Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center Aims to Raise Funds in 24-Hours for Over 100 Rescued Chimpanzees

All funds raised from the Giving Day for Apes campaign will help the nonprofit provide food, clean water and secure shelters

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every year, hundreds of chimpanzees are orphaned due to deforestation and poaching. In an effort to continue their rescue efforts, the Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center (LPRC) is participating in a special 24-hour fundraising initiative, Giving Day for Apes, on Tuesday, October 12.

Giving Day for Apes is an annual global day of giving in support of qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers providing rehabilitation or long-term care for apes throughout Africa, Asia and North America. Lwiro is a nonprofit organization and the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Eastern DRC. All funds raised from the “Giving Day for Apes'' campaign will help support the organization’s mission of rescuing and providing crucial care for orphaned chimpanzees who are victims of illegal animal trade in the region.

Learn more about Lwiro and #HelpTomorrowHappen for Our Wildlife at: https://givingdayforapes.mightycause.com/donate/Lwiroprimates

“For the past 19 years, Lwiro has provided a safe home for orphaned chimpanzees in the region, saving them from wildlife and humanitarian atrocities,” said Ivan Carter, Founder of The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance and Supporter of Lwiro. “Every life matters and turning away orphans is not an option. Let’s come together on October 12 and support Lwiro in continuing their work in providing specialized care and comfort for these traumatized chimpanzees.”

As an added incentive, the participant who secures the most unique donors for the “Giving Day for Apes” campaign will receive a personal phone call from Lwiro CEO, Itsaso Velez del Burgo, an exclusive virtual behind-the-scenes tour of the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center and an invitation to join the organization’s WhatsApp group to stay up-to-date on all the exciting and important work going on at LPRC.

Since 2002, Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center (LPRC) has been providing a safe home for orphaned chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. LPRC provides a shelter for the animal victims of a brutal civil war that resulted in both wildlife and humanitarian atrocities.
Today, LPRC takes care of 103 chimpanzees. Most of these are orphaned; seized and rescued as babies from poachers as a byproduct of the bush-meat trade. Some of the rescued chimpanzees were also victims of the cruel pet trade. To learn more and donate to LPRC please visit www.lwiroprimates.org/

Founded in 2016 by world-famous wildlife conservationist and TV host, Ivan Carter, The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance mission is to create “More Wildlife and Healthier Ecosystems.” The ICWCA works with various, proven conservation groups throughout Africa creating measurable and tangible results in the fight to protect wildlife. To learn more please visit www.ivancarterwca.org

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Source: EIN Presswire