Entrex launches first blockchain-enabled carbon offset lifecycle marketplace

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COPRe: Carbon Offset Producing Real Estate

Entrex Logo

Entrex Logo

Stephen H. Watkins - CEO of Entrex Carbon Market

Stephen H. Watkins – CEO of Entrex

Entrex Carbon Market launches the first regulatory-compliant, blockchain-enabled platform dedicated to the end-to-end management of the carbon offset lifecycle.

Universal Solar Technology (OTCMKTS:UNSS)

The Entrex platform, which was the subject of a case study authored by IBM, provides an indelible digital provenance through the blockchain of the complete lifecycle a carbon offset,”

— Stephen H. Watkins

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entrex, Inc. (OTC: UNSS) today announced its majority-owned subsidiary, Entrex Carbon Market, LLC, is launching the first regulatory-compliant, blockchain-enabled technology platform dedicated to the end-to-end management of the carbon offset lifecycle.

The Entrex platform, which was the subject of a case study authored by IBM, provides an indelible digital provenance through the blockchain of the complete journey arc of a carbon offset, from minting and registration with a United Nations or World Bank registry to trading and, ultimately, serial number retirement.

The first application of the new technology will be in the company’s carbon offset producing real estate or COPRe investments. “We invented and have a pending process patent on the concept of the Carbon Offset Rights Agreement,” said Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of Entrex Carbon Market. “This new industry standard affords offset production rights equal weight and treatment to the land and mineral rights traditionally associated with real property,” continued Watkins.

“With a standardized structure for offsets we can now establish a tangible security that regulated broker dealers and even non-ESG investors can approach with confidence,” said Thomas Harblin, Partner of Entrex Carbon Market. “We’re giving investors the opportunity to select from a portfolio of $100 million worth of properties generating over $50 million per year in carbon offset revenues, none of which would be possible without a standardized rights agreement and a platform on which to trade the resulting offsets,” continued Harblin.

The company reports its first two COPRe transactions are scheduled to close in the next thirty days.


About Entrex Carbon Market, LLC:

Entrex Carbon Market provides the industry’s leading regulatory compliant trading platform to track carbon offsets throughout their lifecycle, creating an indelible blockchain digital provenance from UN registration through offset serial number retirement. Entrex invented the concept of the Carbon Offset Rights Agreement (CORA) which affords offset production rights equal weight and treatment to the land and mineral rights traditionally associated with real property. The company then established the standard for COPRe properties –– Carbon Offset Producing Real Estate properties –– which generate commercial revenue streams from real estate carbon offset production. Entrex Carbon Market is a majority-owned subsidiary of Entrex, Inc. (OTC: UNSS).

Forward-looking Statements:

This press release includes statements of the Company’s expectations, intentions, plans and beliefs that constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and are intended to come within the safe harbor protection provided by those sections. These statements, which involve risks and uncertainties, relate to the discussion of the Company’s business strategies and its expectations concerning future operations, margins, sales, new products and brands, potential joint ventures, potential acquisitions, expenses, profitability, liquidity and capital resources and to analyses and other information that are based on forecasts of future results and estimates of amounts not yet determinable. These also include statements relating to the anticipated benefits of the announced transaction between the Company and Entrex. These statements include any statement that does not directly relate to a historical or current fact. You can also identify these and other forward-looking statements by the use of such words as "may," "will," "should," "expects," "intends," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "thinks," "estimates," "seeks," "predicts," "could," "projects," "potential" and other similar terms and phrases, including references to assumptions.

These forward-looking statements are made based on expectations and beliefs concerning future events affecting the Company and are subject to uncertainties, risks and factors relating to its operations and business environments, all of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond its control, that could cause its actual results to differ materially from those matters expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These risks include the Joint Venture’s ability to successfully pursue its business plan, the possibility that the Company’s equity interest in the Joint Venture may be diluted as a result of capital raises by the Joint Venture, the possibility that Entrex may have the right to repurchase the previously contributed assets for nominal consideration, the Company’s ability to develop and commercialize new technologies, the Company’s history of losses and expectation of further losses, its ability to expand its operations into blockchain technologies, its ability to develop or acquire new brands, the success of its marketing activities, the effect of competition in its industry and economic and political conditions generally, including the current economic environment and markets. More information about these and other factors are described in the reports the Company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including but not limited to the discussions contained under the caption “Risk Factors.” When considering these forward-looking statements, you should keep in mind the cautionary statements in this press release and the reports the Company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission. New risks and uncertainties arise from time to time, and the Company cannot predict those events or how they may affect it. The Company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements after the date of this press release as a result of new information, future events or developments, except as required by the federal securities laws.

