New online smoking cessation program releases the underlying cause to stop smoking permanently via hypnotherapy

Thought of hypnotherapy? Use NLP to quit smoking

Thought of hypnotherapy? Use NLP to quit smoking

How to quite smoking

How to quite smoking

Susan Lawrence CCHT

Susan Lawrence CCHT

Now, cigarette smokers who are sick and tired of their smoking habit can quit successfully in the privacy of their own homes through an online program.

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, U.S., May 27, 2020 / — Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the owner of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy and NLP Life Coaching, Susan Lawrence, has launched a new Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free pro-gram on Her consistent success rates in helping people to quit smoking will for the first time become accessible beyond borders as people can access it from anywhere in the world.

“This program is different and effective because the changes are made by releasing the underlying causes of the smoker’s habit. Once the underlying cause is removed, then the smoking habit dissipates effortlessly. That is why this program is so powerful and also why it works. It makes changes from within the person’s subconscious mind. Anyone who has been looking for an easy but effective and permanent way to quit, will benefit from this program,” explains Susan. People who heard a lot about hypnotherapy to help quit smoking will probably find that the methodology used by Susan is safe and pleasant to use – as it is more orientated towards NLP.

Lawrence has helped thousands of people, including smokers, to get over their harmful habits and self-sabotaging beliefs in the past 10 years. Through guided meditations and focused concentration, she helps her clients uproot the emotional issues and limiting beliefs that trigger the need for a cigarette.
Many of her former smoking clients had tried other techniques such as gums, patches, and pills without success. These techniques don’t work because they don’t address the underlying cause of the smoking habit. That is why smokers reach for a cigarette the moment they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Others had tried to quit cold turkey and found the withdrawal symptoms to be too uncomfortable and ended up smoking again.
In order to make her services available to smokers all over the world, Susan created a new online program called It contains a 15-minute video explaining how the mind works and how easy it is to change unwanted behaviors into positive ones, because once you reframe limiting beliefs or the underlying causes of your smoking habit, then the smoking habit disappears permanently. This is followed by 3 guided meditations, each one releasing unwanted and unnecessary emotions and cut-ting the cords to the attachment to cigarettes. Included are 6 exclusive high-value bo-nuses such as 6 hours of sleep time affirmations to reinforce smoke-free behaviors, plus 5 amazing Transformational Mind Techniques as additional bonuses. These 5 techniques will improve anyone’s daily life by simply releasing negative thoughts and feelings and turning them into positive change.

Smokers all over the world, who have been struggling to quit smoking, can access her services online in the privacy of their homes. No more waiting for an appointment. Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free is available for immediate download once payment is pro-cessed through the website’s secure payment gateway. The regular price is $1,212, but during the launch period it is going for $364. That is a 70% discount!

When asked why her program is better than other quit-smoking techniques, here is what Susan said:
“I designed this program for people who are sick and tired of their smoking habit, have been trying to quit without success, and are looking to do something different in order to quit smoking. I have helped many smokers with similar problems to successfully quit smoking during my 10 years as a hypnotherapist.”

In a state of deep relaxation, the mind can overcome limiting beliefs which continue to cause the same behaviors over and over. Once the belief is changed or reframed, then the behaviors change as well. Hypnotherapy is one way Americans have known for a while – but NLP-based methodologies like this, just seems to be getting such good results.

Through this Quit Now Online program, smokers release underlying causes that act as triggers. Once the trigger is gone, the need for cigarettes also goes away permanently.

For further information on smoking cessation, please visit Quit Now Online.

Quit Now Online (Reception)
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New online smoking cessation program with Sue

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Scott Zack Michigan Showcases Favorite and Most Impressive Detroit Landmarks

Local business owner Scott Zack Michigan provides a closer look at four of Detroit's most famous landmarks.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, May 27, 2020 / — From Fort Wayne to Hitsville U.S.A., Detroit is home to a wide array of interesting and unusual landmarks. A successful business owner based in the midwestern state of Michigan's largest city, Scott Zack Michigan shares a personal look at some of Detroit's most impressive points of interest.

