Ceanne Fernandes-Wong, CEO and Co-Founder at COCOON, and Matt Heiman, Chairman and Co-Founder at COCOON – Photography by Holly Whitaker

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 24, 2021 / — COCOON, the leading subscription platform for luxury handbags, today announces the completion of a new funding round, which has attracted backing from leading industry investors recognising COCOON’s unique value proposition and market opportunity.

The new investors include global luxury group Kering, alongside a large number of existing backers, including Simon Beckerman, Founder of Depop and Lilly Wollman, a former partner at Generation Investment, bringing the total investment raised to over £2.5 million.

The announcement strengthens COCOON’s position in the UK’s circular fashion space and comes after a period of exciting growth for the company. Despite industry-wide challenges, COCOON has seen over 200% increase in membership since April 2020, which is set to continue as the UK comes out of lockdown. The funding will allow a scaling of the COCOON platform through investment in a broader depth and selection of inventory, headcount, enhanced logistics and further tech development to improve the member journey and create a frictionless experience for the community. COCOON will also deepen its relationships with leading brands to ensure members have access to the greatest selection of luxury bags.

The BCG report, Financing the Transformation in Fashion, highlighted a US$20-30 billion circular fashion investment opportunity in what is now a US$2 trillion industry sector. As a growing segment of luxury shoppers seek more sustainable consumer opportunities, a long-term trend towards more conscious-led purchasing is inevitable, as stated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, Financing the Circular Economy – Capturing the Opportunity.

This investment marks a step forward in COCOON’s ambitions to be the first-choice circular solution for bag lovers. As a leader in the UK’s exciting new circular fashion market, the decision was made to focus on a product category that could reach the widest audience. Luxury handbags, universal in their appeal, have the ability to transform and uplift, and allow COCOON to avoid operational challenges associated with other fashion products. Due to their quality of materials, standard of craftsmanship and durability, they are the ideal category for a circular fashion offer. With its subscription model, members can choose from flexible monthly and quarterly plans, with a range of access to different styles and unique benefits. Recurring subscription revenue means that COCOON was able to continue to grow the platform throughout the pandemic.

Ceanne Fernandes Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, said: “From day one we have been selective and considered about our growth partners, so we are thrilled about the backing from such well-respected and informed investors. With Kering’s incredible history, proven track-record of innovation and deep luxury knowledge, it’s fantastic to have investment from such a powerful market leader. We are like-minded in our vision for a sustainable fashion future and our respect for the luxury codes. This funding marks a significant step for COCOON as we grow the collection and expand the business to own more of the circular fashion space. The market is calling out for innovative sustainable solutions and can see that our subscription-based model allows for consistent revenue generation through a challenging time. We look forward to developing the COCOON platform to offer our members a superior experience and unrivalled selection of luxury styles.”

Matt Heiman, Chair and Founder, commented: “Our ambition for COCOON is vast, and we know this investment round will allow us to increase, improve and refine our offer for existing and new customers. Global investment into the circular economy has now reached over US$6.5 billion as investors back socially sustainable initiatives. They know that the option to do nothing has passed and they understand the opportunity the circular economy presents.”

Grégory Boutté, Kering’s Chief Client and Digital Officer, added: “We have an ambitious innovation strategy at Kering which aims at identifying potentially disruptive trends and shaping the future of luxury fashion. As part of this strategy, Kering, through its ventures arm, takes minority stakes in services and technologies for the next generation of luxury consumers. This investment in COCOON will enable us to monitor new consumption habits and digital practices. We see the subscription model as a very interesting trend in fashion, and by extending the product lifecycle it resonates particularly well with Kering’s circularity ambition.”

Simon Beckerman of Depop, commented: “We are seeing some impressive valuations for circular fashion businesses as investors recognise that sustainability is inextricably linked to the future of the sector. For me the COCOON model has huge market opportunity and revenue generating potential which means it will become one of the most important pillars of ethical luxury shopping.”