For further information:

Stephen H. Watkins, CEO
Entrex Carbon Market
(561) 465-7580 or 877-4-ENTREX

Stephen Watkins
Entrex Holding Company
+1 954-856-6659
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National CORE is Leading the Field in Sustainable Affordable Housing

Sustainability is highlighted at San Ysidro Senior Village in San Diego, CA

An aerial view of sustainable features at San Ysidro Senior Village in San Diego, CA

Sustainability is highlighted at Vista Verde in Ontario, CA

An aerial view of sustainable features at Vista Verde in Ontario, CA

Sustainability on display at Vista Verde in Ontario, CA

Photovoltaic solar panels help generate 100% of energy needs at Vista Verde in Ontario, CA

Building the Future of Community

What we have realized is that there are ways to build both cost-effectively and sustainably… This reduces our operating costs and saves our residents money on their utility bills.”

— Steve PonTell

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — National Community Renaissance (National CORE) has established itself as the nonprofit affordable housing developer leading the nation in sustainability and energy efficiency.

For more information on National CORE, please visit https://nationalcore.org.

National CORE is one of 12 builders, and the only nonprofit affordable developer, to be designated by the U.S. Green Building Council as a 2021 LEED Power Builder. The number one priority for National CORE is to find innovative and sustainable approaches to address the housing affordability crisis.

“What we have realized is that there are ways to build both cost-effectively and sustainably,” said National CORE President/CEO Steve PonTell. “With the help of incentives, in California and federally, for sustainable affordable housing, we’ve been able to open multiple zero net energy developments in the last year – apartment communities that generate their own renewable power and need no energy from the grid. This reduces our operating costs and saves our residents money on their utility bills.”

This is the third consecutive year that National CORE has been designated a LEED Power Builder. The 2021 award was reserved for developers who achieved LEED certification on more than 75% of their units or homes constructed in the past year.

“Thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. can be traced back to buildings,” PonTell noted. “We have to provide electricity, heat, and AC for our homes and workplaces and, together, it’s contributing more to climate change than the entire U.S. transportation sector. However, our recent work proves that we can create buildings that conserve our natural resources and protect our environment.”

National CORE and its local government partners have attracted four grants from the California Strategic Growth Council, totaling $104.2 million, to finance sustainable and affordable development across Southern California. The funds have been used to start construction on two transit-oriented affordable housing communities in Santa Ana and Unincorporated East Los Angeles and to create two zero net energy affordable housing communities, Vista Verde in Ontario and Crestview Terrace in San Bernardino. Altogether, the four developments provide 456 apartment homes.

“We’re very grateful for the partnership of the California Strategic Growth Council and the city and county governments that have tirelessly worked with us,” said National CORE Director of Sustainable Design Tim Kohut. “These innovative public-private partnerships have showcased the many benefits of strategic, sustainable development. They have invested in affordable housing where it’s needed the most, improved the health and future of communities, both locally and globally, and provided important public benefits like local parks, street repairs, and zero emissions public transit.”

At no out-of-pocket cost, National CORE is also currently renovating much of its existing portfolio to increase energy efficiency and sustainability. By installing 15 megawatts of SOMAH-funded photovoltaic solar panels at 55 of its existing communities, National CORE is reducing its residents’ electricity bills to near zero, reducing its own operational energy costs by 40%, and leveraging rebate funds to replace turf on properties with drought-tolerant landscaping.