"Detroit is full of incredible landmarks, from Hitsville U.S.A. to Fort Wayne," says Scott Zack Michigan, speaking from his home in the Detroit metropolitan area.

The first of four Detroit landmarks highlighted by Scott Zack Michigan is Hitsville U.S.A. "Motown's first headquarters, Hitsville U.S.A. is a fairly unassuming landmark on first impressions," he explains, "but has produced chart-topping music for artists including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye."

Something of a museum to Motown music, it's a must-see for music fans across the board, according to Scott Zack Michigan, and an attraction truly unique to the city of Detroit.

Something of an architectural marvel, meanwhile, Scott Zack Michigan next turns to Detroit's Guardian Building. "Built in the 1920s, the Guardian Building is a prime example of exquisite Art Deco architecture," explains Detroit-based businessman and architecture fan Scott Zack Michigan.

From the Art Deco skyscraper's stunning facade to its breathtaking interior, it's a sight not to be missed, says Scott Zack Michigan. "From the moment you step into the three-story, cathedral-like lobby, bathed in light shining through the most ornate stained-glass, you know you've entered an unmistakable piece of history," he suggests, "and are witnessing a sight that you won't forget in a hurry."

Third among Scott Zack Michigan's Detroit landmark picks is Comerica Park. An unsurprising choice for lifelong baseball fan Zack, Comerica Park, he says, offers much more than just sport. "One of Detroit's most famous modern landmarks, Comerica Park is also a fantastic vantage point," explains Scott Zack Michigan, "offering largely uninterrupted views of much of the city's downtown district including its unique skyline peppered with skyscrapers, among which is the beautiful Guardian Building."

Scott Zack Michigan has previously spoken at length about life and business in Detroit. From discussing Autorama Detroit to revealing Detroit's place as a leader in North American sports, Scott Zack Michigan also shared some of Detroit's best attractions earlier this year, including the Henry Ford Museum, Cliff Bell's Jazz Club, the GM Renaissance Center, and the Detroit Riverwalk.

Finally, and returning his focus to the city's most impressive landmarks, Michigan-based Scott Zack touches briefly on Fort Wayne. "More than 1,000 years old, historic Fort Wayne is a must-see for everyone visiting Detroit," he explains, "centered around its famous 1840s limestone barracks building."

"Playing a role in conflicts from the Civil War to the Vietnam War, it's also home," adds Scott Zack Michigan, wrapping up, "to the fantastic Tuskegee Airmen Museum, which commemorates the incredible contributions of African-American airmen during World War II."

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Tru-Nut Releases New Single-Serving Powdered Peanut Butter Product at All Publix Stores

A new innovation from Tru-Nut introduces new consumers to Powdered Peanut Butter

ATLANTA, GA, USA, May 27, 2020 / — Atlanta-based specialty food brand Tru-Nut, one of the leaders in the Powdered Peanut Butter sub-category, announced the launch of their newest product, Powdered Peanut Butter Single-Serving Stickpacks, at all Publix stores.

Tru-Nut's new item is perfect for consumers who lead an active and healthy lifestyle and want to be able to eat well while on-the-go, at the office, or in their car. Just open the Stickpack, add the Powdered Peanut Butter to your breakfast smoothie, protein shake, oatmeal, yogurt or cereal, and you're on your way to eating healthier! And when you're done, the unique compostable packaging of the Stickpack will biodegrade when composted or thrown away, creating less trash in our waste stream.

The new Single-Serving Stickpack also serves to introduce new consumers to the healthy concept that is Powdered Peanut Butter. At only $.99, this opens the door for more consumers who may have been curious or on the fence about trying Powdered Peanut Butter, but were hesitant to commit to purchasing a regular-sized jar of the product. Tru-Nut hopes that consumers will try the new Stickpacks and fall in love with Powdered Peanut Butter. And what's not to love about it? It has an amazing natural peanut butter taste, plus it has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter, 80 calories per Stickpack, and 8 grams of healthy plant protein.