Media Contacts

Emily Thompson, Brand and Communications Manager

Gabrielle Shaw Communications
+44 (0)7 768 941436

Emilie Gargatte, Head of Press Relations
Marie de Montreynaud, Corporate Press Relations Manager

Launched in 2019, COCOON is a London-based circular subscription service for bag lovers. Membership unlocks access to the COCOON collection, with bags to suit every style, occasion and personality; and weekly drops to support your style needs as they evolve. Add your favourite bag to your wardrobe each month, and when you're ready, swap for something new. It's a smarter, circular approach to wardrobe planning and a more responsible, less wasteful way to indulge in variety and newness.

Founded by luxury expert Ceanne Fernandes-Wong and entrepreneur Matt Heiman, COCOON offers a customer-centric and environmentally conscious service for its members. As CEO, Fernandes-Wong is leading her team to build THE circular destination for luxury handbag lovers to discover and access the widest selection of new season, pre-owned and vintage styles. With 20 years of experience in the fashion and media sector, and a passion for sustainability, Ceanne is focused on paving the way for a circular fashion future promoting access and experience.

COCOON is backed by world-renowned tech and luxury investors including Simon Beckerman, Founder of Depop; Riccardo Pozzoli, Italian investor and entrepreneur; and Kering.

Gabrielle Shaw
Gabrielle Shaw Communications
+44 7768 941436

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First Green Globe Certification Awarded to Christopher Hotel in the French West Indies

Christopher Hotel

Green Globe has awarded Christopher Hotel in the French West Indies its very first certification.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / — Nestled between crystal-clear water and Pointe Milou on the island of Saint Barthélemy and protected by the trade winds, the Christopher Hotel offers a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands. An ideal retreat, chic and relaxed, easy going to make you feel at home.

Green Globe has awarded Christopher Hotel in the French West Indies its very first certification.

Olivier Leroy, General Manager at the hotel said, “We are honored to announce our new Green Globe Certification, which confirms that our property is well on the way to becoming a truly sustainable tourist destination. This label emphasizes two years of intense work to make our hotel an eco-responsible entity. We are proud of the progress made so far and definitely remain committed to maintaining our efforts in the years to come.”

Careful planning has gone into efforts underlying the hotel’s overall sustainability vision.

Conception and Sustainable Management
Since October 2019, the Christopher Hotel has been examining the operating systems of all of its buildings and making improvements where possible. The hotel took advantage of the first Covid-19 lockdown to rebuild its water management system in order to become completely autonomous and started using state-of-the-art technology to help protect the environment and reduce water usage. The hotel has its own desalination treatment plant to treat sea water. Rainwater is also collected and stored in tanks, while the gardens benefit from an irrigation system that uses greywater.

For maximum reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, all of the machines used throughout the hotel have been slowly replaced with more modern technology. All the lighting fixtures at the hotel now use low-energy LED sources, from all rooms and bathrooms to the exteriors, restaurants, bars, spa, and gardens. In addition, to implement a sustainable management policy that is followed on a day-to-day basis, the Christopher also works with local architects and companies to rethink the design of new buildings in order to meet the island’s revised environmental code. This can be observed in the construction of the hotel’s three new villas.

Environmental Protection
Management and staff members at Christopher Hotel are particularly dedicated to preserving its outstanding natural environment. This includes encouraging clients to be ecologically responsible in their behavior (and that applies also to the hotel’s partners, suppliers and service providers) by creating events based on Green Globe criteria such as environmental initiatives or cultural evenings showcasing local cuisine through to continued education in sustainable development for all employees and the creation of a sustainable purchasing policy.

In 2019, the restaurant’s Chef signed an agreement to avoid food wastage as well as reduce food losses by 50% between now and 2025. Local fishermen who supply the hotel are also committed to sustainable fishing practices by adhering to a specific fishing charter that bans the catch of threatened fish species. Other environmentally friendly activities include separating trash for recycling, elimination of all paper and plastic products and the use of eco-certified products.

In order to highlight and protect the island’s marine environment, the Christopher Hotel has created strong bonds with local partners such as Ouanalao Dive who are responsible for the Biorock project that aims to restore coral reef ecosystems located just offshore of the hotel. Biorock is the name given to metal structures installed a few tens of meters from the shore on which coral “cuttings” are attached. An electric current, supplied by the hotel, passes through the structure to improve the survival rate and growth of the corals and precipitating limestone, which they are fond of. The growth rate of corals is 3 to 5 times higher than normal and the survival rate is 16 to 50 times higher as they are more resistant to degradation of water quality and global warming.

