Air Quality Sensor Modules for 6 Gases and VOCs

7 Series Air Quality Sensors with sensitivity in the ppb range

Air Quality Sensors with sensitivity in the ppb range

Now there are Electrochemical Sensors for monitoring low levels of CO, NO2, O3, SO2, NO or H2S gases. There are also reliable PID sensors for measuring VOCs.

The ppb sensitivity of these sensors makes them the best available.”

— Fei Shen

SANTA ROSA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 / — There now are Electrochemical Sensors for monitoring low levels of CO, NO2, O3, SO2, NO or H2S gases (key contributors to poor air quality). There are also reliable PID sensors for measuring VOCs. The gas sensors are designed for air quality monitoring to measure the low-concentration CO, NO2, O3, SO2, NO or H2S gas with ultra-high resolutions. The design optimizes the sensor sensitivity, accuracy and long-term stability and enables the sensor to detect variations at parts per billion (ppb) levels.

The PID Sensors are designed for the detection of a wide variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In general, any compound with ionization energy (IE) lower than that of the lamp photons can be measured. Based on its proprietary ultraviolet (UV) lamp technology, Senovol PID sensors have the advanced features of high UV outputs, and long lamp life spans.

Bill Bolster
Electro Optical Components, Inc.
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Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship Applications Due By March 15, 2021

Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship Miami Kate Reynolds Yale University

Kate Reynolds of Yale University Wins Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship

Scott Cooper Miami Florida Scholarship

Scott Cooper Miami Florida Scholarship

Scott Cooper Florida Youtube

Scott Cooper Florida Youtube

The Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship recently awarded grants to Penn State and Yale University Students

Wealth is not to feed our egos, but to feed the hungry and to help people help themselves.”

— Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie Medal

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 6, 2021 / — The Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship just announced its newest opportunity. Students are required to submit an essay on one of three topics by March 15, 2021, and the winner will be announced on March 25, 2021.

(1) If you could add an amendment to the Constitution, what would you add?
(2) If you were to give a very important speech or a TED talk, what would it be about?
(3) Pick a quote that describes a lot about you, and explain why you connect with it.

Recent winners include Kate Reynolds who will be attending Yale University and Angelina Gonzalez who will be attending Texas A&M University. Both will be starting university in the upcoming Fall Semester.

What did Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship Winners have to say?

"I am so grateful to have received this scholarship from The Scott Cooper Miami Project. Paying for college should never be a barrier to anyone's education, and I appreciate The Scott Cooper Miami Project for giving kids a chance to achieve great things, regardless of economic circumstances," said Kate Reynolds, "I am so excited to pursue my dreams and ambitions at college this fall, with the help of this scholarship. My passion for journalism and politics has transformed how I see the world, and I'm eager to pursue these passions in the future. Thank you once again to the Scott Cooper Miami Project for giving me this opportunity and helping me fund my education."

"I am honored to be a recipient of the Scott Cooper Miami Scholarship Award, said Angelina Gonzalez. "This award will not only help me further my education at Texas A&M University, but it has also changed my perspective on how I can make an impact in the world with my voice. Getting this scholarship has made me excited for this fall semester by not having to worry as much about how I am going to afford my dream university. This award taught me that your voice matters and to not give up on your dreams. Thank you again to the Scott Cooper Miami Project for this amazing opportunity."


The Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship works alongside the Scott Cooper Florida Project. It is a private research organization that provides an investigative reporting platform. It proposes solutions to public policy challenges and focuses on “forgotten communities” throughout the world with the goal of making them safer and more secure, healthier, and more prosperous. By creating awareness through various digital marketing platforms, Scott Cooper Florida partners with small organizations, to give them a voice and fight for those that have been unable to deliver their message.

Scott Cooper Florida
Scott Cooper Florida
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Scott Cooper Florida Scholarship – Miami, Florida

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Hy-Hybrid Energy Applauds the Most Remarkable Achievements of its CEO, Dr. Naveed Akhtar

Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary- the fuel cell bus project, also proud to be the world's first in setting-up IHAC platform.