"Everything we believe in as a company is exemplified in the new Stickpacks. We created a great-tasting product that allows you eat healthy without changing your lifestyle," said Reid Edgar, owner of The Tru-Nut Company. "And the packaging is compostable, so we're literally removing tons and tons of waste from our landfills."

Powdered Peanut Butter Single-Serving Stickpacks are the latest product to hit the market from Tru-Nut, and is available at all Publix stores.

About The Tru-Nut Company

Reid Edgar founded The Tru-Nut Company in 2013. On a personal mission to be more health-conscious, Edgar was looking for better ways to eat healthy that could still taste good and without changing the way you live and eat. The first product, Powdered Peanut Butter is a healthier and tastier alternative to traditional peanut butter and its unique taste satisfies health-conscious people from all different walks of life. Tru-Nut also produces Powdered Almond Butter, Peanut Flour, Peanut Protein Powder, Almond Protein Powder and Keto Collagen Protein Powder blends. Their products are sold in over 8,000 stores across the United States, and exported to nine countries.

For more information, contact or visit

The Tru-Nut Company

Reid Edgar
The Tru-Nut Company
+1 678-597-8706
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Drane Ranger Now Providing Septic Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Greater Houston Area

One of the nation’s finest in liquid waste services has expanded its services.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, US, May 27, 2020 / — Representatives with Drane Ranger announced today that the company is now providing septic cleaning services in the Greater Houston area.

“Your septic tank performs an important function, storing and breaking down sewage so that it can be disposed of safely,” said Jeb Woods, spokesperson for Drane Ranger. “If you have septic tanks, they need professional attention from trained and experienced experts.”

Woods went on to explain that since poorly-maintained septic tanks will lead to system failure, which is very costly, it is imperative that individuals have their septic tanks regularly cleaned, drained, and inspected.

Drane Ranger, according to Woods, has several services aimed directly at septic tanks, including regular services for industrial and residential properties.

“So, whether you have a small septic tank just outside of Houston or a large-scale array of septic tanks at an industrial park in Houston, Pearland, Alvin, or Sugarland, Drane Ranger will help you properly maintain them and provide safe disposal of the sewage,” Woods said.

Drane Ranger is committed to the safe, responsible, and sustainable treatment and disposal of all non-hazardous wastewater. The company prides itself in complying with all local and state regulations in both our disposal methods and the certification of all our staff. Doing so ensures that customers receive the best experience possible but also helps Drane Ranger keep Houston and the surrounding areas beautiful for today’s residents and all the generations to come.

For more information, please visit: and


About Drane Ranger

Since 1985, Drane Ranger has been focused on two major components of a successful business: customer service and outstanding work. We ensure that your needs are met, whether that’s helping with that grease trap or handling your liquid waste that needs fast and proper disposal. We are always courteous and mindful of your customers and business.

Contact Details:

Jeb Woods

13911 India St
Houston, TX 77047
United States

Phone: 281-489-1765

Source: Drane Ranger

Jeb Woods
Drane Ranger
+1 281-489-1765
email us here

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Gabriel Btesh Continues to Lead as Construction Guru and Mentor

Leading Panama City construction mogul Gabriel Btesh reveals what it takes to become an industry guru and mentor.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, May 27, 2020 / — With five-star testimonials abundant and a largely unrivaled history and personal background in construction, Gabriel Btesh persists in leading as a self-styled construction guru and mentor. Looking back, Gabriel Btesh reveals how he continues to establish himself among Panama's very best and most respected construction firm owners, both in Panama City and across the rest of the Republic of Panama.

