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Hadi is a local Real Estate agent in Orange County with more than two decades of industry, experience when it comes to buying, selling in real estate.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / — A real estate agent can help when you want to buy or sell a home, but it can also be awful hard to work with. That is why it is important to choose top realtors to successfully buy or sell a house. Top realtors are the ones that have the best results in today's real estate market. Selecting one of them would make you feel more comfortable and would increase your chances of success.

The performance of a top realtor is due to the long experience they have had on the marketplace, which could be an excellent help in looking after the details as well as settlements. A top realtor will certainly get you the very best deal possible.

Laguna Niguel real estate broker Tony Faulker, who has 21 years of experience advising sellers on getting their homes ready for sale, explains that areas of the property that are outright broken and need fixing take precedence over what’s merely old and outdated. However, some items can wind up in a nebulous zone between broken and barely functional, and in those cases, Tony advises prioritizing things that are the most visible to buyers.

Luxury homes are more challenging and another layer of difficulty when it comes to pricing. There are fewer comparable homes to reference, and all luxury home tends to have unique features that only some buyers will see valuable. A luxury home tends to have unique features that tend to make it harder to price Selecting the right real estate agent is very important to a successful real estate transaction. Said Marcello De Carlo previous luxury homeowner.

"To maximize the sale amount of your home, you need a real estate professional who is familiar with the Laguna Niguel real estate market so they can give you guidance on how to position your home against others on the local market. These experts know the latest trends in everything from decorating to the best day of the week for an open house, and even what trending colors buyers are looking for in a Laguna Niguel kitchen." said one of their many satisfied clients.

According to top real estate agent Hadi Bahadori, who ranks very high among seller’s agents in the Laguna Niguel Ca, “It’s super important to make sure that we are appealing to the largest palette for today’s tastes, that we are a neutral choice for buyers.”

"Home technology and eco-friendly interior trends along with data-driven processes are shaping the real estate market. This makes selling a house even more complicated and riskier for a first-timer. How can you identify which trends will stick and find innovative tools that will allow you to make data-driven decisions about the market?"Said Angela Niazi the first time home buyer in Laguna Niguel

"Whether you’re selling or buying a home, hiring a realtor you can trust may just be one of the most crucial decisions you make. In Realty, they’ll be assisting you to manage a real estate transaction that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!" said Tony Faulker real estate expert.

As a consistent top producer at Home Smart Evergreen Realty, Hadi specializes in the marketing and sales of luxury single-family residences, condominiums, and investment properties throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego County with emphasis on Tustin, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, and Costa Mesa

Hadi Bahadori
HomeSmart Evergreen Realty
9495426578 ext.
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Luxury Real Estate Agent In Laguna Niguel

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Cirn withdraws BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED hostile takeover bid.

CiRN withdraws Berkeley Energia Limited hostile takeover bid, AVISO CiRN retira la adquisición hostil de BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED ADJUNTA.


CiRN and I withdraw our hostile takeover bid for BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED as it may not conform to the Securities Legislation of the Kingdom of Spain.”

— Marino Specogna

CHILLIWACK CENTRAL, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 30, 2021 / — Further to news release published November 29, 2021, titled CiRN takeover BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED, CiRN and Marino Specogna withdraw the hostile bid takeover of BERKELEY ENERGIA LIMITED immediately.

CiRN owns several Uranium prospects in Saskatchewan and owns three (3) Uranium deposits in Quebec.

CiRN looks to utilize the inground Uranium resources to produce electricity thru the ionization of radiation that emits from the inground deposits. This radiation energy is continuously emitted from any Uranium deposit for the life span of Uranium which is over 4.5 Billion years. CiRN believes this energy can be absorbed by an ionization plant that will be in continuous operation for the life span of the radiation of Uranium, 4.5 billion years, and that this use of already established technology first discovered with the Geiger Mueller counter in the 1908, can be utilized, along with the discoveries that the gold nanomaterial producing electricity from Uranium dissipation absorption was reported by Los Alamos scientists in 2008 and the paper is titled Nanomaterial turns radiation directly to electricity, , and a 2011 academic paper by Stanford University, titled Energy from radioactivity, , and a paper in 2011 by Cambridge titled Direct Energy Conversion From Gamma Ray to Electricity Using Silicon Semiconductor Cells, , whereby several of the publishers have reported on Uranium dissipation to absorption to electricity, CiRN working to develop sustainable, non intrusive and non obtrusive technology to absorb the earths energy to power.