These projects clearly demonstrate that both low and high temperature fuel cell technology have a place in the automotive sector…..”

— Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM, March 6, 2021 / — Hy-Hybrid Energy– Scotland (Glasgow) based fuel cell services provider is one of the few companies providing services in all major fuel cell types. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy brings more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen energy/fuel cells. Dr. Akhtar has worked on four (PEMFC, AFC, DMFC, SOFC) out of the six major fuel cell types at world renowned organizations in Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Japan and the UK.

Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary, the fuel cell bus development project which also includes battery electric buses development. The Company is also proud to be the world's first in setting-up a platform (International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, IHAC) which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually. Other ongoing projects include low and high temperature fuel cell systems development for transport, back-up and off-grid applications.

In March 2019, Dr. Akhtar has been contacted for supporting a German OEM's project for the technology development in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Dr. Akhtar's extensive background in high-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells while working at German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart and The Centre for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research at the University of Birmingham was the perfect match for the German Partner to work with Hy-Hybrid Energy. Dr. Akhtar's PhD (on the topic of single-chamber, micro-tubular, solid oxide fuel cells) has the honour to be the first modelling and experimental studies ever published.

In August 2019, Hy-Hybrid Energy entered into a joint agreement with GOLDI Mobility Kft- a Hungarian based manufacturing Company for the development and assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrain for their next generation buses. In this project, Hy-Hybrid Energy is providing services related to the selection and testing of complete electric drivetrain including, fuel cell stack, battery/supercapacitor, electric motor, inverter, hydrogen cylinders, air & cooling supply system, DC-DC converter and energy management control. Later in 2020, this program was further extended to include battery electric buses, hence now setting-up a zero-emission buses (ZEBs) manufacturing facility in Hungary.

In late 2020, Dr. Akhtar has been invited to support a study related to the use of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for an aviation project. The study includes the use of gas turbine, battery and fuel cells as a hybrid drivetrain and selects the most appropriate energy source during climb, cruise & descend phases of the flight while optimising the overall efficiency of the drivetrain.

"These projects clearly demonstrate that both low and high temperature fuel cell technology have a place in the automotive sector, it is very important to select the right one with respect to particular application and scale size." commented Dr. Akhtar.

Hy-Hybrid Energy is proud to be led by Dr. Akhtar's leadership. The projects in other fuel cell technologies can be seen at the Company website:

About Hy-Hybrid Energy Limited:

Working with the leading players in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, Hy-Hybrid Energy provides services in clean energy technologies. Based in Scotland, UK, the team are specialists in all major fuel cell types, renewable energy systems, hydrogen storage and production, and support both low and high temperature fuel cell technology. In 2020, the Company organized the world's first international hydrogen aviation conference (IHAC 2020). The conference attracted high-level international speakers as well as a global audience discussing the role of hydrogen in aviation.

Visit: or contact Hy-Hybrid Energy,

Hy-Hybrid Energy
33 Beechwood Avenue
+44 7424 312756
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Congressman Jamie Raskin Salutes Long Walk for Freedom

Congressman Jamie Raskin

Congressman Jamie Raskin shared words of support for
the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love today.

I am sending solidarity and affection to all of my friends on the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love.”

— Congressman Jamie Raskin

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, March 6, 2021 / — Congressman Jamie Raskin shared words of support for the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love today. Representative Raskin represents Maryland's 8th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives and has stood in solidarity with Sindhi-Americans and Sindhis around the world since joining the Congressional Sindh Caucus.

Last year, Rep. Raskin sponsored the bipartisan House Resolution 512 calling for the global repeal of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy laws which are used to oppress religious minorities around the world, including Sindhi Hindus and Sindhi Christians in Pakistan. He was also an original co-sponsor for Rep. Brad Sherman's House Resolution 1231 in the 116th Congress calling for an end to enforced disappearances in Asia and around the world and calling upon the United States to ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.