"I've been associated with Gabriel Btesh for 20 years and know him to be a trustworthy, 'go-to' kind of person," says long-time associate of Gabriel Btesh, Jim Tocash, in a recently shared five-star testimonial. "Along with business acumen, Gabriel Btesh also possesses a high level of common sense and is always a safe bet to work alongside," adds Tocash.

Chief innovator at the family business—Btesh Construction—for many years, Gabriel Btesh is today at the helm of the highly successful construction empire originally founded by his father, Jack Btesh, several decades ago.

A self-styled construction guru and mentor, Gabriel Btesh has shared dozens of pieces of invaluable, in-depth advice in recent weeks, months, and years alike. Btesh, he says himself, tirelessly promotes prosperity through property in Panama.

Committed to prosperity in the Central and South American nation as the construction industry continues to flourish, Gabriel Btesh has extensively leveraged, he says, his professional position to help raise standards of living in Panama.

Also openly reflecting on his retail and leisure industry construction highlights, explaining how leisure and retail industry construction is benefiting Panama, and continuing to honor a socially conscious commitment to construction, Gabriel Btesh remains at the forefront of the construction industry in the Republic of Panama.

The Republic of Panama is a thriving nation home to more than four million people. Its capital, Panama City, is a thoroughly modern metropolis framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made engineering marvel, the Panama Canal – a world-famous conduit for maritime trade. "It's a truly wonderful city, and a modern metropolis, no doubt about it," reveals Btesh.

More recently, the construction mogul has explored the ongoing building industry boom in Panama, sharing bountiful construction sector career opportunities in the process, and, just last week, revealed what he believes it truly takes to succeed as a construction contractor.

"The construction industry lives and dies on five primary skills and abilities," said Gabriel Btesh, speaking from his office in Panama City, the capital of the Central and South American Republic of Panama, last week, "which are work ethic, communication skills, problem-solving, project management, and quality assurance."

"I also continue to establish myself among Panama's very best and most respected home builders," adds self-styled construction guru and industry mentor Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up, "thanks to an undying commitment to a socially conscious approach to even the largest-scale developments both here in Panama City and across the rest of the beautiful Republic of Panama."

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Honeybees: pesticides disrupt nursing behaviour and larval development

The brood area of the bees was filmed with a camera (green) through a dome lighting (grey). The specially designed hive (brown) was only 3.5 cm wide, so that the bees would raise young as quickly as possible (right). Credit: Paul Siefert/Bee Research Inst

Video of development – excerpts. AL: The queen lays an egg (arrow) in the cell. AR: The growing larva (arrow) is fed with jelly. BL: the metamorphosis includes the rupture of the larval skin (arrow). BR: The pupa develops. Finally, the adult bee hatches out of the cell.

Unique long-term videos show the bee nursery in the hive

FRANKFURT, HESSE, GERMANY, May 27, 2020 / — A newly developed video technique has allowed scientists at Goethe University Frankfurt at the Bee Research Institute of the Polytechnical Society to record the complete development of a honey bee in its hive for the first time. It also led to the discovery that certain pesticides – neonicotinoids – changed the behaviour of the nurse bees: researchers determined that they fed the larvae less often. Larval development took up to 10 hours longer. A longer development period in the hive can foster infestation by parasites such as the Varroa mite (Scientific Reports, DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-65425-y).

Honey bees have very complex breeding behaviour: a cleaning bee cleans an empty comb (brood cell) of the remains of the previous brood before the queen bee lays an egg inside it. Once the bee larva has hatched, a nurse bee feeds it for six days. Then the nurse bees caps the brood cell with wax. The larva spins a cocoon and goes through metamorphosis, changing the shape of its body and developing a head, wings and legs. Three weeks after the egg was laid, the fully-grown bee hatches from the cocoon and leaves the brood cell.

Using a new video technique, scientists at Goethe University Frankfurt have now succeeded for the first time in recording the complete development of a honey bee in a bee colony at the Bee Research Institute of the Polytechnical Society. The researchers built a bee hive with a glass pane and were thus able to film a total of four bee colonies simultaneously over several weeks with a special camera set-up. They used deep red light so that the bees were not disturbed, and recorded all the movements of the bees in the brood cells.