CiRN looks to work with any public, private or title or landowners with Uranium deposits or waste from Nuclear Reactors to implement this absorption of radiation and ionization of radiation to electrical energy as the natural occurring radiation emits for the 4.5 Billion years and the technology can capture the radiation to convert to electricity. which technology will also destroy global warming. If you have an asset, contact CiRN to discuss at PR@CiRN.ONE .

More information can be viewed at .

Marino Specogna
+1 604-378-0648
email us here

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New capital investments in Made-in-Canada clean fuels to achieve Canada’s climate targets, build resilient clean economy

Capital projects exceed $16 billion, which will add over 10 billion litres of new capacity and create thousands of green jobs by 2030.

Increasing our use of non-fossil clean fuels by over 10 billion litres would eliminate 25Mt of greenhouse gas emissions per year.”

— Ian Thomson

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 30, 2021 / — Significant investments are planned in Canada over the next decade for new advanced biofuel and synthetic fuel capacity, reports Advanced Biofuels Canada based on its annual capital projects survey. The results of the survey of low-carbon fuel producers, technology developers, and industry suppliers is an indicator of the scale and pace at which the sector could grow by 2030. Annual economic impact from domestic production was calculated to be $14.1 billion in 2030, almost tripling the sector’s current $5.3 billion economic impact in 2020.

A total of 56 projects are included in the 2021 survey results, representing project-level data on capital expenditures (‘capex’) in advanced biofuels and synthetic fuel production capacity, cleantech innovations, and expansion to clean fuel distribution infrastructure for the decade ahead.

Total project investments represent CA$16.3 billion in capex, with 21 projects exceeding $100 million. New investments are estimated to create 2,839 new full-time jobs and, in aggregate, the sector would support 28,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2030. These new clean fuel projects would increase Canada’s production capacity from 2.5 billion litres in 2020, to 10 billion litres by 2025 and over 12 billion litres by 2030.

ABFC President Ian Thomson highlighted the relevance of new capacity. “Increasing our use of non-fossil clean fuels by over 10 billion litres would eliminate 25Mt of greenhouse gas emissions per year. These tonnes would be a game-changer in bridging the large shortfall to reach Canada’s 2030 GHG targets. Equally important, these projects produce very low carbon intensity fuels – some of them net-negative – so they have an indispensable role in a net-zero 2050 economy. The vast majority of new fuels are compatible with our existing liquid fuels infrastructure; these are highly cost-effective solutions that can be implemented rapidly to reduce our dependence on gasoline and diesel fuels.”

Advanced Biofuels Canada released a 2021 capex infographic with detailed survey results. The survey collected project data from members and publicly announced projects, and utilizes economic impact and biofuels use data released earlier this year.

“These projects are not guaranteed,” said Thomson. “Canada faces stiff competition for clean fuel capital investments. Clean fuel standards (CFS) have been the primary driver of investments in California and BC, but Canada’s draft fuel standard, in comparison, is weak. Announced funding programs and tax policies need to scale up to support commercial scale development of clean fuel feedstocks and clean fuel production capacity. Advanced biofuels have a significant role to play in a rebuilding a resilient economy, with well-paying, stable green jobs in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. Our competitors are rapidly expanding clean fuel production capacity and supply chains to support net-zero transportation that will replace gasoline and diesel with sustainable low-carbon biofuels. Canadians voted for climate action; investors are clearly signalling that the time to act is right now.”

Advanced Biofuels Canada/ Biocarburants avancés Canada is the national voice for producers, distributors, and technology developers of advanced biofuels and renewable synthetic fuels. Our members are global leaders in commercial production of these functional, scalable fuels, with over 15 billion litres of installed annual capacity worldwide. Our members include Canada’s leading advanced biofuels producers and technology innovators which are actively developing new clean liquid fuels production and distribution assets and operations in Canada.