Here is what he has to say now, in continued defense of human rights and dignity for all:

“I am sending solidarity and affection to all of my friends on the Sindhi Foundation's Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love. I know that you have mobilized many of the poorest people in the world to march for justice, to march for democracy, to march for proper response to climate change and environmental justice for everyone. I just want to salute you on this march and wish you courage and good fortune as you manifest a world through your determination to build a more just society.”

Thank you, Congressman Raskin, for using your voice and platform to amplify our vision for a more peaceful and just world. The Sindhi community and to persecuted people around the world are better for your allyship in Congress.

If this vision for the future resonates with you, we would love for you to join us for the Long Walk for Freedom, Nature, and Love. The 350-mile will begin at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on April 7th and end in Washington D.C. on April 29th, featuring actions and meetings with community leaders en route.

Please share our GoFundMe to support this project and donate if you are able. If you are an influencer or part of an organization, please consider giving us your endorsement. If you have time to share, we welcome you to volunteer with us!

Munawar Laghari
Sindhi Foundation
email us here
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The positive impact COVID19 has had on Phuket's environment

Phi Phi islands

The amazing Phi Phi Islands.



Diving in Phuket

Diving in Phuket

COVID19 has changed the world as we know it, but there have been some substantial positive environmental changes due to the reduced tourist numbers.

PHUKET, THAILAND, March 6, 2021 / — 2020 was full of challenges for everyone. With the global pandemic continuing into 2021, many people worldwide are still facing many of these challenges.

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, many businesses have had to close their doors permanently, numerous people cannot afford to pay their bills and are facing eviction, and the hospitality and tourism industry has pretty much come to a stand-still. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly caused the economy to deteriorate, it has in many ways had positive effects on the environment, specifically, Phuket, Thailand's environment.

Thailand gets millions of tourists each year. Tourism is also one of Thailand's most significant money-making industry and provides thousands of Thai people with jobs. Thailand is a top-rated travel destination in Asia, and the country exceeds its tourism capacity. However, over the years, with so much tourism, it has harmed the environment.

Even though the Corona Virus outbreak has had a devastating impact on the economy and caused tourism to become completely non-existent, it has benefitted the environment in unexpected ways. There were 11 rare sea turtle nests found on the beaches, for starters, which is the most considerable amount of nests seen in Phuket in 20 years. Additionally, over 200 endangered green turtle eggs hatched in Samui, and numerous leatherback turtles were returning to lay even more eggs in Phangnga and Phuket. Typically, the turtles' places to spawn are ruined by humans, and the turtles get killed by fishing gear or human negligence on the beach. Without all of the tourists there and fewer people on the beach, they have had time to regenerate and rapidly breed, which has immensely helped the species!

There has also been over 80 Blacktip reef sharks spotted in numerous places around Thailand. Ten sharks were seen whilst diving in Phuket, a school of 50 sharks seen in Krabi, another 20 spotted near the Similan Islands National Park. Plus, over 100 bottlenose Dolphins have been seen as well. Although they are not considered endangered, "the International Union for the Conservation of Nature" (IUCN) considers them to be near threatened as the population has decreased. However, since the closure of Maya Beach and other areas, researchers have noticed an increase in the amount of Blacktip reef sharks in the area. Again, this is because there have been no humans around, and they have had time to reproduce and will continue to do so without disruption.

Another positive thing that has taken place since the Covid-19 outbreak is fishers are selling their old fishing nets. They are being made into numerous items, including protective masks, push sticks and disinfectant bottles. Fishing is one of Thailand's biggest industries, but it is also one of the biggest ocean polluting industries.

Thousands of nets are used every year, and many of them get lost or thrown into the sea once the fishermen are done with them. Unfortunately, these loose nets will catch endangered animals, and they are unable to free themselves and wash up on the shore and die. Repurposing these old fishing nets into protective equipment not only helps people stay safe during the pandemic, but it also helps the environment and aquatic life by not having the loose nets capture endangered species.

