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We set out to provide information based on science that doesn’t come from a water company, advocacy organization or local government. Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia and WebMD for water.”

— Brian Oram, founder B.F. Environmental Consultants

WILKES-BARRE, PA, USA, October 21, 2021 / — B.F. Environmental Consultants, an environmental consulting firm providing a range of services throughout the Northeast, announced today that company consultants working with the Keystone Clean Water Team, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit, have completely updated the website into one of the most complete online resources of safe drinking water available anywhere.

“We knew after the drinking water disaster in Flint, Mich., that people needed a place to find fact-based information about the water their families were drinking,” said Brian Oram, a professional geologist and soil scientist and founder of B.F. Environmental Consultants. “We set out to provide information based on science that doesn’t come from a water company, advocacy organization or local government. The site doesn’t drive the consumer to remediation, but answers their questions and helps them get their water tested to find out exactly what they are drinking. Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia and WebMD for water.”

Now, Oram says the Know Your H2O website is all of that and more, with the addition of basic water testing and water quality information, it also includes educational resources designed to help students and non-students alike better understand the complexities of water quality through a review of the basics of physics, chemistry and biology that impact our water. Case studies included on the site help visitors learn about issues their neighbors may have had, what they meant and how they dealt with them.

“We help consumers use the scientific method to evaluate their own drinking water,” Oram says. “We guide them along the “Path to Clean Water” through the process of observing their water, testing for likely water quality problems and then evaluating those tests to determine next steps. It’s not always about remediation, but a good process of collecting, testing and evaluating results is the key to keeping everyone safe and healthy.”

A new featured tool on the site is the Self-Test Diagnostic app. It’s a web-based app designed as a simple questionnaire. By answering a series of questions about observations you can make with just your own senses, you’re able to do a preliminary diagnosis of your water issues.

Another advancement in the site means that it is no longer just about the water people drink in their homes. A new section offers information about the water in the outdoors, so consumers will know more about their local streams and watersheds, as well as the water they fish in and their children play in. Through the site, consumers can participate in water quality monitoring and indexing.

The site is free and available to consumers via the web nationwide. With it online at

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