Advanced Biofuels Canada: 2021 Capital Projects Survey Infographic

For information on Advanced Biofuels Canada and its members, visit:

For information on clean fuels in transportation, visit:

For information on clean fuels use in Canada, visit: Canadian Transportation Fuels Dashboard

Ian Thomson
Advanced Biofuels Canada
+1 604-947-0040
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Thornton Law Firm LLP Is A Proud Sponsor of 2021 UFW Gala

Thornton Law Firm Logo

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, US, November 30, 2021 / — Thornton Law Firm LLP, specializing in representing farmworkers and their families harmed by pesticides, is proud to be a Gold Eagle Sponsor of this year’s United Farm Workers (UFW) Gala. The event honors UFW President Emeritus Arturo S. Rodríguez for his accomplishments and leadership during his 45 years with La Causa and 25 years as UFW President. The gala will be held at the Historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on December 9, 2021, from 6:00 to 9:00 PST. In-person tickets have already sold out, but virtual tickets may be purchased at this link.

Arturo S. Rodríguez dedicated 45 years to the UFW and the cause of improving farm worker lives in California and across the nation. He served 25 years as president after Cesar Chavez’s death in 1993, leaving behind a solid leadership team to continue the UFW’s work. He spent countless hours advocating for farm workers. Under his leadership, the UFW advocated for rules protecting farm workers and all workers working in extreme heat. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the first such regulations in 2005, requiring water and shade for workers suffering from heatstroke, and Governor Brown strengthened those regulations in 2015. Rodríguez fought for higher wages for farmworkers, and by the end of his tenure as President, federal data showed that farm worker wages in 2018 averaged $13.18 an hour – $2 an hour above the California minimum wage. In 2019, California began enforcing a UFW-sponsored law giving farm workers overtime pay after working more than eight (8) hours in a day or forty (40) hours in a week.

The attorneys at Thornton Law Firm help farm workers who were needlessly exposed to and harmed by dangerous pesticides. In the United States, agricultural workers have the greatest incidence of birth defects of any occupation. Thornton Law Firm is a nationwide leader in groundbreaking litigation representing children born with catastrophic birth defects from the toxic exposures of their parents.

David Bricker, Esq.
Thornton Law Firm LLP
+1 310-282-8676

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Speaker Interview with Joseph Allcott, Novalux Energy Solutions Ltd ahead of the Energy from Waste Conference 2021

SMi Group reports: speaker interview with Novalux ahead of the Energy from Waste conference 2021, taking place on 1st – 2nd December.

LONDON, NON UNITED STATES OR CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, November 30, 2021 / — SMi Group are pleased to announce the return of their Energy from Waste conference, which will return to London for its 14th year on 1st – 2nd December 2021.

Building on the success of last year, the 2021 event will bring together international waste management operators, developers, private equity financiers, technology providers and industrial end users to discuss the most crucial topics within Energy from Waste.

Interested parties can register via:

SMi Group caught up with Joseph Allcott, Managing Director, Novalux Energy Solutions Ltd for a speaker interview about his insight into the field of energy from waste.

Joe Allcott co-founded Novalux Energy in 2010 with an aim to disrupt the traditional energy model. By presenting customers with a choice of clean technology which makes good financial sense he aims to help reduce carbon emissions, provide solutions to excess waste, and help create a distributed energy system which is more sustainable and accessible.

See below the speaker interview:

What are the key attributes of Novalux which make it a market leader for the installation of distributed Energy from Waste plants in the UK?
Novalux has been installing renewable energy systems since 2010 and has diversified through many different technologies. This agnostic approach to technology has meant that we’ve always been able to recommend the best available systems for our customers’ needs without being tied to distribution contracts, whether that’s a multi-pronged approach to renewables or generating heat and/ or power, our main focus has always been designing and installing bespoke systems which are cost effective and beneficial to the environment. Our installation team has grown to 40+ engineers who have experience working with the technology we recommend. Because we’re not outsourcing the installation we’re able to better anticipate our customers’ needs during the quotation process, making our pricing more competitive than other renewables companies.

What do you see being the barriers to adoption of Energy from Waste plants?
The technology for generating heat and power from waste has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t been accessible for everyone. Our biggest challenge is making sure we educate our consumers that it is both possible and profitable on a smaller scale. The plant sizes we install range from 3.5MW or fuelled on around 10,000 tonnes of RDF per year up to 50MW which is up to 200,000 tonnes of RDF per year.