National CORE has recently received many awards for outstanding individual examples of sustainable development and planning, including:

• Best Green Development – Day Creek Senior Villas (2021 Affordable Housing Finance Reader’s Choice Awards)
• Environmental Award – San Ysidro Senior Village (2021 San Diego Housing Federation [SDHF] Ruby Awards)
• Best in Green Affordable Multifamily Community Finalist – San Ysidro Senior Village (2020 National Association of Home Builders Multifamily Pillars of
the Industry Awards)
• Healthy Community Award – Encanto Village (2020 Circulate San Diego Momentum Awards)
• Innovation in Green Community Planning – Gateway Cities Climate Action Plan Framework (2019 Planning Awards, American Planning Association)
• Efficiency & Sustainability: New Construction – Mission Cove (2019 SDHF Ruby Awards)

About National Community Renaissance (National CORE)

National CORE is one of the nation’s premier affordable housing developers, building award-winning communities and creating a platform for individual and community change. National CORE creates strong, healthy communities where residents can thrive. In partnership with the Hope through Housing Foundation, National CORE provides impactful resident programs and services to help children and teens achieve success, improve families’ financial well-being, and promote senior health and wellness. In 2021, National CORE received an A+ credit rating from Standard and Poor’s (S&P), one of the nation’s foremost providers of credit ratings. National CORE is one of only two affordable housing developers in the nation to receive such a rating.
For more information on National CORE, please visit www.nationalcore.org.

Jill Van Balen
National CORE
+1 909-204-3434

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New Website Puts You on the “Path to Clean Water”

Know Your H2O Logo

B.F. Environmental Consultants logo

BF Environmental is proud to contribute to the best water safety resource available anywhere.

We set out to provide information based on science that doesn’t come from a water company, advocacy organization or local government. Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia and WebMD for water.”

— Brian Oram, founder B.F. Environmental Consultants

WILKES-BARRE, PA, USA, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — B.F. Environmental Consultants, an environmental consulting firm providing a range of services throughout the Northeast, announced today that company consultants working with the Keystone Clean Water Team, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit, have completely updated the KnowYourH2O.com website into one of the most complete online resources of safe drinking water available anywhere.

“We knew after the drinking water disaster in Flint, Mich., that people needed a place to find fact-based information about the water their families were drinking,” said Brian Oram, a professional geologist and soil scientist and founder of B.F. Environmental Consultants. “We set out to provide information based on science that doesn’t come from a water company, advocacy organization or local government. The site doesn’t drive the consumer to remediation, but answers their questions and helps them get their water tested to find out exactly what they are drinking. Think of it as a cross between Wikipedia and WebMD for water.”

Now, Oram says the Know Your H2O website is all of that and more, with the addition of basic water testing and water quality information, it also includes educational resources designed to help students and non-students alike better understand the complexities of water quality through a review of the basics of physics, chemistry and biology that impact our water. Case studies included on the site help visitors learn about issues their neighbors may have had, what they meant and how they dealt with them.

“We help consumers use the scientific method to evaluate their own drinking water,” Oram says. “We guide them along the “Path to Clean Water” through the process of observing their water, testing for likely water quality problems and then evaluating those tests to determine next steps. It’s not always about remediation, but a good process of collecting, testing and evaluating results is the key to keeping everyone safe and healthy.”

A new featured tool on the site is the Self-Test Diagnostic app. It’s a web-based app designed as a simple questionnaire. By answering a series of questions about observations you can make with just your own senses, you’re able to do a preliminary diagnosis of your water issues.

Another advancement in the site means that it is no longer just about the water people drink in their homes. A new section offers information about the water in the outdoors, so consumers will know more about their local streams and watersheds, as well as the water they fish in and their children play in. Through the site, consumers can participate in water quality monitoring and indexing.

The site is free and available to consumers via the web nationwide. With it online at https://www.knowyourh2o.com/.

About B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc.
B.F. Environmental Consultants, based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Poconos, has been providing professional geological, soils, hydrogeological, and environmental consulting services since 1985. The company specializes in the following areas: hydrogeological and wastewater evaluations for siting land-based wastewater disposal systems; soils consulting (soil scientists), environmental monitoring, overseeing the siting, exploration, and development of community/ commercial water supply sources; environmental training/ professional training courses, and other environmental services. For more information about B.F. Environmental Consultants, visit www.bfenvironmental.com and www.water-research.net.