The researchers were particularly interested in the nursing behaviour of the nurse bees, to whose food (a sugar syrup) they added small amounts of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are highly effective insecticides that are frequently used in agriculture. In natural environments, neonicotinoids arrive in bee colonies through nectar and pollen collected by the bees. It is already known that these substances disturb the navigational abilities and learning behaviour of bees. In a measure criticised by the agricultural industry, the European Union has prohibited the use of some neonicotinoids in crop cultivation.

Using machine learning algorithms developed by the scientists together with colleagues at the Centre for Cognition and Computation at Goethe University, they were able to evaluate and quantify the nursing behaviour of the nurse bees semi-automatically. The result: even small doses of the neonicotinoids Thiacloprid or Clothianidin led to the nurse bees feeding the larva during the 6-day larval development less frequently, and consequently for a shorter daily period. Some of the bees nursed in this manner required up to10 hours longer until the cell was capped with wax.

“Neonicotinoids affect the bees‘ nervous systems by blocking the receptors for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine,” explains Dr Paul Siefert, who carried out the experiments in Professor Bernd Grünewald’s work group at the Bee Research Institute Oberursel. Siefert: “For the first time, we were able to demonstrate that neonicotinoids also change the social behaviour of bees. This could point to the disruptions in nursing behaviour due to neonicotinoids described by other scientists.” Furthermore, parasites such as the feared Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) profit from an extended development period, since the mites lay their eggs in the brood cells shortly before they are capped: if they remain closed for a longer period, the young mites can develop and multiply without interruption.

However, according to Siefert, it still remains to be clarified whether the delay in the larval development is caused by the behavioural disturbance of the nurse bee, or whether the larvae develop more slowly because of the altered jelly. The nurse bees produce the jelly and feed it to the larvae. “From other studies in our work group, we know that the concentration of acetylcholine in the jelly is reduced by neonicotinoids,” says Siefert. “On the other hand, we have observed that with higher dosages, the early embryonal development in the egg is also extended – during a period in which feeding does not yet occur.” Additional studies are needed to determine which factors are working together in these instances.

In any case, the new video technique and the evaluation algorithms offer great potential for future research projects. In addition to feeding, behaviours for heating and construction were also able to be reliably identified. Siefert: “Our innovative technology makes it possible to gain fundamental scientific insights into social interactions in bee colonies, the biology of parasites, and the safety of pesticides.”

Publication: Paul Siefert, Rudra Hota, Visvanathan Ramesh, Bernd Grünewald. Chronic within-hive video recordings detect altered nursing behaviour and retarded larval development of neonicotinoid treated honey bees. Sci. Rep. 10, 8727 (2020).

Video: Development of a bee larva (Supplementary Material)

Goethe University is a research-oriented university in the European financial centre Frankfurt am Main. The university was founded in 1914 through private funding, primarily from Jewish sponsors, and has since produced pioneering achievements in the areas of social sciences, sociology and economics, medicine, quantum physics, brain research, and labour law. It gained a unique level of autonomy on 1 January 2008 by returning to its historic roots as a "foundation university". Today, it is one of the three largest universities in Germany. Together with the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of Mainz, it is a partner in the inter-state strategic Rhine-Main University Alliance. The Bee Research Institute is a subsidiary of the Polytechnical Society Frankfurt am Main and has been operated jointly with Goethe University since 1963. Internet:

Dr Paul Siefert
Bee Research Institute Oberursel, Polytechnical Society
+49 6171 21278
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Animated Children’s Film, SEAPER POWERS, Showing Early Success in the Film Festival Circuit

Seaper Powers The Movie Poster (To be released in late 2020)

Kim Cameron (Creator/Author/Producer of Seaper Powers)

A still image from Seaper Powers The Movie

Seaper Powers The Movie features the adventures of a little girl named, Emma and her sea-creature friends with an underlying theme of oceanic conservation.