What are the fundamental things you would like people to understand about Energy from Waste technology?
There are two main types of technology which we would recommend when generating energy from waste through combustion: steam or thermal oil. Steam technology is more widely known as many of the large power plants rely on this, but it has major setbacks for smaller plants due to the relationship between high pressure and high cost. This means that to make installing a steam plant financially viable, the site must either have a need for steam in their processing, or require a system large enough to justify the CapEx. For thermal oil technology this isn’t an issue, making it ideal for plants up to 50MWth. Thermal oil can run at high temperatures without high pressure whilst pairing well with Organic Rankine Cycle, which also runs off thermal oil, harnessing heat from the boiler to generate power.

The technology we install is flexible, it can handle multiple fuel types including RDF, SRF, MSW, Straw, Biomass etc it’s even able to handle medical and hazardous waste. This is another reason why thermal oil technology is so versatile, it’s easy to change fuel which creates greater security for fuel in the future.

How does the technology which you recommend work?
Novalux recommends a Sugimat thermal oil boiler and Turboden ORC for the majority of decentralised energy from waste plants.
Horizon+ Rotary Thermal Oil Boiler:
Contrary to steam CHP systems, thermal oil boilers are able to run at high temperatures but at low pressure. This allows for lower capital and operational expenditure. After years of research and development the Horizon+ rotary boiler has been introduced to market. Due to the high ash content of RDF, the boiler continuously rotates whilst a granular sand is passed over the internal coil, automatically cleaning the heat exchange surface. Novalux recommends this technology to help customers cut down on maintenance and prolong the life of their system whilst ensuring peak performance at all times. The boiler can be paired with an Organic Rankine Cycle to generate power on site in addition to heat. Novalux has installed the first of these in the UK at Goodwood Estate.

Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC):
The Turboden ORC generates power from heat produced from a boiler. The technology runs off thermal oil so works well in conjunction with a Sugimat Horizon+ rotary boiler. The ORC has a closed loop circuit using a working fluid which continuously flows through a low RPM turbine to generate power. Due to the use of thermal oil the system has a high efficiency and is much simpler to operate in comparison to a steam turbine.

Nikisha Galoria
SMi Group
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LEX Reception Celebrates 1 Year of Giving Back Program

LEX Reception, legal answering service

LEX Reception, legal answering service

Their program demonstrates the power of organizations working together to make an impact on the planet and its most endangered species.

We’re proud to give a voice to species in need, raising awareness and funds for global conservation organizations.”

— Fiona Stevenson – Head of Mattering & Impact at LEX Reception

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / — LEX Reception, the specialized legal answering service, is celebrating one year of its pledge to give back to endangered species. As a business built on listening and caring for its clients, LEX Reception listens to species in need and works to protect the most vulnerable animals on the planet. At a time when many companies consider their corporate responsibility around Giving Tuesday, LEX Reception hopes to inspire more businesses to make their own commitments to the planet.

LEX Reception pledged, one year ago, to give back 1% of their revenue to endangered species, as part of their broader commitment to sustainability and protecting our planet. Since November 2020, they have supported some of the most threatened animals in the world, including the vaquita porpoise, the red wolf, and the mountain gorilla.

Their donations have made tangible impacts for many species struggling today. For example, their donation to the International Rhino Foundation enabled two legal training sessions to be run for over 206 rangers in South Africa. This training and knowledge from experienced advocates will contribute to “technicality-free” arrests and more convictions in court for wildlife trade crimes, like those threatening the Black Rhinoceros. One ranger called it “the most important training they have ever received”.

Fiona Stevenson, Head of Mattering & Impact at LEX Reception, says “We have a duty to our planet and the species that we share it with, to lessen our impact and protect those most in need. We’re proud to give a voice to species in need, raising awareness and funds for global conservation organizations.”

Their giving back program has not just impacted threatened species, it has served as a focal point for their team. Bre Swanson, Operations Director at LEX Reception says, “We’re a team united by caring. We motivate ourselves every day knowing that we make a difference to other people’s lives, whether that be by answering calls and saving our clients’ time, or by making our monthly donations possible to protect these incredible species. When we’re learning from our latest non-profit partner, I can see the passion that our employees bring to everything they care about. It has definitely brought us closer together as a team.”

Giving back has always been a core value of LEX Reception. The company was built around a home-working model, to reduce the carbon footprint caused by daily commuting and a physical office building. LEX receptionists also take up to two paid days per year to give back to their community, whether this is delivering food to families in need, planting trees, or supporting local animal centers. Per year, this results in more than 3,000 hours of time volunteered by the LEX team.