Cultural Heritage
The hotel’s concierge service offers a variety of experiential activities that allow guests to discover the island’s cultural heritage, history, and native flora and fauna found in the hotel’s gardens. Each year, the Christopher Hotel also organizes events with the Artists of St. Barth, a local group, that promotes local art.

In line with their social initiatives, the hotel supports the local Red Cross, the St. Barth Handicap and the Sargasse Project – a St. Barth start-up looking to find useful solutions for invasive sargassum seaweed.

Local talent is always valued and the hotel is particularly careful in terms of recruitment with great attention paid to every action to train staff and further skill development whilst maintaining a sense of luxury and high-quality service for visiting guests.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Alexandra Lemarchand-Guibout
Communications Manager
Hotel Christopher St Barth
Pointe Milou
St Barthélemy F97133

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+ +1 3103373000
email us here

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Green Globe Awards Kazan Palace by TASIGO First Certification

Kazan Palace by TASIGO

Green Globe has certified its first hotel in Russia.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / — Kazan Palace by TASIGO is the first hotel in Russia to receive Green Globe Certification.

Kazan Palace by TASIGO is a traditional Art Noveau building on the outside featuring state-of-the-art technology on the inside. Kazan Palace welcomes its visitors warmly—just like Kazan, the city has greeted people of different cultures and faiths for centuries.

Serkan Aslan, General Manager at Kazan Palace said, “As TASIGO hotels we greatly appreciate and are honoured to be the First Green Globe certified hotel in Russia. We are well aware that from here we have more responsibilities for our environment, and we are carefully considering all of our actions and how they affect the community and environment. We are also very pleased to see how our whole team have improved themselves day by day, and how many different points of our sustainability goals are more significant to them now.”

The hotel is assuming more responsibility toward caring for nature, conserving resources and adhering to a policy of sustainable development as part of the company’s “Stay in Harmony” project. Every day the hotel takes practical steps to reduce its impact on the environment without sacrificing the comfort of its guests and also focuses on improving the quality of its services.

Energy and Water Conservation
The hotel aims to achieve many of its sustainability goals in reducing energy and water usage and waste volume.

Kazan Palace uses an advanced technology energy-saving system that saves up to 44% of electricity. Nearly 95% of the lighting fixtures (inside and outside the hotel) use LED lights that are controlled automatically.

To reduce water consumption, the hotel has an innovative plumbing system and has developed a special initiative – the Green Room Rater – where guests can opt-out of room cleaning services and receive a 15% discount on their stay. This measure significantly reduces energy and water consumption, while also lowering use of chemicals in the laundry and waste volume.

Waste Reduction
Ensuring effective and proper solid waste management is critical to the achievement of Sustainable Tourism goals. In July 2020, Kazan Palace began implementing a strict recycling and waste management system. The hotel worked hard on its waste management strategy to get the right suppliers, organize green meetings, and implement waste segregation procedures and other social efforts within the property. A policy of banning single-use plastics from all hotels comprehensively addresses the growing plastics crisis and certain single-use plastic products have been phased out. Kazan Palace opted to stop serving drinks with plastic straws and instead provides biodegradable alternatives upon request. The eco-friendly property aims to be a leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism by offering guests paper straws and providing reusable bottles at the SPA. New shower dispensers have also been installed in bathrooms replacing disposable shampoo and conditioner amenities.

Local Clean-ups
In line with Kazan Palace’s environmental policy, Team Members conducted a local cleanup of areas in Kazan city where they collected several bags of glass and plastic bottles, garbage and also segregated all of the waste for recycling or disposal. Kazan Palace management greatly appreciated the value of the time contributed by each employee to preserving the environment.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit


Serkan Aslan
General Manager
Kazan Palace Hotel by Tasigo
Kalinina Street 3b
Kazan 420043
P: +7 986 903 0100

Bradley Cox
Green Globe
+1 310-337-3000
email us here

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The World Awaits for Bill Gates To Make Statement at "Global Crisis. This Will Affect Everyone" International Conference

International online conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone" is the event of utmost importance organized by volunteers from around the world on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement.

“Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone.” invites President Trump for opening speech.

It is an association of active, honest and friendly people who aspire to use their best qualities for the benefit of society. It is a new format of relations regardless of nationalities, professions, social status, religious and political views.

ALLATRA International Public Movement

This project, as well as all the other projects of ALLATRA IPM, is outside of religion and politics. Participants of ALLATRA IPM represent general public.


We are honored to invite Bill Gates as a speaker at the conference "Global Crisis. This Will Affect Everyone" – simultaneously translated into 60 languages.

The World Awaits for Bill Gates To Make Statement at "Global Crisis. This Will Affect Everyone" International Conference As An Honorary Speaker and Humanitarian.”


SEATTLE, WA, USA, June 24, 2021 / — ALLATRA International Public Movement invites Bill Gates as an honorary speaker at the international online conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone" which is an event of utmost importance for our civilization.

Bill Gates's drive for innovation and technological advancement is notable around the globe! We invite Bill Gates to make history with us on July 24, 2021, at 15:00 GMT. We are honored to invite Bill Gates as a speaker to the biggest global online conference "Global Crisis. This Will Affect Everyone." It will be simultaneously translated into over 60 languages and streamed to 1000s of platforms, with millions, if not billions, of people tuning in to watch it LIVE.

We would like for Bill Gates to address the World under topics of:
(1) Technology-driven displacement of jobs threatens to significantly disrupt the global economy;

(2) Most pressing global issues: environmental degradation, climate change, inequality, and geopolitical tensions;

(3) Solutions that you foresee that will be applicable for the people of the world

There's a massive demand from people for Bill Gates's presence at the conference. The official letter of invitation has been sent to Mr. Bill Gates and the whole world is awaiting confirmation and appearance. We look forward to receiving Bill Gates's response soon.

This global conference is an initiative of volunteers from over 180 countries, who are striving to disseminate the message about the upcoming global crisis which will affect every person on the planet. You, as a world-renowned scientist and visionary, know the problems with which humanity will be faced in the near future and it is important to find solutions together.

The speakers and participants of the conference consist of world businessmen, economists, innovators, scientists, researchers, as well as highly distinguished representatives of various countries.

The drastic changes, which we are to face as a civilization are going to bring a dramatic shift in the way we live. Understanding it is a vital need. The sooner we become aware of the real scale of decisive risks, the more possible it is to deal with them as a unified world community.

On July 24, 2021, at 15:00 GMT, a live broadcast of the conference will be streamed on thousands of media channels and platforms with simultaneous interpreting into more than 60 languages.


Key topics of the conference:
● Digital transformation, the introduction of high technology based on artificial intelligence in various fields of the life of world society: risks and benefits.
● The fourth industrial revolution and a threat of mass unemployment.
● Future without jobs. Causes of the inevitable collapse of the world economy if the consumerist format is preserved.
● Radical changes in all spheres of society.
● The problem of overpopulation.
● Rapid depletion of the planet’s resources.
● Global climate change.
● Cyclicity of geological events that depend on external factors.
● Importance of every person in building the Creative Society.
● Survival of humanity and revival of civilization.

Modern civilization has reached the point of instability and global crises. The global financial, economic, environmental, anthropological, and climate crises are realities that every person is already facing. But this is only the beginning. Do people realize the full scope of the upcoming threats? Radical changes in all spheres of life in the near future are inevitable for every person on the planet. Yet, how aware is the world community of these changes, not to mention being prepared for them?

Join us together with Mr. Bill Gates on July 24th, 2021. At this conference, volunteers from around the world, people who have a realistic view of the current situation, together with researchers and experts from different fields, will outline the cause-and-effect links between the various crises already affecting everyone and the impending global catastrophe.