Overfishing has been a significant problem in Thailand, but now it has been dramatically cut down. There is less demand for mass amounts of fish due to the virus, which will help species continue to grow and repopulate. The pandemic has also caused a level of awareness amongst the people of Thailand and the Thai Government. People realize that it is vital that we focus more on the environment, including taking measures such as switching to line fishing over net fishing and minimizing the number of tourists visiting – this will protect places such as Phi Phi Island.

To keep these constructive changes going, Thailand must implement the "Blue Economy", which is actively managing and sustaining the ocean's resources and preserving its health. In the past, the Thai government have attempted this, but unfortunately, they have been unsuccessful. Yes, the ocean and aquatic wildlife have seemed to be recovering somewhat quickly. However, for the repairs and regeneration to continue, it is vital that the "Blue Economy" is followed and taken seriously. Even though Covid-19 has temporarily ruined the economy worldwide, it has brought the importance of the "Blue Economy" to the attention of Thailand. Now it the Thai government is responsible to quickly implement the "Blue Economy" to avoid any further deterioration.

Covid-19 has drastically affected the entire world and has changed our everyday life now and in the future. Somethings are changed for the better, and others for the worst. However, everything does happen for a reason and all we can do it learn and change our ways to better ourselves in the future. The natural resources should not be overused, or else we will end up destroying them for good. We need to look at all of the positive changes that are going on and continue helping species repopulate and focus on the health of the environment and animals rather than just tourist numbers.

Charlie Bird
Thailand Divers
+66 804245649
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Mövenpick Hotel Doha: Small Changes Have Ripple Effects in Communities

Mövenpick Hotel Doha

“Even small changes can be regarded as important as the ripple effect can be extremely valuable," said Sami Aawar, General Manager.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 / — Green Globe member Mövenpick Hotel Doha continues to improve its sustainability performance. Green practices at the property focus on lowering energy and water consumption, reducing waste and lowering its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Operations
Every year the hotel aims to reduce its overall energy and water consumption. During 2020, total energy consumption per available room in the hotel was reduced by 1% and the total water consumption reduced per guest by 12% as compared to the previous year, 2019.

“I believe that even small changes can be regarded as important as the ripple effect can be extremely valuable. Sustainability is more than just energy conservation or recycling, it’s about sustaining communities for tourism,” said Sami Aawar, General Manager at the property.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Although guest numbers were affected by the pandemic last year, the hotel was able to greatly improve its waste management efforts and reduce total waste volume in the 2019/2020 period. Most notably, 2,159 kilograms of cardboard material and 678 litres of cooking oil was recycled along with 7,928 kilograms of discarded plastic bottles. The number of cans and wrappers recycled in 2020 was also significantly higher than previous years.

To decrease plastic waste, single use plastic items like straws, cups and bags have been replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives including paper and aluminium for food and beverage related services. The hotel has ceased purchasing many goods packaged in single use plastics with the exception of amenities and bottled mineral water. Management and staff members are currently working on sourcing eco-friendly dispensers for amenities and glass bottles for drinking water.

Green Transportation
Mövenpick Hotel Doha strongly encourages guests and staff alike to travel by public transportation to reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuel emissions. Rather than using private vehicles, guests can opt to take the Doha Metro network and buses with accessible stations located within walking distance from the hotel. Upon request, the hotel reception can also arrange transfers to and from the airport as well as other destinations.

For further information please see

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Ritika Ramani
Asst. PR and Communication Manager
Mövenpick Hotel Doha
Corniche Road
P: +974 44291111
+974 44291138

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+1 310-337-3000
email us here

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Ladera Resort: A Stunning Saint Lucia Wellness Destination

Ladera Resort

Green Globe recertified Ladera Resort in December 2020.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 / — Ladera Resort takes full advantage of its natural surroundings in Soufrière, offering a unique design in guest accommodation. The 32 suites all have an "open wall" where the west side of each unit is left open to expose breathtaking views of the majestic twin Pitons and Caribbean.