About LEX Reception: LEX Reception is a legal answering, receptionist, and chat service dedicated to helping people and the planet. With more than 12 years of experience, they support more than 2,000 law firms in building strong relationships with leads and clients.

Through LEX Reception's pledge to give back to the planet, it donates every month to protect endangered species. In October, LEX Reception’s Marketing team changed its name to become the Mattering team. As a business focused on hearing more from people and planet, marketing no longer felt an accurate description for its aspirations.

Fiona Stevenson
LEX Reception
+1 800-800-9995
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TensorIoT Achieves AWS Energy Competency Status

TensorIoT achieves Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 30, 2021 / — TensorIoT, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status. This designation recognizes that TensorIoT has demonstrated deep expertise helping customers leverage AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Achieving the AWS Energy Competency differentiates TensorIoT as an AWS Partner with deep expertise and technical proficiency within this unique industry, including proven customer success developing solutions across the value chain, from production operations and optimization, to commodities trading, new energy solutions, and more. To receive the designation, AWS Partners undergo a rigorous technical validation process, including a customer reference audit. The AWS Energy Competency provides energy customers the ability to more easily select skilled partners to help accelerate their digital transformations with confidence.

“TensorIoT is committed to providing customers across the energy sector real-time insights into their assets, giving them access to anomaly detection and predictive maintenance to help improve their operational efficiency,” said Charles Burden, Vice President of Business Development. “Earning the AWS Energy Competency designation is a testament to the dedication and skill of the TensorIoT’s team, and we look forward to empowering energy companies with the latest AWS services."

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

About TensorIoT – TensorIoT is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that has achieved the AWS IoT Competency, AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Industrial IoT Competency, AWS Machine Learning Operations Competency, AWS Applied AI Competency, AWS Retail Competency and AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency designations. The company also has multiple AWS Service Delivery credentials for AWS IoT services. Founded by a former AWS employee, TensorIoT has delivered successful projects across the world in the IoT & ML space and has offices in the U.S. (California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Florida), the UK, and India. TensorIoT is customer obsessed and practices the AWS leadership principles. With their deep experience delivering complete end-to-end solutions, from edge devices to end users in IoT, or data engineering to automated ML pipeline, the TensorIoT team of AWS certified architects can quickly assist customers in realizing their technology and business goals.

Kristina Favela
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Colorado School Energy Managers Targeting Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easier with Air Treatment for Your Facilities

IAQ Distribution Shares Air Quality Strategies to Protect Students and Teachers

IAQ provides multiple weapons to combat airborne viruses. We are proud to join with so many public sector organizations and private companies to provide this technology and peace of mind.”

— Chris Fall

LONGMONT, CO, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / — Following a presentation to the Colorado Association of School District Energy Managers (CASDEM) by experts from IAQ Distribution (and its affiliated Alliance Companies), many school leaders are focusing on improving air quality in schools to protect students, teachers, and visitors.

"At CASDEM, we promote energy management and resource conservation in schools in Colorado by sharing best practices, engaging in cooperative efforts, building partnerships and skills, and learning about advances in technologies and products,” stated CASDEM Chairperson Shannon Oliver. “With increased focus on building operations during the pandemic, particularly those related to ventilation and indoor air quality, every school leader is looking to ensure they are using every layer of protection available to them. Students and teachers deserve to be in a safe environment, and we are a key component in providing that environment. Learning more from the experts at IAQ Distribution is an excellent opportunity for our membership.”

On November 18th experts from IAQ including Chris Fall President of IAQ Distribution, and Kimberlee Smith shared best practices to improve air quality in schools at the CASDEM Conference at St. Vrain Valley School District.

The host of the event, Kelly Kinsman of St. Vrain Valley School District stated, “Poor indoor air impacts student learning, and the health of everyone inside. Taking action now to protect our schools must be a priority for school leaders. We are grateful the IAQ team shared so many options and best practices to consider.”

“Many government agencies, public and private schools, and other municipal offices throughout the United States are procuring and deploying IAQ products to protect indoor air quality,” explained Chris Fall, President of IAQ Distribution. “We were honored to share our experiences helping school leaders protect students and teachers at CASDEM – especially how proper indoor air quality management procedures could have positive effects on health and reducing existing energy use.”