Rick Grant
RGA Public Relations
+1 570-497-1026
Visit us on social media:

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Entrepreneur Luke Mac Is Turning Small Businesses into Successful Brands

77 LOWER CAMDEN STREET, DUBLIN 2, IRELAND, DUBLIN, IRELAND, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 29-Year-old college dropout Luke Mac founded his Full-Service Advertising Agency Easyeye while sleeping rough in a homeless shelter for almost a year. While taking on clients and proving his desire and willingness to take brands to new levels he worked his way out of homelessness to become one of the most successful marketing entrepreneurs in his space.

Raised in Dublin Ireland, Luke Mac is a driving sensation and a breath of fresh air in the advertising industry “experts say” as he carries a success story that stacked all the odds against him. Luke is currently writing his own book which he aims to be a #1 bestseller and will be published in 2022. The book will teach young entrepreneurs how to start businesses with no money.

Signs of Luke being an entrepreneur showed at early ages. He was always creative and his knowledge of the business from a young age showed besides the fact he was failing in school. By the age of 14, he was buying a selling anything he could get his hands on to locals in his area with the aim of building a small business someday.

Luke set out in a number of small business ventures in his early 20s after dropping out of business college. They included e-commerce, events and branding. He also went into a business partnership where he grew two companies, however, his business partnership ended in betrayal. When Luke reached 27, he lost everything. After an increasing roll of bad luck, negative relationships, a betrayed partnership and terrible decisions to follow, Luke fell homeless and ended up on the streets of Dublin leaving him broken as a person.

All odds were stacked against the still young entrepreneur and nobody believed he would recover from the hand he had been dealt.

Luke had different plans, with only a phone and a laptop to his name, he began planning much larger than he ever did before. Firstly, he used his branding and marketing skills to create an attractive brand that clients would want to do business with. He then began networking online and put a team of experienced digital experts together from around the world that believed in the entrepreneur and his vision. Luke then put his persistence and sales skills into motion and began making call after call each day while sitting in a shared homeless shelter pitching the services he had to offer and the value they could bring to business owners.

Persistence has been the key to Luke Mac’s life and has given the entrepreneur the courage to rise from any fall. Easyeye now focuses on nurturing clients in all areas of their marketing and branding. Luke’s agency offers everything that a company needs to build its brand from graphic design, web design, video ads, social media management, SEO, and paid ads.

The entrepreneur has built an agency that has taken small companies worldwide and turned them into recognized brands.

The sky is the limit for Luke Mac and his growing advertising agency “Easyeye”.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brand_building_agency

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-mac-founder-of-easyeye-2bb663151

Website: https://easyeye.ie/

Luke Mac
email us here
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COP26 Answer with 1.644 Trillion MW production in one year eliminating 2,900+ years of world coal production

CiRN coin

CiRN coin

Uranium ionization plant dimensions for Uranium deposit ocurrence

CiRN Specogna ionization plant Doran Lacana plant dimensions

CiRN Specogna ionization plant with Argon gas mixture and Tungsten wiring

CiRN Absorbing the Earths Energy to Power with Uranium in-situ resources and Uranium in-situ occurrences, any radiation source


CiRN in 1 year from the Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit in Quebec, would destroy global warming by astonishingly eliminating the equivalent of 2,900+ years of current World coal mining production,”

— Marino Specogna

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — CiRN has released the conceptual drawing for the Specogna ionization plant (see diagrams), proposed to be implemented, subject to financing and regulatory approvals, over CiRN 100% owned Doran(Lacana) Uranium deposit located in Quebec Canada.

CiRN Specogna ionization plant only over the 1 Uranium deposit, in one year would eliminate 2,900+ years of current World Coal mining production or the equivalent of 13,700+ Nuclear Plants. CiRN destroying global warming with sustainable 4.5 billion years of energy. CiRN coin would be the only form of payment for the use of the technology and electrical production.

The Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit was delineated by third party historic drilling, over a length of 720+ meters and a width of 15+ meters. The proposed Specogna ionization plant would measure 750 meters and 25 meters width to cover the buried Uranium deposit and be built to a 100 meter height. The Specogna ionization plant uses a 1908 technological discovery in use today, the Geiger counter. The Geiger counter has only been used to detect radiation by radiation hitting Argon gas mixture creating electricity immediately but the electricity is then only used to power a reading and sound. The Specogna ionization plant will move the electricity immediately generated when radiation hits the Argon gas mixture to a transformer rather than to a reading and sound meter.

The energy dissipating daily from the Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit, that hosts at least 2,850,000 kg of Uranium, is at least 68.4 Trillion kwh of energy at any one time, since the radiation is instantaneously being emitted from this deposit, or 1.644 Trillion MW of energy. This energy figure is derived from calculations based on www.nei.org, where 1kg Uranium produces 24,000,000 kwh energy, compared to 1kg coal producing 8 kwh, and mineral oils producing 12 kwh.

The Specogna ionization plant setup over the Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit, would eliminate 20,500 TRILLION kg per year (20.50 TRILLION tonnes) of Coal burned or mined, based on 1.644 Trillion MW divided by 8 kwh per 1 kg of coal. This is 2,900+ years of earth (world) coal mining production eliminated by one Specogna ionization plant during 1 year of electricity production, or, since on average Nuclear power plants produce 119.88 million MW, eliminating 13,700+ Nuclear power plants, AND THE URANIUM ENERGY FOR THE SPECOGNA iONIZATION PLANT DISSIPATES FOR 4.5 BILLION YEARS. The calculations generating these figures were based on data from the following third party websites, using the annual world coal production pegged at over 7 Billion tonnes per year from www.nrcan.gc.ca , the www.nei.org website data used for energy equivalents, and the www.nei.org website used for the 119.88 million MW energy on average of Nuclear power plants, and the historic third party data on the Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit obtained from Government of Quebec eSigeom information systems .

CiRN Specogna ionization plant setups, can be small or larger than the proposed Doran (Lacana) Uranium deposit plant setup. The plants can hoover over occurrences or deposits as Argon is lighter than air. Electric power lines move electricity from remote areas, the same is proposed for remote Uranium occurrences or deposits and any location a CiRN Specogna ionization plant is established. The cost of nuclear power plants is over US$14 billion, and involves mining disturbance of Uranium and nuclear waste production that needs to be removed to isolated areas and exists for 4.5 Billion years. The CiRN technologies, however, applied only over and around NATURALLY occurring Uranium, would be a fraction of the cost but generate the equivalent energy of 2,900+ years of coal production and the equivalent of 13,700+ Nuclear power plants. That would eliminate coal mining tonnage equivalent to 2,900+ years of coal production for energy, or eliminate the existence of 13,700+ Nuclear power plants and resulting waste, and no more potential Chernobyl or Fukushima or Three mile Island disasters. All these power plants however can still be utilized for storage and distribution of CiRN produced energy.

Marino Specogna stated "This is disruptive technology. This CiRN technology implementation is similar to the current Electric Vehicle production, both are technologies discovered in the late 19th centuries and early 20th century, and both can go hand in hand using CiRN clean, naturally occurring energy while destroying global warming and global climate change. The sad part, and exciting part at the same time, about implementing this technology, is the fact so many have never utilized the this 1908 technological and chemical discovery to produce energy in this manner. CiRN can destroy global warming and destroy global climate change."

The applied CiRN technologies will destroy global warming BUT also increase total World energy supply while destroying global climate change.

The CiRN coin will be the only acceptance for Specogna ionization plants and electrical production. Contact CiRN for plant financing and collaboration of your current coal fired electrical production or your nuclear electrical production or mineral oils fired electrical production, located anywhere in the world, via CiRN coin exchange at US$15,000 equivalent per coin for minimum 1 million CiRN coins. Let's work together for sustainable energy creation and elimination of global warming and elimination of global climate change or risk energy sold by CiRN at 1000 times cheaper than current electricity rates, contact pr@cirn.one for 1 million block trades at US$15,000 per CiRN, or bid at same price on UNISWAP, let's work together.

CiRN swaps on UNISWAP V3, and more info can be viewed at www.cirn.one .

