60 Young Leaders Confirmed in 2021 UPG Delegation to Hurricane Island

Announcement 2021 - Hurricane Island

Announcement 2021 – Hurricane Island

Announcement Moment - 2021

Announcement Moment – 2021

UPG Sustainability Leaders in a small rowing boat together

UPG Sustainability Leaders completing an activity on water together

60 young leaders from all world regions are confirmed for the UPG Sustainability Leadership training on Hurricane Island. https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability

The journey to Hurricane Island is a unique pilgrimage that makes our leaders stronger, our communities stronger and makes the world a better place”

— Yemi Babington-Ashaye. President, United People Global

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, August 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 60 young leaders from all world regions are confirmed to participate in the UPG Sustainability Leadership training on Hurricane Island in the USA. https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability

From March to May 2021, 526 young adults from 101 countries were trained and certified as part of the Class of 2021 of UPG Sustainability Leadership to become UPG Sustainability Leaders. They completed an intensive 9-week training to become ambassadors for positive citizen leadership on sustainability. They are now active and leading local projects in their communities. Since May 2021 they have directly trained over 7,000 citizens across all world regions (and counting) on how to make the world better through positive action and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Today, at an event held on Swiss National Day, UPG confirmed 60 UPG Sustainability Leaders in the 2021 #UPGSustainability Delegation to Hurricane Island. They will experience an additional in-person training at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership in the USA. This training is a fully-funded experience that is designed to strengthen each leader for the work that they are doing in their communities.

6 of the members of the delegation were chosen via a public engagement BETA campaign with over 9,500 voters participating from across the world. The winners were announced at the announcement event. Those chosen from South Asia: Raja Tarun Reddy Masapeta (India) and Suyashi Dwivedi (India). Those chosen from Africa: Zainab Adam Abubakar (Nigeria) and Keoratile Moloto (South Africa). Those chosen from Latin America: Louize Oliveira (Brazil) and Filipe Mattos (Brazil).

The full group of 60 #UPGSustainability Leaders comes from 37 countries and territories. Meet the delegation: https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability-HurricaneIsland-2021Leaders.

“The journey to Hurricane Island is a unique pilgrimage that makes our leaders stronger, our communities stronger and makes the world a better place,” said Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President at United People Global. He added, "Swiss National Day always reminds me of the power that ordinary people have to make the world better. And so I am pleased that we can confirm this delegation today."

UPG Sustainability Leadership is the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability leadership training for young adults. It is a free programme that mobilises people and organisations to support positive citizen leadership on sustainability. And this is possible thanks to the support of UPG’s partners and collaborators, especially the author and philanthropist, Rosamund Zander. More information about UPG Sustainability Leadership can be found here https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability.

"The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership is incredibly proud to partner with United People Global. We are eager to bring UPG Sustainability Leaders to Hurricane Island to further their development and to build a rich network of leaders who learn from and depend on each other," said Bo Hoppin, Executive Director at the Hurricane Island Center for Leadership and Science.

Strict measures are in place to ensure the safe travel and stay on Hurricane Island as well as the safety of everyone directly or indirectly involved in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures include vaccination and testing requirements at key moments throughout this period. These safety and hygiene measures are constantly under review as the pandemic continues to evolve – and the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, the Center for Disease Control in the USA, as well as the local requirements in the US State of Maine are constantly monitored and respected.

“UPG Sustainability Leadership brings the best opportunities to young leaders engaged with UPG. At Hurricane Island, young leaders will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience that they will bring back to their communities,” said Rodrigo Nunes, Programme Manager, United People Global.

Those interested in learning more about UPG Sustainability Leadership may visit: https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability.

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