First American-made, Eco-conscious DIY home pottery kit company sparks a new creative tradition around tables nationwide

Pottery with a Purpose

Pottery with a Purpose

Pottery with a Purpose

DIY Lifestyle Expert + Entrepreneur launches make-your-own pottery company that promotes mindfulness + creativity

Struggling with my own anxiety, I have managed to find outlets through meditation, yoga, and creativity — and really getting back to the basics”

— Founder of Pottery with a Purpose, Samantha Hoff

NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, June 22, 2021 / — Corporate data analyst turned DIY Lifestyle Expert + Entrepreneur Samantha Hoff takes conscious crafting to the next level with the introduction of Pottery with a Purpose (PWAP) in the Spring of 2021. Hoff created PWAP with the goal of helping people find purposeful escape and discovering (or rediscovering!) creative inspiration in sustainably designed make-your-own pottery kits that encourage slower, more mindful living in the midst of an increasingly chaotic world.

Pottery with a Purpose makes possible the magic of hands-on creativity anywhere, anytime. Kits include everything necessary – clay, tools, detailed instructions, paint + brush – to create a uniquely functional piece that is eco-friendly, tech-free and fun.

Dealing with her own lifelong struggle with anxiety – and an early career spent in the fast-paced tech world that didn’t align with her values – Hoff sought emotional and mental balance in her next endeavour, leading her to build a sustainable, value-based brand with intention. PWAP makes pottery accessible and offers a world of creativity at your doorstep with a structured activity to help you experience mindfulness and anxiety relief.

“Struggling with my own anxiety, I have managed to find outlets through meditation, yoga, and creativity — and really getting back to the basics,” says Hoff. “In a tech-filled world, it’s hard to detach from our phones, computers, and tv’s, but it’s also very therapeutic when we do. Whether you are sculpting clay as part of a social event or having some quality time alone, it allows you to unplug, unwind + unleash creativity one pot at a time.”

Every kit is made with sustainability in mind. Hoff searched long and hard for elements like plant-based + plastic-free paint, vegan paintbrushes, tools handmade in the US, and locally sourced clay – keeping in mind our collective impact on the earth and local economies. The ceramic clay is extracted and processed at a local factory just 2 hours from Hoff’s home, and all kit materials are made in the USA, keeping the company’s carbon footprint intentionally low. All packaging is 100% recyclable or 100% compostable. Kits also include a plantable wildflower seed coaster!

Hoff has been planning expansion around her charitable donation goals. For each kit sold, 5% of the profit goes to a mental health non-profit or initiative. Right now, donations are going to the Anxiety of Depression Association of America, but she plans on including more initiatives in the upcoming year. “Every person that buys a kit gets the benefit of a tech-free “pause button” in their life and helping a mental wellness non-profit or initiative, which means we all play a role in breaking the stigma around mental illness + we all help to make mental health resources more accessible”, says Hoff.

About Pottery with a Purpose™:
Pottery with a Purpose is a female-founded, female-run business promoting individual and community well-being through a thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious adult clay sculpting kits that invite creativity and mindfulness anytime, anywhere – all while giving back to mental health initiatives. A lifelong struggle with anxiety and an early career spent in the fast-paced tech industry led Founder, Creator, and DIY Lifestyle Expert Samantha Hoff to seek mental and physical balance in the grounding practice of yoga. In-between classes, Hoff found joy, a means of continuous inspiration, and relief from daily anxiety in a previous hobby – pottery making. Realizing that not everyone has time, space, or the budget to recreate all that a ceramics studio offers, she established Pottery with a Purpose, delivering the same creative benefits to others through sustainably-packaged and designed “do-it-yourself” kits containing everything necessary for at-home clay play. With the help of focused instructions, you can design, create, and decorate various pottery pieces to enjoy (or gift!) for years to come. Discover a growing collection of DIY kits and learn more about Hoff at Get to know the kits and find exclusive brand updates on Instagram @PotterywithaPurpose

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