Alicia Topper
Allatra IPM USA
+1 313-467-4881
Visit us on social media:

Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone | International Online Conference 24.07.2021

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SunPower by Precis Launches a New Website

Sunpower by Precis Logo

Sunpower by Precis Logo

Solar Calculator

Solar Calculator

Precis Solar - Commercial Div logo

Precis Solar – Commercial Div logo

Southern California’s Most Experienced Solar Company

We are excited to launch a new website with the amazing Solar Calculator that will help homeowners see just how affordable and what a great investment a solar energy system can be.”

— Brian Hopwood, President of SunPower by Precis

WINDOMAR, CA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2021 / — SunPower by Precis, Southern California’s most trusted residential solar installer, recently launched a new website featuring a new Solar Calculator that makes it easy to calculate an approximate cost of going solar based on the address, electricity bill and the system type. It can quickly estimate the savings that can be realized by going solar.

With over 40 years of experience and commitment backed by SunPower’s unrivaled reputation, SunPower by Precis offers the best technology, design, and craftsmanship. Their knowledgeable and experienced team provides comprehensive solar energy consultation, design, engineering, and installation services for residential and commercial applications throughout Southern California

“We are excited to launch a new website with the amazing Solar Calculator that will help homeowners see just how affordable and what a great investment a solar energy system can be,” stated Brian Hopwood, President of SunPower by Precis. “We are also proud to highlight our commercial division, Precis Solar — bringing clean, sustainable solutions to all types of businesses.”

Precis is a SunPower Master Dealer. This designation is awarded by SunPower to residential dealers who demonstrate excellence in areas of installation, training, and customer satisfaction. SunPower Master Dealers handle the entire solar energy process for customers, including system design, installation, maintenance, permitting and rebate processing, as well as providing guidance on SunPower’s flexible financing options. In addition, Master Dealers complete regular, in-depth training on SunPower products and services in order to provide homeowners with the best possible solar experience, offering peace of mind when choosing SunPower by Precis to install the most reliable solar technology.

# # #

About SunPower by Precis
Since 1979 SunPower by Precis has offering the best technology, design, and craftsmanship backed by a knowledgeable and experienced team serving residential and commercial applications throughout Southern California. With SunPower’s stellar reputation, the Riverside County solar company has made a name for itself as a trusted partner for Southern California’s energy needs. As a SunPower Master Dealer, Precis uses the most advanced and energy-efficient solar panels in the world to eliminate or reduce monthly electric bills. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and reliable, and adds significant value to properties.

SunPower has been leading the way in solar for over 36 years. The technology behind SunPower panels is superior to conventional solar systems which is why they have the highest level of efficiency and are unmatched in durability in third-party testing. SunPower panels produce up to 55% more energy in the same space over 25 years when compared to conventional solar. Precis partners with SunPower to give customers more savings and with their industry leading warranty, decades of trouble-free solar savings.

Patricia Monick
Covert Communication
+ +1 808-256-6759
email us here
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Glennmont REBS Fund, Banco BPM and Banca Akros close €25.6m Green Asset Backed Securities transaction

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 23, 2021 / — Glennmont REBS Fund, Banco BPM and Banca Akros close €25.6m Green Asset Backed Securities (ABS) transaction backed by a portfolio of Italian renewable energy plants

Glennmont Partners (“Glennmont”) has completed another issuance of a green Asset Backed Securities (ABS) portfolio of Italian renewable energy plants with a total installed capacity of 110MW through its REBS (Renewable Energy Backed Securities) credit fund.

The transaction consists of €16.5m of Class A asset-backed floating rate notes (the “Senior Notes”) and €9.1m Class B of asset-backed floating rate and variable return notes (the “Junior Notes”) issued by a securitisation vehicle (according to Italian 130 Securitisation Law).

The proceeds of the notes’ issuance have been applied to refinance Glennmont’s acquisition of a project finance loan agreements portfolio from a mid-size Italian bank. These loan agreements were initially originated to build solar and onshore wind assets with a total installed capacity of 110MW located in Italy.

The Senior notes have been underwritten by Banco BPM and Banca FinInt, and the Junior notes by Glennmont and Banca FinInt. Banca Akros acted as arranger for the transaction, and Banca FinInt acted as servicer of the portfolio and the transaction.

