Sustain Our Abilities Proclaims October 22 DAY FOR TOMORROW: Climate Action Day

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People living with disabilities and Rehabilitation Providers work together to promote community and individual actions against the climate crisis

Everyone can take action to help limit climate change. By making greener decisions such as not using plastic or eating more plant-based food, we can be part of the solution and influence change.”

— Deborah J. Davis, PUSHLiving

BIRMINGHAM, AL, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — The climate crisis has caused massive flooding, wildfires, unprecedented heat waves and powerful storms like Hurricane Ida around the world and has impacted the lives of people on all continents. While we hear about the crises and their immediate impacts, how weather crises change people's lives overnight from ones that are full of activities, events and comforts to ones that are characterized by a struggle for survival. Living for weeks without power, water and without a proper roof overhead in not uncommon. Moreover, we do not focus on how these disasters disproportionately affect people with disabilities who may already struggle on a daily basis. People with disabilities have difficulty entering shelters. People with paralysis may require power for wheelchairs and those with chronic difficulty breathing may require electricity for ventilators. Many people with disabilities need physical assistance on a daily basis and home assistance may not be possible during disasters. Furthermore, weather disasters will become more frequent and extreme over the upcoming years and undoubtedly will also impact our mental health, causing climate anxiety and depression. While the world is working to take action towards limiting carbon emissions at government and international levels, Sustain Our Abilities, a US 501C3 company is working to make sure people realize the need for community and individual actions to transition towards a carbon neutral world and to help people engage in actions.

As one solution, Oct 22, 2021, is proclaimed “Day for Tomorrow.”

Day for Tomorrow is proposed as a time for people to come together in community to conquer the climate crisis. Previously we could predict what would happen with the weather; however now we are plagued by unpredictable severe events. And, when there are disasters, emergency responders cannot get to everyone. By knowing your neighbors you can help each other to achieve safety in an emergency. Just as importantly, to solve the climate crisis people need to work together in community, become knowledgeable and take action to decrease our personal CO2 emissions and live healthier lifestyles.

While none of us have individually created the infrastructure we live in, our lifestyles have a profound effect on our planet. Our choices matter. Much of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to private households and the energy, food, and transport sectors each contribute a large part to fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions. The good news is, however, that from the amount of electricity, we use, to the choices of food we eat, and the way we travel, we CAN make a difference. Moreover, many choices we can make that are good for the planet are also good for our health.

To preserve a livable climate, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to net-zero by 2050. International wide-ranging action needs to be taken by governments and businesses and we must all work to promote this. Still, the transition to a low-carbon world also requires people's actions that we can make on a daily basis — especially in advanced economies.

"Everyone can take action to help limit climate change and take care of our planet. By making greener, healthier decisions such as not using plastic, learning to wear layered clothing rather than artifically changing the temperature in our environments and eating more plant based food, we can be part of the solution and influence change." Deborah Davis

Sustain Our Abilities is providing a number of suggested pledges people can personally make to help conquer the climate crisis. People can take action by choosing one or more pledges on Day for Tomorrow webpage.
Then select the number of days you would like to commit to a day, a week, a month, or indefinitely!
Then SHARE your pledge to encourage others to become aware and join your effort! The first FIFTY pledge shares will get a Day for Tomorrow t-shirt!


One billion people around the world live with disabilities & are exceptionally vulnerable to the climate crisis. The mission of Sustain Our Abilities is to bring together people with disabilities & professionals to promote environmental justice, health & quality of life for people with disabilities. Sustain our Abilities is a US 501C3 that acts globally through an international network of professionals and people with the lived experience of disabilities to develop short and long-term solutions both to the climate crisis and to allow people with and without disabilities to sustain their abilities and quality of life. Join us through The Day for Tomorrow by making a pledge and help us come together to save all our tomorrows.

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