Technologies available through IAQ Distribution that kill airborne pathogens are reimbursable through FEMA Emergency Funds and the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, specifically, the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER).

IAQ Distribution offers an array of product lines to protect indoor air quality. The Air Guardian and WellAir products (including its multiple patented Nano Strike technologies) are popular solutions many schools deploy. Additionally, IAQ Distribution provides customers options to utilize the uHoo Air Management Monitoring System to measure indoor air quality.

“IAQ provides multiple weapons to combat airborne viruses,” stated Chris Fall, President of IAQ Distribution. “In an era of uncertainty, an immense sense of relief is provided once IAQ Distribution has implemented indoor air quality solutions. We are proud to join with so many other public sector organizations and private companies to provide this technology and peace of mind.”

The CASDEM mission is to promote energy management and resource conservation in schools and throughout the state of Colorado by sharing best practices, engaging in cooperative efforts, building partnerships and skills, and learning about cutting-edge products, technologies, services, and offerings.

IAQ Distribution distributes and its Alliance Companies install award-winning, innovative, and energy-efficient medical devices that measure, purify, and disinfect air within any room, using a combination of proven scientific processes, including ultraviolet light, oxidation, and filtration. The technology deployed by IAQ Distribution eliminates 99.99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within sub-seconds. Thousands of classrooms, businesses, and government agencies have already engaged IAQ Distribution to install solutions to measure air quality, address issues, and ensure the safety of everyone inside.


Please visit

To learn more about IAQ Distribution or schedule an interview with Chris Fall, contact Dan Rene of kglobal at 202-329-8357 or

Dan Rene
+1 202-329-8357
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Effective Jan. 1, 2022, LRS will deliver reliable, on-time services to more than 3,200 Village households

We are thrilled to welcome the Village of Waukesha and its residents to LRS, where we continue to see a high demand for our waste diversion and recycling services”

— Susan Malmanger, LRS Municipal Services Manager

MILTON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / — LRS, the Midwest’s leading independent waste diversion, recycling and portable services provider, today announced it has been awarded a five-year residential waste and recycling contract serving 3,225 residences in the Village of Waukesha, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Serviced from LRS’ newest facility in New Berlin, the contract will provide Village of Waukesha residents with reliable, sustainability-driven waste diversion and recycling services. Solid waste will continue to be collected on a weekly basis and recyclables every other week; recyclables will be transported to the City of Milwaukee and Waukesha County Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

“We are thrilled to welcome the Village of Waukesha and its residents to LRS, where we continue to see a high demand for our waste diversion and recycling services, and look forward to expanding our partnership with the City of Milwaukee and Waukesha County MRF,” said LRS Municipal Services Manager Susan Malmanger. “LRS has built its heritage and services around diverting, repurposing and recycling more material away from landfills and that approach is very well received by municipalities in the bid consideration process.”

Malmanger said she expects to see a continuing surge in demand for other LRS services throughout Waukesha County and southern Wisconsin, including commercial waste and recycling, roll-off dumpsters and portable restrooms, as the company continues on its current growth trajectory.

LRS entered the vibrant Wisconsin market with the 2018 acquisitions of Badgerland Disposal and Royal Container Service. In 2021, LRS expanded aggressively in Central and Southern Wisconsin, most recently acquiring select territories of Orion Waste Solutions in Appleton; residential and commercial routes from Reedsburg-based Peterson Sanitation in September; Mauston-based Clark Disposal and St. Francis-based Commercial Rubbish Collection in April; and leading portable restroom services provider, Janesville-based Ace Portables, in March.

Other 2021 LRS acquisitions across the Midwest included:
Maywood, Ill.-based Roy Strom Companies;
Oregon, Ill.-based Big John;
Woodstock, Ill.-based Crown Restrooms and Arrow Septic and Sewer;
Niles, Mich.-based Joys Johns;
Kingston, Ind.-based Johnson Johns;
Minneapolis-based Atomic Recycling;
North Branch, Minn.-based Jimmy’s Johnnys;
Monmouth Transfer Station from the City of Monmouth, Ill.;
Seaton, Ill.-based Jackson Disposal;
select assets from GFL Environmental in northern Minnesota and northern Illinois; and
dual acquisitions of both Orion Waste Solutions territories in Arkansas, Kansas and Wisconsin and Waste Recycling Solutions’ RAMCO waste and recycling business in Little Rock, Ark.