The transaction demonstrates Glennmont’s ability to pursue its debt strategy by structuring another green ABS with exposure to project finance renewable energy loans. It further underlines their track record of partnering with European banks as a senior noteholder in financing such portfolio acquisitions.

Earlier this year, Glennmont announced its first ever synthetic risk transfer transaction in the Italian market as part of its REBS Fund. Both these deals reinforce Glennmont’s reputation as a key player in the credit space for clean energy. To date, Glennmont has made credit investments across 7 European countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Italy, & Portugal), and over 1,000 renewable energy assets comprising a total installed capacity in excess of 8GW.

For media please contact:

Harry Padfield
+44 (0) 7896 140920

About Glennmont Partners:

Glennmont Partners is one of Europe’s largest fund managers focusing exclusively on investment in clean energy infrastructure having managed over $2bn worth of assets. It raises long-term capital to invest in alternative power generation projects including on-and off-shore wind farms, biomass power stations, solar parks and small-scale hydro power plants. Its carefully selected, risk managed investments have delivered sustained performance and predictable returns over periods of 10 years or more. Glennmont has invested in over 2GW of mixed renewable energy generation offering investors a balance of yield and return. Based in London, the founding partners have been working together since 2007, establishing a reputation for making intelligent, long-term investments that deliver absolute returns. In January 2021, Glennmont was acquired by Nuveen, the leading global investment manager with over $1.2tn of assets under management.

Glennmont Partners is a trading name of Clean Energy Partners LLP and Glennmont Asset Management Limited, both of which are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information, visit

Follow Glennmont on twitter: @glennmont

Harry Padfield
Lodestone Communications
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State of Maryland Purchases 40 Electric Vehicles for State Fleet

Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) logos

Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) logos

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2021 / — The State of Maryland is converting their fleet of traditional fossil fuel vehicles to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), which includes electric vehicles (EVs).

The Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM) plans to purchase 40 fully electric vehicles with Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF), which is managed by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA). This number reflects roughly 25% of all eligible vehicles purchased by the State in FY21.

DBM, along with MEA, Maryland Department of Environment and Department of General Services, has established a working group whose primary focus is to ensure that State-purchased EVs are assigned to locations with charging infrastructure to support them. Further, the group has established purchase and charging infrastructure benchmarks that will ensure all mandates are met with minimal to no disruption of employee work routines.

Maryland adopted California’s stringent vehicle emissions standards in 2007, and joined with other states in 2013 to form the ZEV Task force with a goal of 3.3 million ZEVs operating on their collective roadways by 2025. As part of this effort, Maryland established a goal of 300,000 ZEVs on its roadways by 2025.

Maryland currently has just over 33,000 ZEVs registered, however the conversion of the State of Maryland fleet to ZEV will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality for all Marylanders. The total cost of ZEV ownership is lower due to lower maintenance cost and cheaper fuel options, making ZEVs a fiscally responsible transportation choice for the state and its taxpayers.

Funding for the State’s fleet conversion was made possible with $2.25 million from the SEIF to DBM to purchase EVs. DBM is working with MEA, DGS and other state partners to develop a state facility EV infrastructure strategy for EV charging stations.


Department of Budget and Management (DBM) helps Governor Larry Hogan, state agencies, and their employees provide effective, efficient, and fiscally sound government to the citizens of Maryland. DBM supports agency efforts to achieve results by helping them obtain the fiscal, capital, and personnel resources needed to provide services to Maryland citizens. For more information, visit

Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) promotes affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for the benefit of all Marylanders. MEA advises the governor and general assembly on matters relating to energy policy. MEA administers grant and loan programs to encourage clean energy technologies in all sectors of Maryland’s economy: residential, commercial, agricultural, and transportation. For more information about MEA, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kaymie Owen, CMP
Maryland Energy Administration
+1 4436943651
email us here
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Kroger Urged to Eliminate Bee-Toxic Pesticides from its Food Supply Chain

Groups urge grocer to save bees from “insect apocalypse” during National Pollinator Week

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2021 / — On the eve of Kroger’s (NYSE: KR) annual shareholder meeting, groups are calling on the grocery giant to commit to eliminating toxic pesticides linked to dramatic pollinator declines from the company’s food supply chain. This action, organized during National Pollinator Week, is part of a larger campaign urging Kroger and other top retailers to take urgent action on pesticides and expand organic offerings to protect bees and other pollinators.