Our connection to animals can be our greatest adventure.”

— Kim Cameron

MIAMI, FL, USA, May 27, 2020 / — Side FX Partners, LLC is excited to announce that their upcoming animated film, ‘Seaper Powers The Movie’, is already showing early success in the film festival circuit.

Although the film is in the end stages of production, it has received festival awards in the categories of Best Screenplay, Best Trailer, and Best Soundtrack festivals worldwide including the Madrid Film Festival (Best Screenplay), New York International Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), World Film Carnival-Singapore (Best Soundtrack), and Aphrodite Film Awards (Best Soundtrack), among others.

Created by Kim Cameron (who created, wrote, directed, and produced the project), the Seaper Powers series includes five books, a soundtrack, toys, and the new upcoming animated feature film, all of which follow the adventures of Emma and her sea creature friends. The latest book, “In Search of Blue Jays Treasure” has been recognized by the Purple Dragon Book Awards. Ms. Cameron has been touring elementary schools and libraries across the country reading her stories and encouraging children to respect the ocean and the animals who live there because “our connection to animals can be our greatest adventure”, says Cameron.

“I am honored to be recognized by these prestigious film festivals.  It is one of my many dreams come true.” -Kim Cameron.

Last month, “Seaper Powers The Movie Soundtrack” was released worldwide and includes 18 ocean themed tracks that are featured in the film. The first single, Mr. Octopus, was released in November 2019 and the video was featured on YouTube Kids. The music matches the ocean theme of the book and film with an eclectic mix of reggae beats, calypso, deep house sounds, electro-pop, rap, children's pop, and tropical jazzy notes. Musical voices and talent for the music include, Kim Cameron, John DePatie, Kris Pierce, Leo “DaVincci” Mayorga, among others. The music can be found on all major platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

‘Seaper Powers The Movie’ is expected to be released later this year.

For more information on Seaper Powers, please visit his website at

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Music Promotion, Inc.
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Seaper Powers (Official Trailer)

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Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd., (OTC: PLSI) Announces New CEO, Willis Victory

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited, CEO, Willis Victory

Willis Victory, Entrepreneur, Author and CEO of Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd.

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited (Global Cannabis Leader), CEO, Willis Victory

PLSI (Global Leader in Cannabis)

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited, CEO, Willis Victory

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited (Global Cannabis & CBD)

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd., (OTC: PLSI) Announces New CEO, Willis Victory

Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd. (OTCMKTS:PLSI)

I am looking forward to building the mission and creating social impact, while focusing on increasing efforts for greater social good. Defining the 'why' in what we are doing- is very important.”

— Willis Victory

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited (OTC: PLSI) (“Phoenix Life”), an adaptive healthcare solutions company, announced today that Willis Victory has been named Interim Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Victory will also serve on the board of directors for PLSI.

Phoenix Life Sciences International is well-positioned to be a leader in the nation’s hemp-based CBD space with its extensive intellectual property, proprietary processes and experienced team. The Company is investing heavily in expanding its operations with new offices on Martha’s Vineyard and Arizona; the company is scaling a state-of-the-art industrial scale facility to process large-scale cultivation and manufacture a wide range of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products. Our business is to advance research and integrate programs and manufacturing of products that target and treat diabetes, pain, cancer, address psychological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, autism and neurological sleep disorders, while contributing in restoring the body back to its natural essence. We strive to create partnerships and integrate these programs for human health into communities worldwide as part of our Global Health Initiative.