If you work in nano material technology, or nanobot technology and want to implement your technology contact CiRN, if you own an uranium occurrence or uranium deposit or a radiation source anywhere in the world contact CiRN at pr@cirn.one , we would like to hear from you and collaborate for a sustainable Earth.

Marino Specogna
+1 604-378-0648

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Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 & the Important Role of Porous Materials in DAC Technology

Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 & the Important Role of Porous Materials in DAC Technology

Join Prof Chris Jones, Georgia Tech, for his webinar ‘Direct Air Capture of CO2 & the Important Role of Porous Materials in DAC Technology’ on Oct 27, 2021

NORCROSS, GEORGIA, USA, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Join Professor Christopher Jones, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, for his upcoming webinar ‘Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 & the Important Role of Porous Materials in DAC Technology’ on October 27, 2021 at 09:00 EST.

Most current climate models suggest that limiting warming to <2°C will require large scale deployment of negative emissions technologies (NETs). NETs, which remove CO2 from the atmosphere, are projected to be needed at a scale of 10 Gt/y by 2050, yet today, virtually none of been deployed. NETs may be natural or technological, with one of the most scalable technological approaches being the direct capture of CO2 from the air, or “direct air capture” (DAC). Because of the ultra-dilute nature of air, the separation of CO2 from this mixture presents a significant engineering challenge.

In this webinar, Professor Jones will describe the design and synthesis, characterization and application of oxide-supported amine materials that we have developed as cornerstones of new technologies for the removal of CO2 from dilute (flue gas) and ultra-dilute (air) gas streams. He will describe also elaborate on the development of these materials, how they integrate into scalable DAC technologies, as well as their key physicochemical structure-property relationships. DAC technologies offer an interesting case study for the parallel design of materials, unit operations, and processes in chemical engineering.

Please click here to register.

Terry Kelly
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
email us here

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"Green Business Just Got Greener”

Eligo Cars

Eligo Cars

Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Rental Company Matches Demand for Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicles

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Green Business Just Got Greener”—Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Rental Company Matches Demand for Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicles

Peer-to-peer vehicle rental company Eligo Cars (www.eligocars.ca) has met growing interest in green solutions to transit with a new supply of low- and zero-emission vehicles.

The new fleet of green vehicles are in response to the sharp increase in demand that has been seen for hybrid electric and battery-electric vehicles in the second quarter of 2021. According to statscan’s most recent report, Canadians registered over 4 times as many new hybrid electric vehicles this year when compared to the same quarter a year earlier and more than twice as many new battery-electric vehicles.

The Best of Both Green Worlds?

Research has long proven that electric vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars even when considering production and electricity generation . By combining two green practices—peer-to-peer vehicle rental and low- and zero-emission vehicles—Eligo substantially increases their company’s environmental benefit potential while appealing to a growing trend for eco-friendly solutions from drivers, renters, and investors.

While car-sharing participation is well known to have environmental benefits by reducing mobility emissions by up to 18% per user , introducing greener vehicles to the fleet of available rentals has the potential to reduce emissions by even more.

Electric Vehicles: The New Normal

Eligo Cars’ decision to increase supply of their electric fleet aligns with market studies on Canadian driver preferences in the future, while helping to address the number-one cost keeping people from actually using electric vehicles—cost. According to a recent KPMG survey conducted in January of 2021, nearly 7 out of ten Canadians who are in the market for a new vehicle in the next 5 years highly favour either a fully electric or a hybrid vehicle. However, persistent concerns related to the high cost of current electric vehicles on the market are a barrier of entry to many Canadian homes when it comes to choosing to purchase a low- or zero-emission vehicle.

“At Eligo, we’ve always been focused on convenience, and now we can provide that in a cleaner way. By increasing our fleet of electric, we open up the possibility of green transportation for those who don’t want to purchase an expensive low or zero-emission car. And in that way, we aim to open up greener transportation for all Canadians.” – Tony Tasdalen, Eligo Cars Co-Founder

By increasing their fleet of electric vehicles for rental via their peer-to-peer network, Eligo’s move marks a shift in the peer-to-peer rental space, which might spur low-emission vehicle adoption even more.