Kroger currently lags behind competitors like Costco (NASDQ: COST), Albertsons (NYSE: ACI) and Giant Eagle. Walmart (NYSE: WMT) recently announced a time-bound commitment, the most far-reaching to date of any U.S.

“Scientists warn we are facing an ‘insect apocalypse,’ largely driven by toxic pesticides,” said Paolo Mutia, Food and Agriculture Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. “Kroger needs to join competitors like Walmart that have established industry-leading policies to protect pollinators essential to its business and to our food system, before it’s too late.”

Forty percent of invertebrate pollinators face extinction, and research shows that pesticides are a key driver. Research shows that organic farming can help reverse pollinator declines.

Kroger store-brand foods have been found to contain toxic pesticides, including glyphosate, organophosphates, and neonicotinoids. These pesticides are linked to adverse human health impacts and harm to bees and other pollinators. The foods tested were items that kids and families typically eat including cereal, apples, applesauce, spinach and pinto beans.

"I don't want to live in a world without bees. Or strawberries. Or chocolate. Or coffee," said Lacey Kohlmoos, U.S. Campaign Manager at SumOfUs. "And unless Kroger makes a strong commitment to protect bees and other pollinators from extinction, that's very well what may end up happening. It's time for Kroger to finally step up and do its part to save the bees, and our favorite foods and drinks."

Friends of the Earth, along with over 100 environmental, consumer, food safety, farmer and farmworker organizations, have driven hundreds of thousands of emails and calls to Kroger, organized protests at Kroger’s shareholder meetings and grocery stores and placed a billboard outside of Kroger headquarters in Cinncinnati, Ohio. The coalition includes Friends of the Earth, SumOfUs, Beyond Pesticides, Center for Food Safety, Green America, Herbicide Free Campus, Toxic Free NC, and Kids Right to Know.

“As a major grocer, Kroger is responsible for ensuring that both its customers and the environment are healthy,” said Jaydee Hanson, Policy Director at Center for Food Safety. "Its customers want to live in a world where they can delight in the sights and sounds of insects and wildlife. Kroger should make sure its customers have access to healthy, organic foods that benefit human health and are produced without toxic pesticides that harm our bees and ecosystems.”

“Food retailers like Kroger have both the responsibility and means to ensure the products they sell are not contributing to the insect apocalypse and the ongoing collapse of biodiversity worldwide,” said Drew Toher, Community Resource and Policy Director at Beyond Pesticides. “We urge Kroger to get its house in order: expand its selection of organic foods, and ensure all products sold at its stores are grown in manner that safeguards soil health, pollinators, farmers, and the farmworkers our agricultural system relies upon.”

Friends of the Earth’s 2020 Bee-Friendly Retailer Scorecard gave Kroger a “D-” rating. The report, which analyzes 25 of the largest U.S. grocery stores, noted that while Kroger has expanded its bee-friendly organic offerings, the company has not taken substantial steps to reduce the sale of pesticides that threaten pollinators in its food and beverage supply chains.

“Toxic pesticides have no place on the food we feed our families,” said Alexis Luckey, Executive Director at Toxic Free North Carolina. “We ask Kroger to demonstrate corporate responsibility by influencing its supply chain to transition to healthier and more sustainable growing practices that will protect the health of our community and biodiversity of our precious ecosystem.”

“Pollinators as a keystone species are essential to healthy and productive food and ecosystems,” said Joyce Kennedy Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator at People and Pollinators Action Network. “Time is of the essence to protect this vital wildlife by eliminating their pesticide exposures.”

“Toxic pesticides are harming farmworkers, farmers, pollinators, consumers, and communities nationwide,” said Todd Larsen, Executive Co-Director at Green America. “Consumers are increasingly looking for foods that are organic and protect people and the planet. Kroger’s sales, profits, and brand will be at risk if it fails to eliminate toxic pesticides from products on its shelves.”

