and preserve the nation’s best state park system," said Foundation CEO Julia Gill Woodward.

“Although our state parks are the only four-time National Gold Medal winners for excellence, there is much that needs to be done to ensure they continue to be recognized as world leaders. Funds from a specialty license plate will help us achieve this,” she said.
“Florida’s state parks play distanced environment. The demand for these open spaces will continue to increase as Florida’s population is expected to top 23 million by 2025 and tourism numbers grow,” she added.

“To meet this growing an important role in providing open spaces where people can recreate and exercise in a safe, socially demand, it is important that state parks continue to provide exceptional value in terms of visitor experience and the range of outdoor pursuits available. It is also important that these pursuits are available to the widest possible audience both in terms of accessibility and diversity."

The Foundation, founded in 1993 as Friends of Florida State Parks and renamed in 2018, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support and help sustain the Florida Park Service, its 175 award-winning parks and trails, local Friends groups and more than 20,000 park volunteers.

It does this through programs that preserve and protect state parks, educate visitors about the value of state parks, encourage community engagement and active use of state parks, and advocacy.

The volunteer Board of Directors represents private and public sectors as well as local and statewide interests.

Julia Gill Woodward
Florida State Parks Foundation
+ 18505598914
email us here

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