About Eligo
Eligo connects owners and drivers that share a common passion for automotive design, the driving experience, and creating the perfect moment. Focusing on Luxury, Sport, Electric and Exotic vehicles, their online platform utilizes leading-edge technologies to optimize the peer-to-peer car sharing experience, from planning to booking, from taking delivery to return, and all points in between.

Zeynep Erkek, Marketing Director
Eligo Cars
+1 905-580-5986
Visit us on social media:

Peer to Peer Car Rental

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X-energy and Kinectrics Sign MOU to Support Establishment of Helius Clean Energy Innovation Centre

X-energy and Kinectrics sign an MOU to support the establishment of the Helius Clean Energy Innovation Centre

(Left-right) Steve Miller, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, X-energy; David Harris, President & CEO, Kinectrics; and Katherine Moshonas Cole, President, X-energy Canada at the Helius MOU signing, Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — X-energy and Kinectrics have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support the establishment of Helius, a clean energy innovation centre, in Canada. The first-of-a-kind campus will provide testing facilities for systems and components of the Xe-100 small modular reactor (SMR) and other High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology that will prove instrumental in the global fight against climate change.

Envisioned as a collaborative research hub bringing together clean energy technology developers, academia, industry and other key stakeholders, Helius will support thermal hydraulic testing; materials testing and qualification; component functional or performance testing; and other related activities. The world-class facility will also house equipment enabling research and development and will come with extensive capabilities to demonstrate proof of concept for SMR viability in non-electrical market applications.

“Helius will provide critical infrastructure for our plans to net-zero,” said Katherine Moshonas Cole, President of X-energy Canada. “As well as testing our Xe-100’s systems and components in helium and high-temperature environments, the facility will also enable us to demonstrate the use of our reactor’s high temperature steam for hydrogen production and direct industrial uses. These capabilities are integral to Canada’s transition to a clean energy future.”

Based in Toronto, Canada, Kinectrics is the category leader in providing life cycle management services for the electricity industry. Backed by an award-winning team of more than 1,100 engineers and technical experts, the company provides unparalleled nuclear services to clients worldwide.

Kinectrics is the supplier of choice for execution of X-energy’s test program. X-energy and Kinectrics recently signed a collaboration agreement to advance the design and deployment of the Xe-100 SMR in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Kinectrics has been instrumental to X-energy’s progress in the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) Pre-Licensing Vendor Design Review (VDR).

The MOU builds on this partnership, advancing efforts to establish the infrastructure required to develop, test and commercialize clean energy technologies, such as the Xe-100.

“Kinectrics is excited to be leading the way in supporting the development, testing of SMRs, providing the critical infrastructure required to accelerate their introduction around the world. This initiative will help to create long-term jobs in Ontario,” said David Harris, President and CEO of Kinectrics. “The commitment of X-energy to support Helius is an important step in anchoring a strong, sustainable, highly-trained workforce, build technical expertise and provide tangible results for the deployment of clean energy technology around the world.”

The Xe-100 is the catalyst to the world’s net-zero future. The Generation IV advanced reactor design builds on decades of HTGR operation, research, and development. It is designed to operate as a standard 320 MWe four-pack power plant or be scaled in units of 80 MWe, as needed. The SMR is engineered to deliver reliable and load-following grid-scale power to electricity systems, pairing seamlessly with renewables. At 200 MWt of 565°C steam, the Xe-100 is also ideal for heavy industry, mining, petrochemical and other power applications.

Additional Links:

Helius – Kinectrics Clean Energy Innovation Centre (https://www.kinectrics.com/spotlight/Pages/Helius.aspx)
X-energy Canada Video – The Future is Now (https://x-energy.com/video/the-future-is-now)

Monifa Miller
X-energy Canada

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Methanol Institute Welcomes Kaizen Clean Energy as our Newest Member

KCE specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of hydrogen generators for decentralized power in EV charging, power, hydrogen markets, and more.

MI is delighted to welcome Kaizen Clean Energy as our newest member. Technology leaders like KCE are helping to position the global methanol industry for the transition to a low carbon economy”

— Gregory Dolan, CEO, Methanol Institute

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Methanol Institute (MI) is pleased to welcome Kaizen Clean Energy (KCE) as the association’s newest member company. KCE is a future fuels-focused company, headquartered in Houston, TX, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of hydrogen generators for decentralized power in transportation, power, agricultural, EV charging, municipalities, and hydrogen markets.