“Bees, a vital part of maintaining our eco-systems and food supply are under attack more than ever due to toxic pesticides,” said Rachel Parent, Founder and Director at Kids Right to Know. “If Kroger truly cares about its customers, the environment, and the bees they will step up and say no to bee-toxic pesticides. The young generations are calling for change, now it is time for Kroger to listen!”

Kerry Skiff
Friends of the Earth
+1 202-222-0723

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The Interpretation of The Second Seal

The Rider and The Red Horse

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 23, 2021 / — Most people may say that the words that are written in the Book of Revelation are only for the end of time, but they’re not. Some, after they’ve discerned the hidden meaning of certain sections of Revelation, may say, oh, most of these things have been going on since the beginning of time, since the time when Cain killed Abel, his brother, because of envy and jealousy, and so on afterward, from generation to generation. However, the Book of Revelation doesn’t only speak about the end of time, it sums things up in a shorthand way by speaking about the beginning of time, the past, and the future.

Take the example of a stenographer. Stenography is likely one of the most identifiable methods of recording the spoken word, as stenographers have been a familiar sight in courtrooms for the better part of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Stenography, in short, is the act of recording spoken words through using a stenotype machine. Whatever stenography system is used, the ultimate goal is to record the spoken word verbatim.

The Mystery of The Rider and the Red Horse
Here is how the words are written in the Book of Revelation:
Now, a lot of things that are written in the Book of Revelation that are supposed to be happening in the last days have also been happening since the beginning of creation. However, the meanings to these things were sealed. But after Jesus opened all the seven seals, one at a time, each seal revealed its own meaning. Although the seals were sealed, they were written in codes.

Most of the human race would not have an understanding of the symbols, for these things were kept as secrets from their mind. Anyway, I, Clive Richards, will give you the meaning of most of these things, as they’ve been revealed to me. Most of what is written in the Book of Revelation are symbols and shorthand.
Therefore, just as a stenographer types spoken word in a shorthand way within the courtroom as the words are spoken or a stenotype machine is used, so is the Book of Revelation written in shorthand.

Therefore, it is stated in Revelation 6:3, that:
3When the Lamb opened the second seal; John heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see!” 4Another horse, fiery red, went out.

The meaning to this red horse represents blood.

And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth.

If you would like to know the rest of the meaning of the Second Seal, and also the rest of the information about the Red Horse, you may purchase the book that’s available in book stores and online everywhere.

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Michael Carter joins E Source as president of Research and Advisory

E Source: Powering What's Next

BOULDER, CO, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2021 / — E Source is pleased to announce that Michael Carter has joined the company as the new president of Research and Advisory. In this capacity, he’ll oversee the team and set the strategy for the division, which supports 15 customer-centric subscription services and databases. He’ll also focus on growing the company’s capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to have Michael leading Research and Advisory. His proven leadership skills and decades of experience scaling businesses in our industry will prove invaluable in the coming years,” says Wayne Greenberg, CEO of E Source.

Carter will work collaboratively with the other E Source divisions—Management Consulting, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, and Data Science—to maximize the value of E Source’s offerings for utilities across the US and Canada. He has more than 25 years’ experience in data and information products and advisory and consulting services, and he has deep subject-matter expertise in energy markets, electric power generation, and power market analysis. Carter is an experienced and innovative leader with a strong background in scaling businesses in the power and utilities space. He has developed several energy industry–leading products and services. Carter is a member of many advisory boards for energy-focused businesses and start-ups. He served most recently as chief revenue officer (CRO) at Energy Acuity, CRO at Energy Exemplar, and division head at SNL Energy. Carter has a MS from Colorado School of Mines and a BS from the Australian National University. He’s based in Boulder, Colorado.

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E Source is a leading partner to more than 500 electric, gas, and water utilities and municipalities, and their partners, across the US and Canada. We provide data science, market research, benchmarking, and consulting services. Our 35 years of technology validation, market assessment, program design, and customer experience expertise helps clients make informed, data-driven decisions; plan for tomorrow’s infrastructure needs; strengthen customer relationships; and meet critical business objectives while becoming more innovative and responsive in the rapidly evolving market.

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