Willis Victory is an incredibly dynamic business leader with an impressive track-record for growth and profitability, working with some of the world’s leading and most iconic entrepreneurs, projects and companies. PLSI is very excited to have such high-level talent coming on board to lead us through this important time for the Company. Mr. Victory comes from a tremendously strong business, law, financial, in addition to his extensive music and entertainment business experiences, this includes a vast network of experienced professional’s from diverse backgrounds, along with medical marijuana/cannabis investing & expansion opportunities. The “interim” appointment was made so that the PLSI family and Mr. Victory are able to act immediately in his hire, while supporting the Company’s recent progress in addressing various challenges of the past and building a foundation for the future.

A graduate of the Naval Justice Academy in Newport, Rhode Island. Mr. Victory brings a wide-range of skills, experiences, and relationships to the Company. Mr. Victory is great when it comes to working under pressure, strong problem-solving and analytical skills. His ability to adapt to changes quickly in the business environment is one of the many qualities that captures the attention of many, and its this experience that qualifies him for the CEO position. In addition to his skill set; Mr. Victory has a very strong overall working knowledge of global economics, international business, law, international partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, sports and entertainment.

Mr. Victory also served several years in the United States Marine Corps, where he learned the importance of service and Esprit De Corps. While working in the legal field in the military, Mr. Victory was able to be a consistent student of military law. He also was granted the opportunity to observe the value of discipline and teamwork, and what we have now come to know as the “mastermind alliance.” Mr. Victory was the recipient of several medals and honors, which include the prestigious Navy Achievement Medal and Outstanding Volunteer Medal, respectively.

Mr. Victory is focused on creating greater social value. He understands that the purpose is the promise to the customers, while bringing consistent value to shareholders. Mr. Victory has negotiated several partnerships to assist with the expansion of operations and has been able to focus on the pain points of the Company, while implementing a purpose driven strategy. Mr. Victory's appointment is timely and aligns perfectly with PLSI’s corporate evolution from the early stage organization we were years ago, into a professionally managed public company with top-tier executive talent. Placing world-class marketing and sales expertise at the highest level of the Company is critical to establish PLSI’s leadership position in the market. We believe we are headed in that direction.

About Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd.,

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited is an adaptive healthcare solutions company. Our business is to advance research and integrate programs and manufacturing of products that target and treat diabetes, pain, cancer, and address psychological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, neurological and sleep disorders. We strive to create partnerships and integrate these programs for human health into communities worldwide as part of our Global Health Initiative.


Information contained in this press release regarding Phoenix Life Sciences International, Limited and its subsidiaries, (the “Companies”) may constitute forward-looking statements or statements which may be deemed or construed to be forward-looking statements. The words “plan”, “forecast”, “anticipates”, “estimate”, “project”, “intend”, “expect”, “should”, “believe,” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve, and are subject to, known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which could cause the Company’s actual results, performance (financial or operating) or achievements to differ from the future results, performance (financial or operating) or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. The risks, uncertainties and other factors are more fully discussed in the Company’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements attributable to the Companies herein are expressly qualified in their entirety by the above-mentioned cautionary statement. The Companies disclaim any obligation to update forward-looking statements contained in this press release, except as may be required by law.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore the products sold by Phoenix Life Sciences International are not available in the U.S.


Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd., does not sell or distribute any products in the United States that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USCSA). The Company does not grow, sell, or distribute cannabis-based products in the United States and is solely involved with the legal distribution of pharmaceutical products that contain active ingredients derived from the cannabis plant within international markets.

Investor Contact:
Phone: (702) 213 4882

Media Contact:
Kyle Porter
CMW Media

Public Relations
J Silas Green
(702)-213 4882
Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd.
+1 702-213-4882

Kyle Porter
Phoenix Life Sciences International, Ltd.
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The Methanol Institute Welcomes Neo-H2 as a New Association Member

The Methanol Institute (MI), the trade association for the global methanol industry, is pleased to welcome as a new member Neo-H2.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Neo-H2 to the MI family”