Green Globe recertified Ladera Resort in December 2020 with the property achieving a high compliance score of 86%.

Ensconced in natural surrounds, Ladera Resort is the perfect place to pursue your latest wellness agenda or simply relax and lose yourself in tranquil settings. The resort has created picturesque walkways and set up outdoor fitness equipment where guests can indulge their bodies and senses according to their own personal whims.

The Nature Trail
The Nature Trail is part of Ladera Resort’s Wellness Center which is located on a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trails extend over 1.9 miles rising about 1000 ft. above sea level. Trails are graded according to level of difficulty, from Easiest, Moderate and Strenuous to Very Strenuous. Guests can choose to walk or hike the trails or simply enjoy them as places to meditate and relax.

The Nature Trail winds through the forest and connects the Spa, the fruit plantation, the outdoor workout station, yoga path, green garden, herb garden, yoga plateau, the Meditation Pavilion, the waterfall and leads to the Sou Koue Plateau – an ancient sacred site revered by the Carib Indians. From the Plateau there is an exceptional view of the Gros Piton and Petit Piton, rising above the blue Caribbean ocean. So close, you feel that you can touch them.

Many resting areas are dotted along the way, complete with swing chairs, benches and magnificent viewpoints. Signage along the walking trail to the top of the volcanic ridge describes in detail the native plant life, geology and wildlife.

Train in Nature
Ladera Resort’s unique and rustic out-door gym is a project that combines fitness with their love of nature. All the hand-made wooden equipment is designed and handcrafted in the carpentry shop at the resort from woods sourced from within the property or from neighboring businesses.

The fondly named Flintstone-style equipment for workouts includes:
• Monkey bars
• Treadmill
• Pull up bars
• Parallel bars
• Balance Beam
• Tyre Flips
• Flat bench workout
• Incline bench
• Pole Climbing
• Stair Pyramid
• Chest press
• Leg press
• Stump hops
• Rowing Machine and,
• Wooden Dumbbells

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Christian Gandara Klopfer
General Manager
Ladera Resort
Rabot Estate
Dasheene 1988 Ltd
Soufrière 00124
phone 1 (758) 459-6600

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+1 310-337-3000
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East Coast Electronics Recycling Earns Perfect 5-Star Ratings from Delighted Customers


ECER Inc. Earns 5 Star Ratings From Clients

The essence of the company’s promise to customers is captured by its tagline: “we take care of everything so you won’t need to.”

SHIRLEY, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — Leading electronic and computer recycling company East Coast Electronics Recycling is celebrating a milestone that few organizations in any sector can claim: earning perfect 5-star ratings from a growing roster of delighted customers.

“The essence of our promise to customers is captured by our tagline, which is ‘we take care of everything so you won’t need to,’” commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling, which serves townships, businesses, hospitals, schools and government agencies. “We understand that our customers want to do the right thing by properly recycling their obsolete or irreparable e-waste such as computers, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and the list goes on. But they don’t have the time or expertise to make sure that every detail is taken care of. That is where we come in to make the difference.”

Some of the praise that East Coast Electronics Recycling has earned includes:

“We’ve been using ECER Inc. for over 10 years and can’t say enough good things about them. The service is a model of promptness & efficiency. The staff was highly cordial & professional. They are so polished at what they do that it did not disrupt our daily operations at all. We have used them several times with no complaints, and we plan on using them for years to come.”

“Our population has grown steadily over the last several years, and with it has been an increase in demand for recycling of old electronics. Our neighbors suggested ECER Inc. as a company that would address this need. We’ve been doing live load collections with them, and things couldn’t be going better. The staff is completely professional & courteous. They arrive promptly, load & shrinkwrap the material, and haul it away. Simply put, ECER Inc. takes the stress & headaches out of electronic waste recycling.”