About LRS

LRS is North America's fifth largest privately-held waste and recycling company. Since 2013, LRS has specialized in providing comprehensive, fully integrated waste diversion and recycling services for millions of residential and commercial customers across eight Midwest states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Arkansas and Kansas. Diversified and growing exponentially, LRS also offers affordable roll-off container services, C&D recycling, portable restroom rentals, municipal and commercial street sweeping, mulch distribution, on-site storage, and temporary fencing.

LRS owns and operates 56 facilities, safely deploys a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks, and thrives on the passion of 1,750 full-time employees. The company processes more than 3.8 million tons of waste each year, providing safe, innovative, sustainability-driven services to clean and beautify the cities, neighborhoods, and communities it serves. To learn more visit #BeyondWaste


Jim Engineer
jengineer (at) LRSRecycles (dot) com
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Syrinix Expands Distribution in Drought-Stricken West

The water and wastewater data insights provider expands footprint to California

We are hopeful that together, we can better serve our existing clients as they work toward a more water-efficient future, as well as prospects prioritizing water infrastructure improvements”

— James Dunning, CEO of Syrinix

HENDERSON, NEV., USA, November 30, 2021 / — Dedicated to water and wastewater utilities and the communities they serve, Syrinix expands its distributor network to 11 with California-based D&H Water Systems. The announcement marks the company’s first partnership in the state, enhancing water and wastewater monitoring capabilities in a region severely impacted by unprecedented drought conditions.

“At Syrinix, we strive to work with groups that truly understand the value of water,” said James Dunning, CEO of Syrinix. “Some of our largest customers are in the states served by D&H – California and Nevada. We are hopeful that together, we can better serve our existing clients as they work toward a more water-efficient future, as well as prospects prioritizing water infrastructure improvements in years to come.”

Decreased rainfall and impacts associated with warmer temperatures have left more than 90 percent of America’s West in a drought, with the area’s primary water source, Lake Mead, sitting at its lowest level since construction nearly a century ago. Local and state agencies, such as the California Department of Water Resources, are developing initiatives aimed at conserving the precious supply, including improvements to aging water infrastructure.

Dunning adds, “The US has more than 240,000 pipe bursts each year, which can cost utility companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. Our monitors help prevent these expenses, so it’s an attractive solution in areas where pipes are not posing health risks due to lead or other contaminant concerns but are simply in need of repair. We hope to serve as a valuable resource as utilities begin assessing their lines, and by having D&H in their backyard, it should help expedite the process.”

Nationally, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 1.7 trillion gallons of treated water are lost annually. Syrinix addresses this loss by monitoring for acoustic noise and pressure fluctuations to identify leaks early on before they turn into catastrophic pipe failures. The devices are easy to install and relocate across water systems, allowing utilities to save money while also conserving earth’s most precious resource.

“We are very excited to be part of the Syrinix family,” said Brian Doane, principal of D&H Water Systems. “Having the ability to provide the Syrinix solution to our existing customer base will benefit them greatly, as water loss and the monitoring of infrastructure is a big topic amongst water providers. The Syrinix solution is easy to implement, and we can’t wait to introduce this exciting technology to our customers.”

All Syrinix PIPEMINDER-ONE models are now available through D&H Water Systems representatives. Contact information is available at

About Syrinix
Syrinix is an award-winning global market leader in providing high-resolution data-led insights for utility networks. PIPEMINDER-ONE series of water and wastewater monitoring solutions, the RADAR cloud-based network analysis platform, and Syrinix Intelligence analysis and consultancy services all help cost-conscious utilities move network management from reactive to proactive, improving performance, saving time and money. Syrinix is committed to a more sustainable future and a member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative working to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

About D&H Water Systems
Doane and Hartwig Water Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative located in Oceanside, CA serving the municipal water and wastewater markets in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Established in 2006, D&H Water Systems is committed to providing a customer oriented technically advanced resource to the municipal market.

US press contact:
Beth Boeh
BB Communications Group
Tel: +44 (0)7527 239426

UK press contact:
Suzy Robb
Tel: +1 925-667-8456

Beth Boeh
BB Communications Group, LLC
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Source: EIN Presswire