— Gregory Dolan, CEO

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 26, 2020 / — Formed in 2018, and located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Neo-H2, has developed innovative methanol reformation technology. The core of their technology is a series of unique and proprietary nanocatalysts which have been developed from more than 20 years of research and development by the original inventor and one of Neo-H2’s founders. One of these catalysts has been incorporated in their HR-100 reforming system that allows for highly efficient methanol reformation. The HR-100 system, is an autothermal reformer, which produces a hydrogen rich gas of approximately 40% that has multiple industrial applications. Currently, Neo-H2 is focusing on utilizing the Neo-gas for diesel internal combustion engine (ICE) combustion enhancement, targeting both reducing toxic emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

A few highlights of Neo-H2’s current activity and future interests:

o Developing various strategic partnerships to facilitate full commercialization of their technology
o Planning a pilot project to dual fuel a large marine diesel tugboat ICE
o Expanding the scope of use of the Neo-gas to include the following:
o as a primary fuel for spark generator sets
o as a fuel source for hydrogen fuel cells (specifically SOFCs and HTPEMs)
o as part of a dual fueling strategy in combination with other primary fuels such as natural gas and methanol
o as a part of the ever-expanding hydrogen infrastructure

MI CEO Gregory Dolan notes "It is a great pleasure to welcome Neo-H2 to the MI family. Neo-H2 joins the growing ranks of MI members who are focused on innovative clean energy technologies to meet our planet’s energy needs. Neo-H2’s unique catalyst to convert methanol to hydrogen promises a cleaner future for us all."

Neo-H2’s CEO Dr. Steven Kadiev notes: “We as a company are thrilled to join the Methanol Institute and are excited to network with the other MI members. While our reforming system can utilize other fuels, it is our belief that methanol is the optimal fuel source and best carrier of hydrogen for our system. Many thanks to Mr. Gregory Dolan for working with us over the last two years and inviting us to join the Methanol Institute.”

For more information on Neo-H2, please visit their website at and their LinkedIn company page (

About MI

As the trade association for the global methanol industry, the Methanol Institute (MI) represents world’s leading methanol producers, distributors and technology companies from its offices in Singapore, Washington, Brussels and Beijing. Information on joining the Methanol Institute can be found here:

Lawrence Navin
Methanol Institute
+1 703-248-3636
email us here

Neo-H2’s Technology Explained

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Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc. Welcomes Juan Espitia as Senior Account Manager to South Orange County

Juan Espitia, Senior Account Manager

Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.

Juan has demonstrated a track record of outstanding dedication and measurable results in his previous positions. We are excited to have him.”

— Steven Schinhofen, CEO

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2020 / — Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc. hires Juan Espitia as Senior Account Manager for South Orange County. Juan is a seasoned Senior Account Manager with over 10 years of experience in the landscape management industry.

CEO Steven Schinhofen shared, “I am committed to retaining top landscape talent for my clients. For this role, I was looking specifically for a landscape professional who isn’t afraid to lead and train a team, as well as provide excellent customer service for our clients. Juan has demonstrated a track record of outstanding dedication and measurable results in his previous positions. We are excited to have him.”

Juan Espitia is highly recognized in the Landscape Industry having previously received awards for “Most Improved” and “Work Ethic” from communities such as, Beacon Hill, San Joaquin Hills, and Ocean Ranch. Eager to work with the team, Juan looks forward to providing leadership and structure for the best possible landscape services available. Juan will manage his portfolio with the integrity and determination exhibited previously in his career.

“Juan is one of those individuals who are passionate about building relationships and excited to share his knowledge of landscaping with others. I was fortunate to work with Juan at another landscape company and know, firsthand, the positive impact he has with clients and fellow employees. He is a highly dedicated individual and will make a great addition to our A-list talent here at Harvest Landscape. I am excited to see Juan joining our team,” said Director of Talent Acquisitions and Development, Robert Gavela.

About Harvest Landscape Enterprises, Inc.: Harvest Landscape, headquartered in Anaheim California, is focused on providing comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions for homeowner’s associations and commercial properties throughout Southern California.


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