Additional testimonials are available at

Currently, East Coast Electronics Recycling’s services include drop off container programs (open & closed top), electronics recycling pickup services, and electronics recycling collection events. In addition, the company offers secure data destruction to keep hackers from snooping on private, personal and proprietary information.

“Retail-level drive wipers do not fully destroy data on hard drives and other storage devices, and formatting hard drives is essentially as ineffective as ripping the table of contents out of a book — the data is still there, and hackers can easily and rapidly retrieve it,” commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling. “We use data destruction technology that is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, and the end-to-end process is carried out by our trained specialists, and monitored and verified real-time. In addition, for customers who cannot remarket their e-waste — for example, it may be a violation of compliance regulations — we utilize a state-of-the-art device shredder that destroys data and the hard drive itself.”.
Organizations can learn more about East Coast Electronics Recycling — and learn how the company delivers on its promise “we take care of everything so you won’t need to” — by visiting or by calling 877.537.9940.

About East Coast Electronics Recycling

Headquartered in Shirley, MA, East Coast Electronics Recycling is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving organizations in Washington, D.C. Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Services include secure data destruction, drop off container programs, electronics recycling pickup services, and electronics recycling collection events.

Courtnee Knight
+1 877-537-9940
email us here
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Bay Area Solar Company Celebrates Women’s Contributions to Solar Energy During International Women's Month

The job opportunities are abundant in solar energy, women just don’t always sign up.”

— Julia Bombardier

PETALUMA, CA, USA, March 5, 2021 / — Simply Solar, a local Bay Area solar energy company is dedicated to celebrating women in Renewable Energy for Women’s History Month. According to IRENA women only make up 32% of the labor force in renewables.

The senior sales rep at the company, Julia Bombardier said “The job opportunities are abundant in solar energy, women just don’t always sign up.”

With the recent transition of leadership in the US, and the introduction of the First Woman of Color to lead the country as Vice President, the focus on gender diversity is more likely to be realized across all industries, including the energy sector.

Simply Solar is dedicating resources to the future diverse growth of the energy sector. Starting at the high-school level, the company has focused on future education, working with a local non-profit to distribute scholarships to students interested in STEM, without gender bias.

The energy industry employs millions worldwide, and for many female leaders in the workforce, structural inequality can play a significant barrier to entry. Simply Solar, along with many other solar companies, are working to break that cultural bias. Past years events like the Northern California wildfires, a global pandemic, and frozen power outages in Texas have made apparent that the climate crisis is not going to lessen. This is an all-hands-on-deck situation.

The actions of women will continue to advance renewable energy solutions, and Simply Solar will continue as a leader in its dedication to the growth of employee expertise.

“When I enter a meeting, there is always a moment where I feel like my customer is looking for a male counterpart to be coming along behind me. With Simply Solar, I am completely confident knowing I work with a company that has provided me the education, and platform to succeed” says Bombardier. "The time for women in renewable energy is now!”

To hear the full interview, visit For more information about Simply Solar, visit

About Simply Solar:
Simply Solar is an industry-leading solar installer in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 20-years of experience. As an organization that prioritizes sustainability, they incorporate community impact efforts, education, and innovation into their practices. Simply Solar is the only solar company to offer an exclusive 15 Point Guarantee delivering maximum value and the best return on a solar investment.

Ashton Hethcote
Marketing Manager, Simply Solar



Ashton Hethcote
Simply Solar
+1 707-285-7037
Visit us on social media:

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Loro Parque Fundación Introduces More Lear’s Macaws Into Their Natural Habitat in Brazil

Photo 1: Birds born in Loro Parque Fundación – Tenerife, feeding in the wild. Photo: Thiago Filadelfo

Photo 2: Flight of one of the Lear’s Macaws. Photo: Plinio Mantowani

Photo 3: The adaptation of the birds goes through a large acclimatisation aviary in the area. Photo: Thiago Filadelfo

Lear's macaw is one of 10 species that LPF has managed to save from imminent extinction thanks to the funding of 'in situ' and 'ex-situ' conservation projects

Thanks to the efforts of LPF and the coordination team in Brazil led by biologist Erica Pacífico, 17 Lear's macaws have been successfully returned and 8 reintroduced into their habitat in Brazil.”

