Global Environmental Markets & The Carbon Trade eXchange Announced as Article 6 Partner of the IETA at COP26

Global Environmental Markets

GEM & CTX, provider of infrastructure for Article 6/Paris Agreement and operator of the only global spot exchange for the climate market partners IETA at COP26

Our trusted technology enable the carbon markets to function at the scale needed by Article 6. We have built low cost highly secure tech to ensure real, independently verified climate impact.”

— Wayne Sharpe

GLASGLOW, SCOTLAND, October 27, 2021 / — Global Environmental Markets & The Carbon Trade eXchange Announced as Partner of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
COP26 BusinessHub

Enabling Article 6 of the Paris Agreement by delivering
ClimateTech to safeguard integrity in the climate market.

Global Environmental Markets, the fintech provider of ClimateTech infrastructure for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and operator of the only global spot exchange for the climate, once again partners with an international climate association to collaborate to ensure carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality can be made responsibly under the Paris Agreement.

Global Environmental Markets (“GEM”) and its wholly owned Carbon Trade eXchange (“CTX”) is a Partner of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) COP26 BusinessHub, delivering ClimateTech to safeguard integrity in the climate market and specifically enabling Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. GEMs National Carbon Meta-Registries are Paris Agreement enabling technology that increases integrity of the carbon markets, promoting fairness and access for all stakeholders across the sell side countries and transparency and reduced risk for all parties on the buyside promoting sustainable development amidst a just transition to a low carbon future.

GEM Founder, Wayne Sharpe says, “Without trusted technology, Voluntary carbon markets can’t function at the scale needed to stay under 2 Degrees warming. We have built low cost highly secure solutions to ensure not only that carbon credits represent real, independently verified climate impact, but also that investors, consumers, and all stakeholders can believe in the claims that companies make.”

With the highly anticipated approval of the last piece of the Paris Climate Agreement, and specifically Article 6 – the need for National Carbon Meta Registries has never been greater for sovereign governments to ensure “carbon offsetting” “climate neutral” “double counting” “ITMO” and the democratisation of the carbon markets into a domestic carbon market with full digital access to the Global Markets. Emissions Reductions must be high quality, credible and each Sovereign Nation must deliver on their promise that carbon offsetting will not ultimately cause damage to the atmosphere but rather enable increased climate mitigation and a transfer of wealth into the sell side countries.

As an example, the GEM National Carbon Meta Registry enables sovereign governments to benefit from “corresponding adjustments” by ensuring that a credit used towards a voluntary offset claim by a business or individual benefits the country it is created in – but is not also claimed by the government hosting the carbon offset project or any other party or organisation, which over a longer term could result in an increase rather than a reduction of emissions.

Further, through the Carbon Trade eXchange digital interface with Registries, GEM continues to make sure that it continues to be the only global spot exchange for the carbon markets, the only transparent, digital market place for both buyers and sellers of carbon credits where pricing is real time, transactions are digital and 95% of all proceeds are returned directly to the project developers – further for the first time ever September 2021 saw a larger volume transacted on the exchange, than OTC; both de-risking the carbon markets, and increasing funding to all concerned.

Sharpe continues: “Through the GEM National Carbon Meta-Registry for Sovereigns and The Carbon Trade eXchange for all buyers and sellers we continue to power the carbon markets through our Fintech/SustainTech capabilities and the partnership with IETA is core to how we do this.

“It is interesting to note that more volume is now being traded on the exchange, using spot than off the exchange using OTC, which means that as the climate markets mature, both sides of the equation are looking more and more for a platform that is transparent, de-risking, pricing correctly and enabling over 95% of all proceeds to go to the projects themselves”

“With over 20 countries across Africa and Asia in late-stage conversations with GEM to implement and use its National Climate Meta-Registry PaaS solution, bringing not only Article 6 compliant capabilities to both the voluntary and ITMO market but also real time connectivity to the carbon markets, the timing could not be better for the sell side countries to have a spot market that returns 95% of proceeds!”


About Global Environmental Markets:
Global Environmental Markets (“GEM”) was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Wayne Sharpe. Wayne devised and constructed their first spot market platform, which they released in 2011. Called Carbon Trade Exchange (“CTX”), it facilitated the buying, selling and cancellation of carbon credits and emission allowances and became a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of GEM.

Since its foundation in 2009, GEM has built its own proprietary technology and IP with the help of heavy investment to enable the Paris Agreement and specifically Article 6. As a result, minimal “redevelopment” is required for personalisation of the technology to suit governments, industries and sectors.

GEM also provides nation states with National Climate Meta-Registries in compliance with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Meta-Registries at the Nation State level facilitate fair, orderly and transparent domestic and international carbon markets that give the countries participants complete confidence to participate enabling further emission reductions and transfer of wealth, both core to the Paris Agreement.

GEM has a proven track record in designing, developing and operating secure exchange and registry systems that suit both the buy side and sell side participants. These requirements can range from listing new products, disseminating market knowledge and information through to facilitating trading and providing world class, real time, clearing, settlement, and connectivity across the carbon markets.

Since 2009 the GEM group of companies has facilitated the registration, pricing, offsetting and funding of over 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping companies to fund renewable energy, forest conservation and community projects all over the world.

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