As the Electric Vehicle market continues expanding, fleet owners are facing a reality that aging electric grids can’t support their growing power demand. KCE helps clients avoid costly electrical infrastructure upgrades that take years of planning & lack reliability. KCE's Hydrogen Generators allow EV Fleet owners the ability to Scale, Decentralize, and maintain the Reliability needed to manage their new EV Fleets, mitigate demand charges, & accelerate their energy transition.

Using Element 1’s proprietary ISO Grade Hydrogen Generation technology and Methanol’s proven capabilities for transporting Hydrogen, KCE unlocks the methanol market for electric vehicle charging & microgrid stability.

Robert Meaney, Managing Director of KCE stated “KCE is excited to partner with the Methanol Institute, its members, & advance methanol’s deployment in the microgrid, EV charging, & hydrogen distribution markets. Our hydrogen generators are opening new markets & provide a catalyst for methanol to decarbonize growing industries held hostage by aging grids.”

MI CEO Gregory Dolan noted that, “MI is delighted to welcome Kaizen Clean Energy as our newest member. Technology leaders like KCE are helping to position the global methanol industry for the transition to a low carbon economy.”


About MI
The Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for the methanol industry, representing the world’s leading producers, distributors, and technology companies. Founded in 1989 in Washington DC, MI now represents its members from five offices around world in Singapore, Washington DC, Beijing, Brussels and Delhi.

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Florida State Parks Foundation Announces 2021-2 Board Officers

Tammy Gustafson, President

Tammy Gustafson, President

Critical leadership to ensure the organization’s continued growth and success.

The best and brightest minds are coming together to help guide and preserve the Real Florida.”

— Tammy Gustafson

TALLAHASSEE, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Florida State Parks Foundation has announced its board officers for 2021-2022 to provide critical leadership to ensure the organization’s continued growth and success.

Officers elected are Tammy Gustafson, Board President; Kathleen Brennan, President Elect; Gil Ziffer, Immediate Past President; Audrine Finnerty, Treasurer; and Emily Lewis, Secretary.

“I am delighted to announce our new board officers”, said Julia Gill Woodward, Foundation CEO. “These individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise in their fields and will be tremendous assets to the Foundation as we further our mission of supporting Florida’s fabulous award-winning state parks, the best in the nation.”

Tammy Gustafson is a senior executive at Universal Orlando responsible for Sales Integration across the global sales divisions and working with international teams located in Latin America and the UK. She joined Universal Orlando in September of 1997 as part of the Universal Studios Marketing team and was responsible for building the Universal Studios Florida brand on a global basis- growing to three theme parks, a night-time entertainment complex and eight onsite resorts.

Appointed by the Governor’s office to the Florida Commission on Tourism, Gustafson served as President of the VISIT FLORIDA Board of Directors from 2014-15 and has been on the board since 2005. She currently serves on the Florida Council of Tourism Leaders and the Greater Orlando Sports Commission. She has also served on the board for the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce/Osceola Resort Area Council and served as a Past President and Treasurer of the Florida State Parks Foundation. Gustafson brings years of experience and extensive travel industry knowledge to these organizations and has been a part of Leadership Florida and the Central Florida Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

“Throughout its history, the Florida Parks greatest strength has been its volunteers. I am honored to be asked to serve in this capacity,” said Tammy Gustafson, Board of Directors. “The best and brightest minds are coming together to help guide and preserve the Real Florida. It is an exciting time for the Foundation as we work toward the Strategic Goals for the coming year.”

The Foundation, founded in 1993 as Friends of Florida State Parks and renamed in 2018, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support and help sustain the Florida Park Service, its 175 award-winning parks and trails, local Friends groups and more than 20,000 park volunteers.

It does this through programs that preserve and protect state parks, educate visitors about the value of state parks, encourage community engagement and active use of state parks, and advocacy. The volunteer Board of Directors represents private and public sectors as well as local and statewide interests.

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Florida State Parks Foundation
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