— Rafael Zamora, Scientific Director of Loro Parque Fundación

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, SPAIN, March 5, 2021 / — Thanks to the initiative of Loro Parque, Animal Embassy and Biodiversity Conservation Centre, in close collaboration with Loro Parque Fundación, two more Lear's Macaws (Anodorhynchus leari) were released into their natural habitat a few days ago. The project for these parrots is one of the most important projects of the Loro Parque Fundación, which has managed to lower the status of the Lear's macaw on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) from "critically endangered" to "endangered".

This is not the first time that the Foundation has reintroduced specimens of this species, which is one of the ten it saved from the threat of extinction, into their natural habitat. Already in August 2018, six Lear's macaws raised under the care of the Loro Parque Fundación were released into the wild and managed to adapt to the harsh conditions of their habitats in Brazil.

The conservation and gradual recovery of the Lear's macaw population has been a long and hard work, in which the ex-situ work carried out by the Loro Parque Fundación has played a key role. The Brazilian government gave two pairs of parrots to the Foundation 14 years ago, in 2006, in the hope that the Loro Parque Fundación would successfully breed the species and thus save it from extinction. Because the Lear's Macaw was in a similar situation to the Spix's Macaw, which is now extinct in the wild.

Only six months after the arrival of these two pairs, breeding began and since then more than 40 birds have been born in Tenerife. The aim of the foundation has always been to allow these parrots to return to their natural environment and to ensure their long-term conservation. Thus, in recent years, a total of 17 parrots have been returned to Brazil. Nine specimens to participate in the "National Action Plan for the Conservation of the Species" and eight Lear's macaws for a controlled return to the wild.

Loro Parque Fundación has developed special protocols for the breeding and keeping of this species. That is why our facilities have artificial rock surfaces that imitate the cliffs where the parrots breed in their original habitat. The different breeding techniques that the experts at Loro Parque Fundación have mastered and tested over many years have led to the great success in breeding.

The animals transferred to Brazil by Loro Parque Fundación have all the necessary qualifications to adapt to the conditions of their original home. However, the animals must slowly adapt to their new environment. Before being released into their native habitat, the parrots are prepared for life in the demanding region in large aviaries for several months. The macaws not only had to train their flight muscles, but also learn to recognise natural enemies and to feed independently in their natural habitat. To help the Lear's macaws recognise the dangers in their environment, a team of Brazilian biologists developed a special training programme. Snakes, birds of prey and even humans have to be recognised by them as a threat. Dummies that mimic the silhouettes of predators, as well as recordings of their characteristic sounds, are part of the adaptation process necessary for a successful release.

The reintroduction in 2019 was so successful that now a few days ago it has been possible to reintroduce two Lear's macaws bred in Tenerife to reinforce the population after the acclimatisation phase that started in August 2020. It was exciting to note that the animals to be released had already been visited by free-ranging macaws at the release aviary, as the impressive photos show.

Thanks to the great commitment of Loro Parque Fundación and the coordination team in Brazil, led by biologist Erica Pacífico, 17 Lear's macaws have been successfully returned and 8 of them already reintroduced into their natural habitat in Brazil. This commitment is certainly an exemplary implementation of the so-called "One Plan Approach" initiated by the conservation experts of the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN. In view of the sixth global wave of extinction that the Earth is currently experiencing, this plan foresees a combination of species conservation measures in natural habitats "in situ" combined with coordinated conservation breeding projects under human care "ex-situ". Here, of course, the know-how of modern zoos plays a special key role, as Loro Parque impressively demonstrates in this successful conservation project.

Natalya Romashko
Communications Department, Loro Parque
+34 922 37 38 41
email us here

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